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  1. Ayesha, The post has been removed from the Grid Status Page. I suppose there will be no roll for the main channel, although it is still in the calendar. Greetings, Chriss
  2. Hello Starshine, You wrote the items you added to your Magic box are no-copy. When a no-copy item is sold it will be removed from the box and delivered to the buyer. A no-copy item can be sold only once. Greetings, Chriss
  3. Hello Maestro, On some parcels in Bluesteel and Le Tigre my hud cannot rez an object. The involved parcels have Create Object allowed but Object Entry disallowed. Although i can rez an object myself, my hud cannot. Magnum seems not involved. I entered Jira BUG-2850 for this issue. Kind regards, Chriss
  4. Hello Ayesha, I think i know the issue you mentioned. When you enter a sim a number of prims are not rezzed. If you right click the place where they should be they show immediatly. This is not something new, it is happening for about 8 month now i think. It is not reproducable, but some places suffer it more than others. I am not sure it is a server issue. When you right-click the wall ot floor it is rezzed so fast, that all the information must have been in the viewer. For some reason however the viewer does not rez the prims until they are touched. Since it is not reproducable it is hard to file a Jira about it. I really hope someone finds the real reason why this is happening and solves the problem. Greetings, Chriss.
  5. Hello Maestro, After todays rolling restart IM's send by objects to me are not forwarded to my email when i am offline. I filed Jira BUG-1002 to describe the problem. I noticed the problem on Magnum and Bluesteel. I have no objects on Le Tigre, so i don't know if this channel is affected too. Kind regards, Chriss [edit] This problem only affects IM's send to the owner of the object [/edit]
  6. MB Robonaught wrote: Hi Oskar, I've noticed over the last month an increase in the number of scripts that become corrupted and unusable. Various people have come to me with script issues in an object yet someone else that has an identical object has none. One noted symptom is the scripts cannot be recompiled as the viewer (non viewer specific)compile feature does not see any scripts in the object. Also it's not dependent on if the person is from the Main server or an RC channel. .... Thanks! MB Hello MB, About 5 weeks ago i had a comparable experience. One of my customers complained about a product she bought that was not working. It did not react to menu commands. I gave the customer a new product and asked her to return the faulty one. The new one worked fine for her and the faulty one did not work for me either. Resetting the scripts or recompiling from the tools menu did not help. Opening the scripts was due to the ownertransfer not possible anymore. After reading your message i removed the scripts from the product and added them again. After re-adding the same scripts the product worked again. Further information: It was an old product, the scripts were compiled in LSL mode. The problem is not reproducable for me. Greetings, Chriss.
  7. Hello Oskar, No restart for Magnum? Are the updates for the main channel not merged into Magnum and the other RC's? Magnum is now two weeks behind the main channel. Greetings, Chriss.
  8. Hello Oskar, Is it an option to have one of the release channels only a fix for SVC-8124, so problems with other fixes won't prevent the fix for SVC-8124 from being promoted. Greetings, Chriss
  9. You could try to enter another Linden Realms sim. The portals are numbered. When i tried them, not all numbers gave me a hud, but some did. Kind regards, Chriss
  10. I am glad the experience functionare are coming available for all of us. They offer nice options that until now could only be created by using TPV viewers. I found a minor issue in llTeleportAgent. see: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7966 (llTeleportAgent gives a wrong message). Kind regards, Chriss.
  11. Logins to Second Life have been temporary disabled. Please monitor the Grid Status page for updates. Last update on Grid status: may 5th 2012 :-((
  12. @Talia Thanks for your response. I agree, things like the Emerald attachmentpoints should be forbidden, I was always annoyed by the attachments floating around an Emerald user. If this is what they want to prevent i totally agree. It would be nice if they would add some more comment to the policies, that would prevent misunderstandings. Greetings, Chriss.
  13. It seems the Lab changes the policies for Third Party Viewers and don't allow viewer tagging anymore. I don't know why, i never heart anyone complaning about it, but anyway, they have the right to do so. What i don't understand is why it has to be introduced in such a hurry. It does not break Second Life Servers and as far as i know it does not allow the stealing of content or other IP problems, so why is this handled as a security update? I would prefer an implementation on ADITI and a message to all TPV writers, so they can test their code against the new servercode and bring out updates where necessary. Maybe the changes are minimal, but it even minimal changes can crash a viewer. The next stage should be a roll to one of the RC candidates, and when no problems show up, a roll to the rest of the grid. What concerns me even more is point k) of the new policies: k) You must not provide any feature that alters the shared experience of the virtual world in any way not provided by or accessible to users of the latest released Linden Lab viewer. I am currently using an RLV enabled viewer and it certainly enhances my experience of the Second Life world. Do the new policies forbid this kind of enhancements to the user experience? I hope LL will not discourage the TPV writers by cutting off all their abilities to implement this kind of features.. Thumbs up for all TPV writers who did such a good job for all of us. Greeetings, Chriss Rosca.
  14. Now on Gridstatus: [postED 1:41PM PST, 16 February 2012] We are experiencing an outage which may have caused some Residents to be logged out of Second Life. Some regions will also be unavailable. Secondlife.com, the Marketplace and our support services for tickets and live chat are also unavailable. We are working on the outage and will update this blog as more information is available. Chriss
  15. Oskar Linden wrote: Second Life Server (main channel) No promotion this week. There were rolling restarts last tuesday for the main channel and version was promoted. The entire grid is now runing this version. Sorry to hear the updates for today were cancelled. I was very excited about the new llSetRegionPos() function. Greetings, Chriss.
  16. Chelsea, The restarts on tuesday mostly promote the code on one of the release channels to the rest of the grid. They sure are ment to update the servercode and test new serverfeatures. Normally Oskar announces which of the relase channels is promoted to the main grid. Since all of the release channels are running the same code, it will not be a big surprise. I suppose will be promoted to the main grid. It would be nice to know which new features are released to the different release channels on wednesady. Kind regards, Chriss
  17. Lydia, Oskar, The message was there. They just forgot to move it to the top like they use to do, so it was a bit hidden this week. Chriss
  18. Void Singer wrote: [...] not permanently, but potentially in the short term. [...] Most updaters check for the presence of scripts before they send the update. Creators don't like to update empty boxes to full functional products. Of coarse there will be smarter updaters and updaters that are less restrictive, but you can not state in general that the damage is only short term. A lot of products will be permanently destroyed and ppl will have to beg the creators for a free repair. Chriss
  19. @Void. This bug has nothing to do with RLV or with huds that self-destruct when being rezzed. This bug effects all users that try to update their attachemts or huds while they are still wearing them and it also effect devices that are designed to transfer scripts and other inventory items between prims during normal operation. Many content creators created easy to use updaters that allow you to update theit products while being worn. Normally this kind of updater is very safe to use. No need to rez a no-copy item, no items getting unfindable after they are rezzed under some surface, no objects getting no-Mod in inventory just because they were rezzed and taken back again, etc. The effect of this bug is that such an updater does not work anymore. Even worse, the object being updated is destroyed by this bug. The workaround is not workable. Most updaters are (for good reasons) located in no-rez area's where ppl can not rez the huds or attachments.The real problem is that you can not force your customers to rez their items before updating them. You can add a warning, but i am sure many ppl won't notice it. Living without updaters for two weeks is bad, but i could live with that. Updaters that destroy products that are being updated are as bad as the security bug that was fixed by this roll. In my opinion this bug that uncontrollable destroys content should be handled with the same priority as the security bug. It is unacceptable to keep this bug on the grid for two weeks. Chriss
  20. Hello Alexi, The extra loginscreen is annoying, but it is not a serious problem, you can safely cancel it, you don't loose any functionality in the forum. Oskar probably copy-pasted some content from an internal wiki and now the forum contains a reference to a graphical element on the original (internal) wiki page. When your browser tries to load this element the internal wiki asks for authentication. When you cancel the login your browser will use the default images for the bulletlist which is perfectly ok. Regards, Chriss.
  21. Hello Trin1, Your viewer crashed, but the SL servers did not notice it (yet). The Login request triggered the crash to the servers, and the server is logging you out now. Wait a few minutes and you can login again. Kind regards, Chriss
  22. Hello Lonewolf, Your remaks are right, i don't want to fight them. I just wanted to state that replacing the First- and Lastname by a single Username does not really make a gigantic difference. It would have been nice if underscores and dashes were allowed in a username, then you would have been able to create an "old-style" username. When you create an account you have to choose a unique Username, and you will never be able to hide that name.This is as it should be, if you want to create an AR you need some method to uniquely identify the account that is abusing you. Just like the previous first- and lastname, the Username can not be changed after the account is created. Since you are not able to hide your Username, you should choose a decent one, the choise is free, you can add numbers to make it unique. Choosing a name that possible will offend others is not advisable, i think you even could get banned if you appear with such a name in a PG region, baut again, it is your choise. For the moment not everyone can see your choosen display name. Ppl using Viewer 1.23 and TPV's based on 1.23 will only see your user name. Also most scripted devices will use your Username, so it is good practice to choose a Username that is not too different from the display name you intend to use. The first problem is solved when everyone uses a newer viewer, the second problem will probably never be solved, the older devices will continue to exist in SL. b.t.w. I did not invent the display names and i am not fully happy with them either. I would have liked an option to protect my name against imposters. Kind regards, Chriss
  23. To overcome this problem LL added Displaynames. New avatars will have to choose a silly Loginname like Chriss123456, but they can choose a Displayname of their own choise. Displaynames don't need to be unique, so you will never fe forced to choose a silly Displayname. Newer viewers like Viewer 2 and Phoenix do support Displaynames. The problem is that thousands of scripted devices still use the Legacename and will greet you as "Chriss123456 Resident". Kind regards, Chriss
  24. After todays roll the problem with forwarding IM's to my emailbox returned in the Magnum regions. I have reopened https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-6841. Kind regards, Chriss
  25. @Oskar Like Darrius reported in the 2011-03-07 thread, object IM's from objects located in Magnum regions are not forwarded to email anymore. I created a Jira for this issue: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-6841 Greetings, Criss Rosca.
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