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  1. I am lining up on the x,y,z axis, they are all non-physical prims, I noticed that it is mainly the window frame prims that drift, occasionally a wall will, but I will put a notecard in with instructions on how the fix any drift the buyer may see.
  2. I use firestorm, and I dropped down to 60 meters, there is still some drift, anywhere from .001 to .01 meters, or the prims will rotate anywhere from .001 to .1 degrees. This is even after I have got them set perfectly, put the rezzer script in the root prim, lock the section, and then put it in the rezzer. When I test rez it, many of the prims will either drift or rotate, leaving visible gaps. I want to sell my build but I am a perfectionist and dont want to sell them if not perfectly aligned.
  3. Mostly correct, if I link 2 or more linksets together all the prims shift, if I link one prim at a time, I always have to readjust the prim I just linked, sometimes 5 or 6 times before it sticks, if I accidentally select the single prim last making it the root prim, all the prims shift.
  4. I am just above ground level, about 50 meters, and I am still getting prim drift, I have searched the archives and tried the various fixes, even locking the prims but they still shift when I go to link them, I then have to go into edit and readjust almost every prim.
  5. Thank you, that seemed to have fixed the prim drift
  6. It's a private home, and i am rebuilding it as a surprise for my guy, i would build on ground level but as I mentioned I want the rebuild to be a surprise. I dropped my platform down to 1000m and will see how the prim drift is.
  7. Ok so it's due to the height of my build platform? I will lower it and see if that helps and let you know.
  8. I am working on a house, and when I create linksets, a prim looks like it shifts, I unlink it and it shifts back, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? The linksets consists of 64m prims so I am using the sl build tools, number of prims within the linksets are approx. 8 prims, however, none of the prims in any of the rooms shift, it's just the balcony.
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