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  1. system Mac. osx 10.6.8 ATI radeon card Ok the latest update has this problem, but the previous one did not. And the 2 prior to that did. When you resize the window to larger. the space opened up fills with corrupt graphics and is dead, nothing is click-able in it. If you resize smaller, no glitches, but the click ppsitions for all windows and buttons remain in previous positions. I wouldn't complain but you are forcing updates on people so this is frustratiing.
  2. Just a quick note; Empyreal Dreams, an art sim of some time has been completely removed from Second Life as of tonight. I cannot agree to anyone or any company using a click to access TOS to gain what is effectively full control and ownership of my work. Legally it would be shot to peices in court, as you are agreeing to the terms, before you can log in to disagree with them and alter or remove anything. The only safe course of action is complete removal of all items, including from avatar inventory.
  3. "So along with the Art Continent .......i suggested a continent for immersive Gaming (not only for Newbies, but General public could also use).....and another mini-Continent to be a museum of SL best (ex) Sims.....to include the likes of Greenies, Lost Gardens of Apollo, Twin Cities of Romenna, Nemo Trilogy sims etc etc....but without any commerical activities whatsoever." interesting, I was discussing ideas similar to these a year ago with other artists. I thought I had discovered the answer with the LEA; free sims given over to art for a number of months. Sadly the entire concept has recieved no log-in screen exposure that I have ever seen and consequently the block of sims given over to it are to all intent empty. To go back to the central theme of the thread, the land tier fees of Second Life are slowly killing it without doubt. We are on the edge of the biggest transformation to the internet in its entire history- fibre optic connection. In the near future the concept of servers and home computers will blur into just machines connected. Sims will run on our own hard drives, and when it happens, Second Life's main source of income will simply collapse. I have to smile at the irony of M.Linden proposing a 70 sim art continent and losing his job. I have a 40 sims to myself on Opensim and am in the process of filing them with art. One troubling techo meme that does the rounds on here is causes of lag. The usual suspects quoted, the evil 1024 textures and scripts (presumably hidden in shoe laces) is quite frankly off the mark. Nine 512 textures are a bigger headache than a single 1024 one. The biggest and fatal error LL committed at the start, was to impose 10m limits to prims and at the same time allow avatars to be adorned with prims with no upper limit. I used to work in video games and I can tell you with no hesitation it is the complexity of avatars that cause the lag. Imagine a prim, hollowed out to reveal a small core, then textured with a 512 metal texture, to produce a small open ring. Then repeat it 400 times. Then place all of them on an object that is being ordered to follow a motion capture animation dance script. Then repat once more, to make a secong necklace string. Then repeat for bracelets. Then repeat with hair locks, hundreds and hundreds of them. All following that motion capture in real time, all textured. Then do it with shoes, with sculpt maps. Then do it to another 30 women, all moving independently in one dance sim. Now imagine you are the graphics processor on a lap top, trying to keep track of all that. An xbox 360 never has to deal with such insane levels of primitives jumping around at once. I think the lesson asking people to test their copyright knowledge needs to be expanded by a graphics design lecturer.
  4. "Aside from the viewer using 100% CPU load: A CPU is designed to also work at 100% load - why do you even buy a CPU if you don't want to use its full power? " OK that is the most absurd advice I have ever read. No CPU is designed to work at 100% load full time. It will overheat. In addition CPU monitors don't report the real damage Second Life does to computers, particularly Lap Tops; graphics card load, (GPU). There is a significant increase in CPU use by the latest versions of official viewer. Computers use electricity for power and electricity creates heat. Heat creates damage. The CPU usage on my quad core iMac ramps up the longer Second Life official (v3) is running. Despite the graphics (set on high) remaining constant, same scene, no avies walking in, it begins at 78% and slowly but surely ramps up to 210% over a 45 min period. At the point the cooling fans kick in fast and hard. [if you have a duo core or quad core computer, you get 100% per core.] By contrast, Firestorm using the same scene and graphics settings, never rises above 140% or less than one and a half cores. Considering the internet is heading toward ever lighter devices such as tablets and phones, Second LIfe's continued insistence on demanding ever more power from computers is clearly going against the tide. I have known too many people have their lap tops wasted by this program and apologists in world want to blame everything but the elephant in the virtual room.
  5. The latest viewer update did 2 things on my Mac; it is making a higher demand on the system, the fans are kicking in sooner and harder than before, never a good sign - SL already has a reputation as a laptop cooker. In addition, the graphics load into full resolution after several passes, as you would expect. Then they seem to bounce back to the second pass level of quality, and then jump forward to the next, then back again, leaving the object in question, usually an avatar- "pulsing" in and out of focus. Never come across this before, but 2 friends have also complained of it. So it's not just me. Ideas?
  6. "The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) has appointed a series of four new advisors to assist in management, direction and project creation for its ongoing effort to foster awareness of artists’ contributions to the virtual world and encourage a greater, more dynamic arts community." i am involved in LEA at the moment. It is a great experience. However, the entire front end of Second life, at log in and also the web now seems geared toward clubs and music venues. The clubs are already full of people without this blanket promotion. Fostering awareness of things other than virtual music clubs is worthy, can we have a more balanced outlook to the log in and web front? It takes a vast amount of man hours to create on Second Life, and a more even handed approach to all that Second Life has to offer would be appreciated. As an example, Anley Piers beautiful new art build is buried deep in an over crowded destination guide, while clubs who are full regardless, feature as places to go higher on the screen. Can we have a new refreshed look at the log in, and weed out the weaker destination guide entries? It is rapidly becoming a virtual phone directory.
  7. same trouble here. Empyreal Dreams uses these telelport scripts to take visitors to each art build. Since mesh went mainstream the scripts have been twitchy to put it midly. Today they had a total nervous breakdown and either fail to work or deliver the visitor to bizarre locations or the signs fail to return themselves. This after working flawlessly for a year with zero hiccups. My entire build is now to all intent offline...
  8. I can certainly sympathize with the original poster. I have been using 3D studio max since version 1, Cinema 4D since the Amiga (it rendered much of the wall art on my Ancient mariner Build) and am thinking seriously about moving to Modo. With the exception of Maya, it may be a surprise to 3D application newcomers that in fact the cheaper the app, the HARDER it is to use. The reason being; developing an intuitive fast-flow interface costs development money that low end 3D software makers just do not have. So they put the features in that the big programs have, then leave you struggling like crazy to find them in a confusing interface. I cannot even put into words the horror and frustration I have felt dealing with Blender. It is without doubt the worst creative application ever made for user friendliness. User violence is a better description of it. Where is basic cut, copy and paste as a brief example? Some may cry foul and point out quite correctly it is free. But free applications can be a dangerous gift. If you assume even minimum working hourly rate, and keep the clock ticking while you trawl the internet for answers trying to get such programs to function, you might be surprised how quickly you mount up the cost of a better package. With educational discount I am fairly confident most frustrated Blender users would quickly find they have burnt through enough hourly rate to afford Modo or amazingly the full auto desk suite on an education license. The biggest way forward for Second Life right now in this field is if firstly, the Lindens stop treating Mesh as a cash cow, (I am not putting any mesh on my builds with these sort of cost attachments, when avatars can walk around decked out in them for free) and secondly, people abandon Blender (it needs to die) and move to properly developed and supported 3D programs at education license level, then full as money develops.
  9. same problem here. I am the owner of Empyreal Dreams and all script creation and editing, even so much as a changed single letter in a comment section, results in the following message returned at the base of the script window; " nice:/opt/Linden/indira/web/asset-upload/plugins/lsl_compiler/lslc: Permission Denied " All my work has literally ground to a halt, please look into this ASAP. I reset permissions for the land, to no avail. As a point of interest, the script changes do save into the script but are not allowed to take effect. Also, I found that certian sandboxes do allow me to work on my scripts. Please fix!
  10. I am a graphic designer with 25 years experience, starting out in video games. Bottom line, I know copyright inside out. HOWEVER, you guys needs to take on board that your little quiz is based around U.S. copyright, and there are subtle differences with other countries copyright laws, and your quiz assumes knowledge or access to the U.S. version. Please update it.
  11. Excellent advice here.I would add a few points. I constantly run into new builders who go with the rule 1024 is bad, go with 512, and then throw caution to the wind and slap a new 512 texture on every prim, sometimes a new 512 texture on every face of every prim. We know a 1024 texture uses 4 times the memory, *but* 8 unnecessary 512 textures use twice the memory of a single 1024. Personally I believe a combination of video card ram overload and jpeg 2000 resolving problems deserve the most blame for images not appearing rather than bandwidth, as SL is not a real time scene loader in the sense of say online mulitplayer gaming. We are all used to just standing there while things 'rez'. JPEG 2000 is computationally heavy (price you pay for its good stuff) and sometimes when taking its second or third pass at resolving a texture, (progressive transmission?), it just plain gets stuck. Our builds at Empyreal Dreams make heavy use, as a percentage of the build, of 1024 textures. we get away with it because of one simple fact; We block all view outside of the builds. This means your graphics card only has to deal with the build itself and the avatars in it. People should think carefully when applying textures to prims about where those prims are going to live. If your new art gallery you just built is overlooking the virtual hanging gardens of babylon, your poor graphics card has to chew on your prims and the hanging gardens at the same time. Anyone can test this easily, TP to a sim high up, fly to the edge of the map, then drop down to ground level while facing outward away from the sim. Now turn around at ground level and face in, and listen to your computer go nuts trying to chew all the data. The best advice I give is this; imagine all the objects you see are real but made of plywood, and you are set decorator on a movie. You have to paint or wallpaper every wooden surface. Which is going to be the biggest pain to do, a scene in a single room or one involving an entire street half a mile long. Be wary of long views, your graphics card has to eat everything in them up to the settings limit. Even if your graphics distance are at the average of 128m, at ground level that is still a lot of prims to process.
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