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  1. Saturday Dec 22, 2012, the infamous Zindra Fleshmob Project returns at a new secret location! At exactly 3PM SLT, a group of mysterious, naked residents will descend upon an unsuspecting rgion of the Zindra, the adult mainland of Second Life. To find out exactly WHERE, go to the Zindra FleshMob Project page here And/or join the Zindra Expo Group to get the latest updates. Excat location will be announced at the very lst minute...so get ready! Get naked just in time for the holidays!!!
  2. Edfred's suggestions are interesting, and may, in fact, be necessary, if LL does not take the positive steps necessary to give Vortex the same (or similar) repsetc that LEA's sandbox recieves.
  3. Hello! Gina here! I worked with LL a LONG time ago, to help found and develop the Zindra Help Vortex. I still manage (as best as possible) the Vortex. along with a very professional and tolerant staff. The original plan was good, and was working. Here is what has happened since..... Vortex was NEVER intended as just a 'sandbox' but more of a complete help center experience in line with a more sophisticated approach to Adult SL. (classes/workshops, mentors, contests, etc...an entire outreach effort to help the PR of Adult SL and Zindra) The idea worked well in the beginning, but the Lab's community staff changed (vanished, mostly) and things have degenerated. 1. the land's name was changed to ' Vortex Adult Sandbox' which acted like a griefing magnet. Traffic increased immediately, but most of that new traffic was griefers! The Vortex staff opposed the name change vehemently, but the Lab's then-current community rep refused to hear our objections. 2. We had been in the process of getting the staff actual management abilities (return rights, eject rights, etc) but the same 'new rep' refused to let this happen. He, in fact, cut off all communication abt improvements. This is where we are now. Severe damage has been done by the previous Community Team (and we all predicted it).Now we are TRYING to work with LL again to right the wrongs. Its beyond griefing now. Realize that Vortex is unique because we are talking abt the scary issue of underages coming into Adult land and the risks associated with that. PLEASE understand.....the rhetoric of Vortex being 'just like other sandboxes' or 'LL not caring abt public land' isnt exactly true. Need a precedent for how this can work? Look at the Linden Endowmwnt For The Arts public sandbox. Its LL land managed by residents. All we are asking at Vortex is for policy CONSISTENCY at least. Now, I am no fan of the LEA (because of the way it is managed) but ralize the setup there exists, and there is no reason Vortex cannot have similar setup. The precdent exists. Let's have good policy here that is consistent. The situation is now risky at Vortex. This is an opportunity to make things right. 1. Fix the land's name so we can begin marketing the Vortex properly again, and not attract kids. 2. Empower the Vortex management with actual abiulities so they can turn this around.
  4. The 'secret email technique' is a simple way they can 'appear' as if they are listening to the population, but can still do exactly what they want anyway, never revealing what the masses actually wanted/didn't want. Let's see a chart, at least! I've seen even more obvious examples of this technique from the Lab in recent years. They collect the messages from residents (rthrough email, forum posts or whatever method), never reveal what they collected and then announce a decision. This is called opacity (not transparency). It's the exact opposite of a functional communication style. Pretty sad. You would think an organsation in the virtual world industry, would be leading the way. Rather, they use communication techniques long-abandoned by many companies about 20 years ago.
  5. Not all femdom places are CFNM and not all CFNM places are femdom, but I think that the more the better, of course! In the interest of creativity and entrepreneuralism, Id love to see more places pop up with creative angles. Perhaps survey the many femdokm and CFNM places that already exist, and think of ways to do it 'different'. There is always a market for innovation! So, cfnmsl...go for it! (and feel free to contact me inworld if you want soem more specific connsultation) PS - I was amused (years ago) when I first learned that there was an acronym for this. There seems to be an acronym for everything these days!
  6. Silene Christen, the genius behind the current Zindra Fleshmob Project has created some amazing photos based on the Zindra Fleshmob Project phenomenon. This series of images will form the basis for an upcoming art exhibit. (and stay tuned for the next Zindra DFleshmob!) See the photos on Life Art now!
  7. Take part in an all new happening! What is Fleshmob Project? Part art installation...... Part publicity for Zindra....... Part photography exhibit...... All wild fun! Go to the Zindra Fleshmob page and watch out for surprise dates, times and places! TIP: the exact locations will never be posted early....they are revealed JUST BEFORE the actual time of the event. So look at the dates, mark your calendar and get ready for the surprise location! This project is also done in conjunction w/ artists Martazul Zemlja, emilio Charisma and with live video streaming services by ZindraTV To get ALL the details and stay up to date: Join the SL group called: Zindra Expo Questions? Contact Ginette Pinazzo or Silene Christen
  8. NEW EVENT IF YOU OWN LAND, BUSINESS OR A SIM ON ZINDRA Attention all Zindran landowners, sim owners and business owners.......if you are on the adult mainland, whether its a club, store, role-playing sim, etc, anything.....Zindra Expo group is planning a very special event that can benefit your publicity and Zindra in general. This will be a very humourous activity, and we are working with artist Silene Christen to plan it. Contact Ginette Pinazzo inworld with a notecard (or IM) for details. ALSO, if you know other such landowners or business owners, spread the word! This super-secret-surprise event is part Art...part Performance..part Promotion.......it will begin in a few weeks, and we would LOVE to hear from you now!
  9. Hello SL! I'm currently looking for clients to 'take on' who could reslly benefit from a Marketing Director/PR Director/Brand Manager/etc. I have worked with various origanisations (and still do), providing everything from event production to public relations campaigns, from project management to branding. My emphasis is on positive organisations that help to empower residents, improve the image within SL (and beyond!) If the organisation fits well with my own objectives, I will really added some spice! Contact me within SL. IM or send Notecard to Ginette Pinazzo. I have a full CV available (and just Google me!) A few highlights, past and present: 1. Director of Zindra Projects for the Zindra Expo group (originally the LL group for the adult continent) 2. Founder of the Zindra Help Vortex (SL's mentor center / sandbox for the adult mainland) 3. Director of Development for AviewTV (machinima company) 4. Board member for Linden Endowmwnt For The Arts (6-month stay) 5. Producer ZEXPO, Art Maze, GFAC 2012 Feel free to give me a call!
  10. With all the movies you always wanted to see in public but never dared! The always controversial SaveMe Oh is the focus of this unique and highly interactive event! WHEN: SUN: OCT 7th WHERE: AviewTV in Second Life Teleport to AviewTV now
  11. well said, Edfred. Sadly, even with the best punishments and discipline LL could ever do (if they ever did).....it actually would not address the real issue: prevention. For example, if you plan and market an event then someone shows up to destroy it, you lose prospective long-term residents to SL. Its too late at that point. Punishing the griefers after the fact doesnt matter. The damage has bene done to your 'attraction and retention' plans. As usual, the lab is its own worst enemy here, choosing the exact policies which undermine the supposed goals. 1. reversing the name change would be a profound first step 2. empowering the Vortex staff (exactly the same way the lab already does with LEA...so there IS precdent) would be the brilliant next step 3. Getting the publicity out there that Vortex is for Adults....and non-adult behavior will not be tolerattd going forward, because it damages business and is a liability (that's my recipe for helping the Vortex)
  12. I am not sure how reversible the problem is now, anyway Nicci, now that the name change damage has been done. Let me explain it this way: 1. Before the infamous name change (when it was Zindra Help Vortex), the marketing had a good, sophisticated brand to work with, and we had some established behaviors in place, not to mention a public perception that the Vortex was very LL-endorsed. We had set a precdent. Your average griefer didnt know to look for the Zindra Help Vortex and if they did find it, they were very outnumbered by people who were working hand-in-hand with LL to create a truly adult experience. Also, the 'Zindra' name attached to had certrain offcial marketability. 2. Even the LL administration's reasoning made no sense, (they claimed switching the region name would help in Search, which is crazy because its parcel names that really matter and besides, the place ALREADY had a well-established name) and even though they were warned this would increase griefing, LL did it anyway (urged on by a troll or 2...no comment). It's simple: 'Vortex Adult Sandbox' is a magnetic term for griefers, who had been laying in wait for an 'adult sandbox' to attack. Not only does the name attract griefers on its own, but the fact that LL distanced itself from the Vortex through that and other mishgaps, has shown the griefers that LL just doesnt care enough to work with the staff, and in fact, has completely ignored the staff. All fo this adds up to more and more aggresive griefers. And it all started with that name change. The name itself, and the symbolism of changing ti depsite the staff's well-being.
  13. Attica's initial question is an intriguing one, and I am guessing was made with a sense of desperation, as many who have been involved with this specific matter probably share. She doesnt name the place and the people....but I will...... What some on this thread may not realize is that the land Attica refers to is, in fact, LL land. It's owned by LL, yet managed by a group of residents. (the residents who actually worked WITH LL to found the place initially) This arrangement actually worked fairly well (virtually no griefing) until LL made some changes and bascially created this new problem. How? They forced a rename of the region (against protests) from 'Zindra Help Vortex' to the griefer-attracting 'Vortex Adult Sandbox'. After the name change, griefing increased and never slowed down. The name-change alone could be blamed for most of these issues, and there NEVER was a substantial argument to do the change. The argument presented was completely ridiculous and demonstrated a lack of understanding regarding Search systems etc. Basically, the LL administration caused the griefer problem by making a really bad decision. If they were serious in any way abt curtailing the griefing, they'd switch the name back as a start. Secondly, the managing staff have never been given the basic powers they need to do the managing. Trust has not been shown. While at least one other example exists in SL of LL land being managed by residents who have powers, the Lab in this case has refused to make an analagous arrangement. I won't iterate consipracy theories here, but suffice to say its been a pattern of the new administration (since the real community staff was let go ages ago) to terminate community projects and to even target individual residents to undermine community efforts they've bene involved with. The Vortex is one of the last few LL-related community initiatives standing, and it needs real TLC to remain alive. It takes vision...and trust. And perhaps a truly community-oriented adminstration within the Lab.
  14. We have a star-studded sci-fi lineup of fabulous filmmakers for the upcoming SCI-FI IN JULY Film fest and Cosplay Contest Event at AviewTV. Some wonderful machinima world premiers and chances to meet and greet the creators themselves.... Fuschia Nightfire's 'Blame The Machines'Miles 11thHauer's 'The Jazzologist Strikes Back'Ambrosia Lanley's 'Synesthesia'Glasz DeCuir's 'Blade Runner Tribute'Pooky Amsterdam's 5-episode 'Time Travelers' Series Teleport to AviewTV in Second Life and be part of the excitement! PLUS don't forget there is a 10,000L prize pool in our Cosplay Contest! Event is SUN JUL 29 from 12 noon to 8PM SLT
  15. It's SCI FI JULY at AviewTV on July 29! A film festival celebrating the art of speculative machinima! Premiering new works by Glasz DeCuir, Miles Eleventhauer and more! PLUS COSPLAY CONTEST!!! Special Cash Prize to the BEST Sci-Fi Costume! Stay tuned for details! At AviewTV: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Agua%20Del%20Alma/167/120/22
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