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  1. I signed off when my lindens disappeared after I tried to tip my boyfriend, who was DJing. Now I can't get back on and he'll probably think that I ditched him... x_x;
  2. I'm having a bit of a problem signing in? Does anyone know what's wrong with it?
  3. It's because I'm hoping to get a house in SL and the tier is 5976 a month. I'd rather get a job to pay for it than actually have to put money into the game. Mostly because I don't have a credit card at the moment nor am I willing to apply for one. I'm a shopaholic and if I have a credit card, well let's just say that I'll be shopping all day and night...
  4. Looking for well made houses? Any idea? The only store that I could find is Poetica. Does anyone know of any others?
  5. Well I do know how to work a DJ program as I have played Second Life a few years ago. As for making clothes... making textures is not one of my finer points but it is something that I have always wanted to *learn* to do. I do have quite an imagination when it comes to fantasy wear. But I'm not entirely sure if I can make 5976 by simply being a DJ. Then again the last time I worked in SL it was at a newbie club...
  6. Looking for a job that pays 5976 lindens or a month. Any ideas?
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