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  1. I guess I can try to, but my experience with UV maps is slim. Would a texture designer be more in my budget? Or roughly the same as a mesh creator?
  2. This is very good information. Thank you for explaining this. In the end though, it doesn't matter because aside from the fact I can't even afford the low end of the spectrum of L$2500, the copyright thing seems to be an issue as well... It's a dead dream either way...
  3. I had two offers. One said they'd only do it for L$10,000 and the other for L$5,000 minimum. when I originally made this request, I went on the average I saw on the marketplace for mesh objects, which I calculated to about L$500/object. I was hopinging to pay about L$1000, L$1500 if I pushed my funds(so between $5-$8 USD). The second offer person made it painfully clear that no mesh commission was lower than L$5000 for a high quality item, especially one that won't "turn triangle" when zoomed out. I don't have much money IRL. I am unemployed and disabled(not on disability however because high fail rate). So when I do spend on anything frivilous like SL, it's usually not much since I can't only spare maybe about $5 USD. So since I can't pay the appropriate amount and since copyrights are an issue, I have no choice but to give up on this... It's saddening, but it is what it is...
  4. Can anyone tell me how to delete this thread? I have gotten offers on this, but it's become painfully clear that I'll never be able to afford it one way or another...
  5. Well that's a tad upsetting. I was hoping to recreate our D&D table set up to make it feel more like when I'd come to visit him across states. It won't be the same without the token beverages, but if it can't be helped, there's not much that can be done. Thanks anyway, folks.
  6. Well butts. Does that mean it can't be done then? Is what I had technically illegal? ._.;;;
  7. Hello folks, Would there be anyone willing to make me a couple of mesh bottles of Pepsi and Mountian Dew, respectively? Would prefer "1 liter" sizes, as I'm trying to recreate an RL scene for my fiance. I had a pair of bottles I bought back in 2015ish(pictured below), but they never rezzed right and have now disappeared from my inventory AND the marketplace. If they were high quality/low prim, even better. Would that be at all possible? Thank you for your time, FiraFirecat
  8. Got a response from the maker of the "Dwelling Quay's Ultimate Weather system" and he offered his services for my skybox to install the emitter. It's too perfect! Theresa Tennyson , I owe you both an apology and my biggest thanks for that suggestion! And thank you to everyone else who offered their help as well! It's gonna be a pristine white christmas now! :catlol:
  9. I checked that one out in world and it seemed okay, but the kinda fireworks burst at the source seemed kinda unnatural to me. Not to mention Antreas Alter won't answer my IM/notecard about the whole snowing inside thing. Sorry :<
  10. I guess the only question I have about this one is if I work it to avoid snowing/raining ect. in my house, will it still fall all the way to the ground. Sorry if I'm getting too picky, I just want to be sure before I spend the lindens ^^;;; Thanks for the help! :heart:
  11. I like how it works, but I live on a rented parcel skybox. From what I understand from their info here, it's not for parceled land :catsad: Thank you for the recommendation though! :cathappy:
  12. Hello Everyone! :catvery-happy: I've been looking to give my skybox a festive scene by adding some nice snow fall. But alas, 2 purchases and 1000 wasted lindens later, I can't seem to find a snow emitter that doesn't seep into my house and make my living room a winter distaster. Anyone know of a snow machine/emitter that keeps the snow where it belongs, OUTSIDE? Any help would be super appreciated! :catembarrassed: Thanks! Fira :heart: EDIT: I forgot to mention a vital detail. If it covers a 64 x 64 parcel with one rez, that'd be super rad :catvery-happy:
  13. to be honest, I have zero know how in clothes making and I don't have the time or patience to learn how to.
  14. Yes, I looked into it and I was not a fan. For so many many reasons, but long story short, it was beyond frustrating
  15. Hello, SL :cathappy: Recently, one of my favorite clothes stores on SL has stopped selling non-mesh clothing. It was Stars Fashion and it broke my heart because I loved how trendy and cute their selection was. Now, like most of SL it seems, they've gone to the dark side and are doing Mesh Only Clothes. Bad news for a big girl like myself. I am a plus size avatar, because I believe in keeping true to my size in real life. Mesh items are not made for such bodies and I hate the idea of changing who I am, both mentally and physically, to fit into a 5 sizes fits all dress. The point of Second Life to me is to be able to do things(and wear things) that one cannot pull off in the real world. And so, I was wondering if anyone knew of a goos shop that sells non-mesh clothing or clothing with like prim skirts and such? Something with trendy, cute outfits(or even if it isn't, I'd still like to check it out :) ) designs for the plus size ladies? I'd greatly appreciate it :heart: :catvery-happy: Lots of Love, FiraFirecat :heart: :catvery-happy:
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