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  1. OMG it worked! I'm in. Thanks!
  2. I tried but it didnt work for me. can someone toss me a sim name I could use?
  3. I have a huge selection of non mesh clothing in my store, Snowpaws
  4. I"m using Office 2007 (yes a little outdated but whatever) and I have no issues importing and opening transaction logs in xml format.
  5. Hi - i downloaded hexagon when I saw in your post that it was free - however they don't give u a serial number to activiate the software so it runs in demo mode only
  6. well managed to log in by typing in the name of a different sim on the login screen. and I was lucky the sim is up. so i got online. but when i try to tp home I get logged out. I have managed to tp to other sims tho
  7. I can see on my dashboard lots of my friends are online, but when I try to log in i get as far as "waiting for region handshake" and then it fails. Am I the only one? :((
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