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  1. Never use llRegionSayTo its riddled with a throttling bug, see BUG-5457 basically if there is more than 100 llRegionSayTo messages and not only yours in a too short time period there is a throttle that stop the message unfortunatly due to the bug once throttled it stays throttled until a sim restart
  2. Are you sure you havent accidentally checked the checkmark in front of "Hide My Group Title" or "Hide own group title"
  3. There is a new bug that many are not aware of. Setting the option in your viewer preferences that you like offline IMs stored is only half the job. You also need login to your Account pages. Go to Account, then Contact Information witness the stupidity here. You need make sure the V I would like to receive offline IM's via Email is checkmarked. Its seems for some accounts this mysteriously turns itself off. This option is separate from how preferences in the viewer deals with messages to be stored. Just setting the option in the viewer isnt enough. And it doesnt matter what you clic
  4. your second part name is Resident, your name really is parvati.resident the second part is often not displayed by the viewer. But its there. So your menu is gotten to by prmenu
  5. I know of at least two things that can cause this. One is the avi is ghosted and still logged in, while you are logged out trying to get in. That will cause you to disconnect immediatly. 'However its easy to see, try login to a empty region instead, like furball If that moves the login bar a few millimeters, just keep at it, keep trying, each attempt will move the bar a bit further until your finally logged in. The other problem is that some of your logfiles contain stuff that the viewer cant deal with during the login and adding any stored messages. when this happens to my avatars i simp
  6. This is disingenous. Failed teleports and random logouts have happend the last several years. But recent changes have made it a much more visible problem since only sometimes will it work. Seems also be for some reason dependent on the avatar. Some of my avis have next to no problem, some have failures at least over 50%. Maybe its what scripts they run or what stuff they wear, i have no idea, i do know however that failures are frequent. and pretty much pointless to report since its our crappy local internet anyway..... There is a pattern to it also but no longer so easy to spot since the tw
  7. so not just a local connection, then we will watch what happens on the staus page. Its been much ress problems recently
  8. secondlife.com marketplace.secondlife.com id place for logins are all these down again? Is this another unscheduled maintenance? Or is it just a local problem?
  9. *First off this isnt a gripe, I try be positive, but there is very little giving us reason to be positive lately, i still try to be, and i offer a teleport workaround that has helped me. Perhaps it will help some others too. TP fails, this happens alot of times and to many of my friends aswell. What i can say is the following: Dont use teleport.!! ITS NOT OUR INTERNET ITS NOT OUR VIEWER Its not ever any of the shrug off explanations support like to give us. And no relog and then teleport will not be even attempted. Its been done to death already by millions. The explanation its your intern
  10. for me i had a computer that didnt support shadows. whewn standing under something or behind something the sky was black and out in open flying the sky was still dark.. turning off shadows fixed it for me. seems every time i was in a shadow it turned the sky pitchblack instead of whatever shade it was supposed to be. it didnt matter if the thing doing a shadow was visible, skyboxes far above also blocked the view i got a better graphic card was my solution.
  11. Thank you marigold. Im very happy and you provided the answer in a different thread. Im reporting this here. And yes you are an angel telling about these things. To solve ghost problem follow the directions posted in Answers > Avatar > Avatar Ghosted in the mainland The directions there worked perfect. I might add as comment that one need be persistent i think it took 20 times or more before the login finished Again many thanks to all of you who answerd to my question.
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