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  1. Or just maybe someone read the complaints in the forums and actually fixed a problem.
  2. Does anyone find it ironic that a couple of years ago when Phil Linden created the Love Machine one of his stated goals was to create an electronic world currency similar to the Linden. I guess that plan is no longer operative.
  3. Maestro could you be more specific when you say a crash bug is being fixed? There are several common crash bugs loose in SL at the moment and unless you give a few details of the nature of the crash it could be any of them and telling us you are fixing one non specific crash is meaningless, as we have no idea what to look for.
  4. Well apparently LL reconsidered and the inventory maintenance has been canceled for today. \
  5. Today I witnessed a very curious and disturbing incidnent involving a particle attack on a sim. I was notified that a particle attack was being waged in the sim next to ours, kuradov and went too investigate and found a massive particle generator that was slowly eating away at the sim. I immediately contacted Live Chat for help and was told to file a ticket, and did so thinking LL would respond responsibily, as it is it have been approaching two hours now and no response. I find this to be a serious problem for not only is this emitter making kuradov unusable at the ground level but it is interfering with business in the connecting sims as well. Apparently LL does not care though and does not respond to these attacks on the weekend now. This boggles my mind for it is the equivalent of the police not answering calls on the weekends or holidays or hospitals closing for a day or two off. LL really needs to rethink this policy as it lowers player trust in them still further and leaves griefers free to run wild on the weekends By the way the griefer in question writes in his profile "I dont know why I am still here". I think I can now answer his question, It is because the Lindens no longer care what he does if he does it on the weekend.
  6. To start with I have been in SL for well over six years and run successful businesses for most of that period, and far from getting better SL performance has steadily fallen for over three year now. This by the way is clearly reflected in online number which over the last year have fallen from over 60k to under 50k. Moreover, the number of new players has fallen off as well along with the retention of veteran players and business owners. This is apparent both from looking at the sl performance number and from looking at my inventory where I find I own literally thousands of high quality items by shops that have left sl and not be replaced. This though is not the crux of the problem what needs to be addressed is performance and after last weeks restart overall performance had drastically decreased with a resulting drop in online numbers that reflect the increasingly unstable service. Now lets look at where the problem lies. It does not appear to be in the viewers, and even the sl viewers appear to be doing a decent job, nor does it lie in our service providers because this problem is far too widespread to be attributed to service providers unless you wish to take the position that internet service in the US in Europe has suddenly declined to Third World standards. Likewse it does not appear to be in the code LL introduced last week for by there own admission very little code was added last week and it only to fix know bugs and was I assume well tested before installation. No the problem appear to lie in the regional servers and in their ability to communicate with the core servers themselves and largely appear to be problems of timing where requested procedures time out before they are executed and get lost in our system cache to fill up our memory and choke our computers. Time after time we see request for excecution sent to the regional server, be they the opening of inventory, asking for a group IM, a simple IM, the saving of a record or photo or any of a hundred other possible thing, and either the request not be executed or there be a huge delay in execution, or in cases such as a teleport a crash. By LLs own admission maintenance was done last week in place of the restarts, and it apparently resulted in a great many problems as well as the reintroduction of a number of apparently fixed bug such as repeated and unasked for regional rebakes, gradual creep in allocated memory, massive server ping and bandwidth usage, and despite a relatively low fps massive and crippling periodic lag that can only be fixed by porting out of a sim or restaring your avi entirely. These things are occurring to people all over SL have been reported and LL has yet to acknowledge, though we have been assured by at least one self appointed cheerleader that things are getting better and better with SL. The truth is they are not getting better, true we have short lulls like over the last few weeks when we have relatively good performance, but in the end things always revert back to the same pattern that SL has followed for years now and we see the same bugs, like" the region is logging you out crash" that we have been seeing for months and year, and as a result more and more businesses close and more and more people leave SL, and the new players that come in to replace them are disgusted by the instability as well and leave with them. This makes no business sense and if these problems are anticipated speaks of a depth of technical inability that is truly staggering. In short it is time for LL to face reality and either make a decision to fix this mess even if it means removing some of their favorite additions or admit they cannot or will not fix it and let it die.
  7. In other words Wolf, LL has a major mess and judging by what I have seen today with the apparent lead up to this weeks resets it is about to get better or else to be chairitable they are pushing the system to the limits, to determine how are they can go and will return to a more sustainable mid point in the settings. But for now SL, both in the main servers and the RC servers has been peppered with lag and lag induced crashes, very low frame rates, high server ping and huge packet loss not to mention, the return of creeping memory levels and the rebake problem we had earlier. This does not bode well, nor does the fact that Maestro has made no comment upon this issue although until it was raise he was very active and helpful in the forums. All of this is causing to think that these problems may be anticipated as you suggest and that LL in its arrogance thinks that players will continue to put up with the constant instability and dimishment of service and lack of information. To that I suggest that they do so at their own peril because player patience is already stretched to the breaking point and one more crisis my prove to be just too much.
  8. This is a bug that has been around awhile on the main servers, and appears to be more a issue of server settings than actual code problems, since one sim will have it and another not. What is alarming now is that it is so wide spread that it is appearing across the Blue Steel servers which until this last restart were a model of stability. Morever, since this restart featured more work on the servers than actual code changes it seems reasonable that some of that work is badly in need of review before this issue is spread throughout the main servers and promoted. As of it being ignored LL can ignore it at its own peril for if it becomes widespread I have no doubt that I and many other land and business owners will be leaving as our land and businesses will have been rendered unusable. Least anyone think this an idle threat I advise they compare online numbers over the last year and land ownership, both of which have dropped dramatically as SL performance has become increasingly less stable. If this bug or "expected result" is introduced on a widespread basis to the main servers then it may well be the final straw and deciding factor in an number of people and businesses leaving for good and LL can only blame it on themselves and their own arrogance.
  9. Maestro, we are encountering another bug in the Blue Steel RC regions that has been seen on the main servers in the past but not in the Blue Steel areas, and whose appearance is directly associated with the last restart. What is happening is that, after a login in or teleport entry, or anything that seems to cause serious rezzing like camara movement, fps ofter fall rapidly to the point where they reach a crippling 1 or less fps. This is a totally new problem in this area and until the restart the Blue Steel regions have been of late models of efficiency, now though they are turning into lag hell and this problem needs to be carefully addresses, before people give up entirely and sell of abandon their land, which is fast becoming useless and which, since this is RC area implies that if this bug is advanced back to the main servers they too will suffer the same affliction. Apparently this has resulted from a timing adjustment in either the local servers or the main server and needs to be looked at and fixed as quickly as possible before like the navmesh issue it becomes overwhelming.
  10. If you have tried three viewers there is a equally good chance that it is a SL problem. Here is how this little spin game is played, first blame thrid party viewers, then when that is ruled out blame the players isp or computer, you choose, but never accept the fact that there may be major problems in either the regional servers or in the central core severs that route most of the informotion that SL runs on to the regional servers and hence our viewers. The truth is upload failures are fairly common now in sl and to avoid them you may have to relog sl or even your computer, but dont expect a linden to tell you this or one of their minions who haunt the forums to try to disparage any criticism of Linden Labs and the effectivness of its programming.
  11. For several hours now I have had a problem logging into sl. To correct this problem I dumped my cache but now I find that before my inventory can load I suddenly crash. This is accompanied by huge sim ping numbers though sim fps and basic fps and physics remain quite stable. This problem began to be noticed by people on Monday after the restarts and has gotten progressively worse. At this point SL is unplayable, since if you cant get online you can do very little here. Moreover, it is a problem that has recently been addressed several times in these forums by various people and so far LL has either failed to acknowledge it even exists or has tried to make the excuse that it is either our connections, our computer of viewers that are at the root of it. The fact is though, like it or not and deny it or not, Linden Labs has a tremendous problem here and it is reflected in its steadily declining online numbers as well as in the growing frustration of the most tenacious and loyal part of its player base, the long time players who own land, run business and are the backbone of SL society. If LL wants to destroy SL all they have to do is continue as they are now and before very long they will have done so, because people will not continue to pay high prices for land they cannot use and services they are not getting and simply leave.
  12. It is quite possible that tweaks have been made to region idling in the last week that set this off, or that some other LL action did it, but do not expect LL to acknowledge responsibility for this as they are insisting SL is stable and running better than ever.
  13. Guess LL has forgotten the main rule of internet business, if people can't get online they can spend money with you. Logins have been a problem for days now and are either slow, can't be done, or crash shortly after entering sl without warning, leaving you with a system is still logging you out message as you try to reenter. In most cases this has nothing to do with your isp, and is purely a Linden Lab problem, and they are going to great lenghts to divert attention from it. The results though are clear online numbers continue to fall and as they do LL will make less and less income from its players as the tire of the lack of service cancel their accounts and move elsewhere.
  14. This is the real Alexi Raynier and I have been trying to log in for three hours now so the above did not come from this account, but I am assuming it is a serious concern as at the very least it is a potential breach in security and indication that there are problems in the core server.
  15. I logged into the forums under a different name and password, and as you can see Alexi Raynier is the name I am under now. If you core server were working well and you database was performing correctly this would not have happened. Fortunately, this poses no security threat to me, but the fact that the core server somehow confused two names and passwords I do not find very comforting, and seriously wonder about what other security issues we are not seeing here. Under a well working and reliable database system this would not happen, and here we have visible proof that the SL core server and apparently database is seriously compromised, and I feel fortunate that the problem has not advanced to the point where rather than getting this name I got that of a stranger, or worse yet a stranger got access to my account though this type of error. This alone should be cause for alarm for LL but given their past reactions I doubt they care or will bother to notice.
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