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  1. Hi everyone! Thanks in advance for reading this! Today we decided to build a racetrack that we would eventually scale up and have a blast racing our crazy vehicles on! I made it in blender, uploaded it and it looks great but...it's one big solid. We can't walk along the track's hills and curves etc. Making it phantom and filling it with prims would completely defeat the purpose...... Anyone know why, and is there a way to fix / avoid this problem? Thanks in advance! Kristen http://grabilla.com/0391e-6ce2c8e2-22b5-4835-b813-64e4d299d1e9.html#
  2. I've been having some of the same problems. Unfortunately I dont know enough about any of it to offer a solution, BUT. I use firestorm and with their new release which I downloaded yesterday it seems to be much better so far. -Knock on wood!-
  3. Can someone give me a tip about this? I'd like to add the solidify modifier to an edge of an item without solidifying the entire inside of it. I know it's possible because I've seen it before but I just can't figure it out! Help! (Blender 2.6) :heart:
  4. Thanks everyone for the excellent program advice! I downloaded Blender and watched the basic intros from cgcookie.com, and I was able to make the coffee mug, and then my own "cardboard box" (yeah! flaps and everything!) and sucessfully upload these in world! I have a friend coming over tomorrow to show me the basics for UV mapping too! My next question is: Is there a standard avatar model for making clothing that everyone is using? I'd love to tinker with that too, and if so does anyone have a link where I can download them? Thank you so much in advance!!! I'm really excite
  5. I've decided to try my hand at mesh objects! Initially Blender seemed to be a popular program choice, and since I don't want to pay a ton of money for something right off the bat, what do you think? Is Blender still a great option, or has another program risen within the ranks? Thanks in advance! <3
  6. Welcome to Bottega! Feeling thirsty? Starved for attention? Just need to get away from that nag at home for a few hours? Stop by Bottega! Bottega is a new role play dedicated region centered around a single, realistic bar! Keep it light as a regular or maximize your experience and join the staff! Create your character, your own story...and watch it grow! Bottega offers the best kind of drama. The "In Character" kind, adult roleplay with adult situations! We're new and so excited to meet you, make friends and watch our roleplay grow. It's the perfect time to start, at the very beg
  7. Interesting! Thank you for that tidbit of information! I wonder what the reasoning for that is. Ah well, I'd still like to find someone for the sole purpose of having a nice pic of the location, if for nothing else! Credit will be given!
  8. I am looking for someone to create an epic picture of a location that I intend to submit to SL's Destination Guide! Please IM me if you're up to the challenge or know of someone good who might be! I'm prepared to pay =) (I own the location personally.) Thanks in advance! Kristen Coledale
  9. Definitely smart Altheria, what i had to go through last night was hellish and completely avoidable. I will be the VERY LAST person to make the move when the time is here. My boxes are not working as well as they used to, ie, I have a handful of timed out transactions, but I'll take that over permissions leaks that could destroy me ANYDAY.
  10. I.AM DONE. My work is secure again, and I'm going to bed! /me gives DD the bird in a rare, unlady-like gesture and goes to bed, relieved and exhausted. PS. I owe you all sooo much, Thank you, sincerely. Marcus, for the perfect instructions, Josh for rooting me on, and Darrius. For the energy. :matte-motes-whistle:
  11. Down to 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. down to 67. I'm getting sleepy. But I refuse to buckle!! :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  13. Unfortunately what I create sells best as transfer. It was a decision I made after a lot of thought. Anyways, bottom line is that over the last 4 days of DD, I've had nothing but issues, missing money, hung up deliveries, constant battle, and now with a permissions glitch..it's just worth it to me. It's my money, I'm not handing it over. I'm trying not to think about how much damage could have been done in these four days, but I've had record sales so who knows
  14. Actually Darrius, what started me looking into this was the fact that I ordered something and received it 7 times. So yes. And it's worth it to me to go through all this, like I said before, this is my RL income, and I will protect it like hell. Being lazy about it isn't worth the years of hard work I've dumped into my creations.
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