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  1. I love looking through 'how does your avatar look today' and am, quite honestly, as green as peas jealous at the makeups I often see, especially eyeshadows.. I have a Genus Classic Head and except for a very few eyeshadows I have that actually sit right, for the most part my eyes tend to look like my 2yr old grandson has done my makeup with a paintbrush... Is there something I'm not doing with my eye sliders that I should be to make the shadows sit right or at least a tad more like the pictures that made me buy them in the first place?
  2. absolutely love your dress, I've been searching for something similar but cant find any shops in either MP or inworld,, can you tell me the best places to shop for these dresses, please
  3. Thanks Skell, turns out it was my graphics were set to minimal - problem now sorted. Thanks again. x
  4. I'm sorry if I'm repeating this but can't find my original - I have recently returned to SL. I use Firestorm and had to install the newest version. When I got back in I noticed that my skin is blotchy. Ive tried everything I can think of to rectify the problem. I have taken Jaz back to the original non mesh version, re-applying all my mesh parts, tried applying new skins, replacing outfits with previously saved ones but nothing is removing the blotches and i'm now totally out of ideas. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do or what may be wrong?
  5. I have been away for a long while and on coming back have noticed that my previously normal skin is now blotchy. As well as on my legs its also on my chest. I have gone through everything I'm wearing and haven't found anything. I've tried changing my saved heads and bodies and they're coming out the same. Ive been and bought some new skins and nothing is changing. I'm using firestorm and have done a complete uninstall and re-installed but no luck. I use Maitreya body and genus head, the skinnery skin. . Any ideas, anyone, please because I'm at a total loss.
  6. Have started to dip my toes back into SL and after years of using my standard head with Maitreya body dug out the mesh heads I had in my inventory. These are Lelutka Greer and Simone, Genus strong face and Catwa Catya. Over the last month or so I've been demoing shapes, skins etc but have run into what may or may not be a problem. After seeing all the beautifully made up Avi's on 'how does your avi look today: I thought I might get some help. My problem is No matter what skin for what head, or what shape for what head I buy the end result leaves my girl's face with strong lines, especially around the mouth area and the eyes are never like they are on the shape I've looked at and I don't know how to sort it. I've messed around with sliders, windlights, the times of day but nothing is working. Could this just be down to my computer maybe (I don't have any remotely technological programmes to help me wipe lines, smooth her butt etc (sorry, I know its got a name but it's swirling round the vortex that is my brain and can't quite spit it out). I keep seeing all of you forumites, men and women who have beautifully sculptured faces, eyes that don't look like you've stepped out of a cartoon or that look like pissholes in the snow they're that small...Help, Please...…. Thank you:
  7. thank you for all your advice, was much appreciated and worked x
  8. i bought some with both maitreya and slink but the feet still didn't turn the same colours as the legs, which is why I think i'm missing something that's probably obvious but I'm just not seeing it.
  9. I've finally got my skin to match up with my maitreya body, old head but now I just need one more piece of advice please. I'm sure i'm missing something very obvious but how do you get the feet of stockings to match the legs. I'm using my maitreya feet as I thought it was an issue with my slink ones but I still can't figure it out. I'm sorry if i'm asking an obvious question but it's got me stumped. Thank you xx
  10. I have looked all over for the answers I'm looking for and I just cannot find them. I do sincerely apologise if someone points me to the right place and it's been right in front of me... I have a classic head, maitreya lara body and slink hands and feet but I'm finding it nigh on impossible to find skins that link all 3 together. Is there a store or 3 that sells skins that cover all 3 bases or do I just have to keep fiddling and faffing.. Thank you in advance - Jaz
  11. Okay, so I finally got my mesh body sorted, skin etc with my classic head but I've noticed that when I add hourglass clothes more often than not have patches of skin showing through. Am I missing something? I have changed the body to make it smaller but other than that I've left it as it was. Advice all warmly welcome.
  12. She stepped one, two, three steps closer to the light that was new, there were 2 lights, one in the room with her and the other in the distance, low to the ground, a light under a door perhaps but what had her attention was the light near to her. She thought back to a moment ago when she had heard a voice. Unable to discern if it was male or female but it was deep, dangerous and the words 'HURT HIM' had been loud enough to have been in her head. Did she say it? Why would she say it? And who was him? She didn't know a him, did she? Letting a shake run from her neck to her feet she stepped towards the new light. A soft smile crossing her face and her lips moving as though speaking to herself but no words came. 'Is there someone there? please, answer me, I'm lost and don't know how to get out'. She tried to steady her voice, give out a confidence she really didn't feel and again, pleading 'please'. The material of her nightshirt felt like it was being pulled tightly round her neck, her nails ripping at it, trying to release her neck, but it just got tighter, her breath short, ragged, her voice small, scared' please please' and all at once her neck was released, her nails scratching at her neck too late to react, dropping hard to the floor pulling at the material, ripping it down her front and then her blood ran cold, her bones made of rock as the voice again told her 'HURT HIM GIRL HURT HIM.....OR HE'LL HURT YOU' she cried out as the words finished with a bone chilling laugh. Her head moving side to side, fast, painful looking for the owner of the voice. She didn't know any him, she was having trouble remembering who she was - but the voice, could it have been hers, is there really someone in this place that wanted to hurt her....slowing her breathing as quickly as she could she stood up, the neck of her nightdress slipping down her shoulders and this time the cool chill blowing across her skin was welcomed...she stayed on the spot listening, trying to tell if there was someone there...where had the other light come from? it had moved, she'd seen it move out of the corner of her eye. Turning slowly she focused on what she thought was the new light and felt her hand go to her hip where a lump had appeared. Unafraid of being seen she lifted the edge of her nightdress up to her waist and froze in horror as the object became clear. She'd never seen one before but she knew what it was - it was a gun, then a baton, then a gun again. She screwed her face up, holding the hem of her nightdress still and she cried. Tears rolled down her cheeks, and without realising it she used the hem of her dress to wipe her face but when she put her hand back to her hip the weapon had gone? She let out a high pitched scream and again without realising it she ripped at the bottom of her nightdress, pulling at it with all her might. Fear and anger mingling together that new light etched in her eyes. Her wet angry eyes sought out and found the new light....
  13. Suddenly something seemed different and still on all fours scrabbled forward quickly, the tiny hairs on her body standing up in fear she thought, but there was something else, a feeling she found confusing, excitement. Taking in a deep breath she quickly stood up and like a whirling dervish she turned around in circles trying to see if there was someone, something there. 'Hello, who's there, please talk to me, help me, I don't know where I am'. She knew her voice had reverted to that of a child. Wrapping her arms tightly round herself she tried to remember her childhood but it was like steam, there but not visible, her teenage years were the same and she knew she was a grown up, she'd been told that before putting into this room. She turned around again 'please, don't scare me, if you can talk, talk to me' but the room was silent and seemed even blacker than it had and she noticed, unexpectedly that the light she had seen was dimmer, as though something was blocking it. She shivered and this she knew, she'd felt this when she first realised she was in black nothingness, the breath of something but this time she stood still, dropping her head slightly and letting out a soft low purr. Her hands unwrapping her but her hands stopped in shame, they slid down her body and found that her nipples had become hard, so very hard and she felt her face go bright red. Why did they do that, she'd never felt it before and as her face continued to redden her hands lingered before clenching into a fist and pushing them down her side. She tried to see through the blackness and thought for a moment she did see something, maybe someone but again was like looking at a whispy shadow, there but not there. Putting her hands out in front of her, her fear retreating a touch as she turned in a circle but touching nothing. Then she moved one step to the side and did the same until she had completed a number of circles but still her confusion continued, she felt she wasn't alone but couldn't find who it could be. She managed to scare herself imagining it was a creature but her mind couldn't find any memories of any kind of animals. Clutching the material at her breasts she asked once again, trying to make her voice stronger 'why wont you talk to me, reach out for me but please don't scare me - if you can understand me, please' she wrapped the cloth dress tightly around her, unaware that the material was so thin it showed off every inch of her body, the curve of her waist, her tight firm buttocks and her legs, shapely - yet to her she couldn't understand how she looked. She felt sometimes, whilst she'd been in this place that she didn't understand who she was, partly as though until she'd found herself here she hadn't been anywhere before it but a little voice in her head said that couldn't be possible. For a moment she bent her head, closed her eyes, calmed her breathing and then lifted it again her soft mouth letting out a long breath she asked again 'is there anyone there, please, anyone, anything, I wont hurt you' she caught herself on that - why would she say she wouldn't hurt them, of course she wouldn't...or maybe And then .....
  14. but then stopped...suddenly her thoughts going round and round, where had she come from? how did she get here? She had always thought she lived in a home with others like her, but try as she might she couldn't bring anyone to mind. Did she have friends? Do they know she's here? She knelt down on her haunches, grabbing her hair in her hands, eyes screwed shut. Maybe she'd been in an accident and this was her recovery process, releasing her hair, her hands back on the cold floor she opened her mouth slightly and in the shadows, the absolute darkness she heard herself whisper 'hello, anyone, please'. She stayed stock still on the floor, closed her eyes tightly and wished for an answer .......
  15. In her head she felt something strange, like a tangle of nerve endings but her eyes continued to look for the light. It seemed further away than she thought it had been. Stepping one bare foot in front of her, afraid that if she moved she would fall into the hole in the ground but the floor was cold to touch and solid. Wishing she could stop her body from shaking, the thin material still a clothing she'd never possessed, it felt old, Victorian, but like a thousand million soft kisses against her skin, the smile on her face the only giveaway of how she felt. Slowly she pulled her other foot to match the first and was relieved that she wasn't falling. Yet still the light wasn't getting nearer and then she stopped. Fast, heavy and let out a low almost growling exotic noise. Throwing her head round one way, then the other expecting to see someone - this time she knew it was a someone and not a thing, nothing could make her feel like that except a person, maybe a man. It was in her head it had to be a man but shaking it she couldn't bring one into her vision, admitting to herself she'd never been in close quarters with one. Standing there, suddenly feeling a cool breeze wrapping round her body, putting her arms out straight to the sides, a small gap between her legs, lifting her face upward. What is she waiting for, and then again, there it was, only this time the breeze whipped at her body, her hair wrapping round her face, the material wrapping round her legs, her breathing suddenly harsh, fast, her lips parting and her tongue stroking them to keep them moist and in one small moment, in that one piece of time she knew what it was to be touched, to be adored, to be wanted and yet how could she know all this, she'd never experienced it before. When that one glorious, dangerous moment passed she felt as though every bone in her body had turned to jelly and this time her shaking was because she was scared of everything, except the darkness, it wrapped round her and quietened her mind, her body, the ache that just wouldn't leave and she stepped one more step closer to the light, a noise erupting from her throat and before she knew it she was on the ground on all fours, breathing hard, ragged, unable to move. Is this what everyone felt? her brain questioning what was happening, was she being punished for something? She couldn't think of anything she'd done wrong, in truth she couldn't of much except the here and now, her past was like a shadow, not tangible, only the here and now so she lifted her head, faced the light and mewled like a tortured kitten as she slowly, so very slowly, afraid but excited crawled across the floor, not caring how long it might take, her back dipped and her bottom lip between her teeth she crawled one step closer......
  16. In the silence that screams so loudly around you, your hand flinches ever so slightly, one finger at a time, unable to do anything but clench, terrified in that one moment that if you move your whole body will fall off the space you inhabit and everything you feel, smell, will be wrenched from you by the blackness beneath. You hold your breath, willing it to not sound like the crescendo of a concert performance in case you are heard by someone, by something and slowly your pulse drops, causing the tingling nerves in every inch of your body to scream for air, washing over you in painful pleasure. Steadying yourself you slowly open your eyes, greeted only with blackness at first. Crunching them up tight as though trying to erase the darkness you open them again, slowly. Your breath short almost urgent. Finding yourself standing block still and wearing only an old fashioned nightshirt, its movement soft, leaving you wondering if that's what you felt instead of feeling someone but your brain screams your naivety into your eye sockets and slowly your head moves - first to the left, then to the right but unable to look down and in what can only be a corner or a wall you see a ***** of light as though under a door. Slowly, trembling with nervous anticipation and fear, for a second wondering if anticipation and fear can be the same animal, you move one foot, bare to the ground that doesn't feel like ground, and you take a step. Afraid to give in to the noises that now fill the room tricking you into thinking they are the howlings of wolves, the sounds of a 1000 bees, the cracking of long dead bones as though being walked over. Turning fully to the light, wondering for a brief second why your body, your mind is trying to turn the fear you feel into something exotic, something unknown in your real world your real life, only thought of at nights, alone......
  17. a voice, neither male or female whispers softly in your ear to close your eyes, which despite wanting to rebel against you close your eyes. The hairs on your arms suddenly stand up as if hit with electricity and you realise it's a hand, a finger, so soft yet leaving a trail of fire in its wake. The fingers trace up to your neck and still you can feel the softest of breath on your skin. The hand, confusing your senses as its both soft and hard, trailing up to your neck, the voice again in a whisper tells you to keep your eyes shut. You suddenly let out a big breath realising that you had stopped breathing, causing a dark laugh in your ear. The hand keeps moving up your neck, running its thumb across your lips and despite all the things you want to say you just part your lips, just a touch, feeling the thumb teasing it. The whole world around you has gone, it is just you and who is behind you, standing on a rock in the middle of space, nowhere to run and yet the cruel softness of whoever it is lights fireworks in your head, every nerve ending tingling, burning and then.............
  18. Okay, me again (I promise I'm not actually as dense as I come off it's all medical mumbo jumbo but my brain doesn't always work as well as it should - if you could see the 1000s of pieces of paper I have to write day to day life on so I don't forget to go out without clothes on..not a funny sight I can assure you - but I digress (big word yaiyyyy). I have finally gotten a catwa head on my slink hourglass body. The colouring is okay head and body match so can't complain - however, I have sat here for the last 3 hours trying to put some eyes into her black death like sockets but nothing I do is working. I'm sure it's something quite simple. I've searched in the answers etc here but got nowhere. So, to cut the twaddle - how on this godforsaken land do you put eyes into a mesh head? I'm awfully grateful for any help. I've tried adding them onto the Hud but it wont take them and while death is chasing me with a big scythe, I want to get my girl all finished before the lump goes bang.. Thank you muchly.
  19. Hi all, I wonder if someone can help me. I have finally got my mesh body to look like an actual body rather than a splodgy mess, but I don't know how to put things like my tattoos back on. Also, can you wear normal classic avi clothes with a mesh body. I apologise if this sounds a bit dumb but it's taken me a long time to get the body to go right and after that I have no clue. Another query - how come all the skins I had for my new posh bod don't cover the face and I can't find one on MP (though that may be because I'm not looking in the right place). Thank you for your help in advance.
  20. Thank you, your information makes everything I'd written down illegible. x
  21. Hi everyone. Please bear with me, I suffered a head injury a while ago and whilst my memory and taking in information are slowly getting better, my brain is still the consistency of porridge or so it feels. I've been looking at mesh heads, getting demos etc but I don't even think im in the starting posts for getting it. So could someone please list what I need to buy, etc. Ive used a demo head and a skin but I could only just make her out to look like something from a horror movie - a B one at that. So if someone could help. I've looked at answers but came up with nothing except a pain in my head. Here I can write it down and hope I remember where I've put it. Thank you for your help. x
  22. I guess I'm probably in the wrong place but it's taken me half hour to remember the name singularity, so please forgive me. 1. I downloaded the latest FS 2 days ago. I never have problems with these downloads before until now. My inventory is completely screwed. I can't find half of my inventory folders and the clothes that are just laying in my inventory and I can't move them into their appropriate folders no matter how I tried. I've done a 3 day return on my laptop - nothing worked, 2. I tried another drive, Singularity but I couldn't find my inventory, which is rather a pain in the butt and now i'm lost, I have a new home and can't even put my furniture in it. Can someone please help, I'm desperate for it x
  23. I feel like I'm repeating this, which I probably am so I apologise. I was having a spring clean of my inventory - mainly shoes. All I'm trying to do is find out if there is a way I can get them back The bin is emply so they're not hiding anywhere. Can anyone help or is this going to be a case of having to re-buy them. Thank you for your help.
  24. Hiya. I always get a bit of a giggle when asked to do any of these, If, for enstance it's a male, which is more normal thing cos I am female - I checked my bits this morning and most def a woman - But on how to deal with your decisions always remember it is your choice and if someone stats to push you then I would question their motives and incentive. You are your own person and what you respect about yourself should never be questioned. I someone goes on and on about it and you're saying no then remove them from your friends list them, mute them - someone who truly wants to be with you then none of that should make a difference but don't feel being pushed is acceptable.
  25. Sorry to hear your troubles. I've been on the MP on 2 of the last 4 days and have had no problems at all x
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