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  1. I agree with all of these observations. I’ve been making clothing since 2009 but Ive slowed down considerably in the past few years. Occasionally I log in and check out events and I’m disappointed with what I’m seeing. The same mesh template used over and over again with a stolen texture slapped on it, or just solid color added. No attention paid to details. Poor vendor pictures. I have outfits purchased ten years ago that far exceed in terms of quality and originality. Of course there are still talented and original designers out there who create beautiful work. But there seems to be a large population of people who just want to call themselves designers but don’t have the skills or just want to make quick lindens.
  2. I tried but it didnt work for me. can someone toss me a sim name I could use?
  3. I have a huge selection of non mesh clothing in my store, Snowpaws
  4. I"m using Office 2007 (yes a little outdated but whatever) and I have no issues importing and opening transaction logs in xml format.
  5. Hi - i downloaded hexagon when I saw in your post that it was free - however they don't give u a serial number to activiate the software so it runs in demo mode only
  6. well managed to log in by typing in the name of a different sim on the login screen. and I was lucky the sim is up. so i got online. but when i try to tp home I get logged out. I have managed to tp to other sims tho
  7. I can see on my dashboard lots of my friends are online, but when I try to log in i get as far as "waiting for region handshake" and then it fails. Am I the only one? :((
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