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  1. Hello Benson, Did you know you can get a few Free trains to test out the SLRR? On the mainland Hetrocra Atoll there is a huge Railway setup for you by Linden Lab. Along there you find stations and all of the once on Llinden Lab land have rezz zones right next to the station platforms. So just drag your train from you inventory to the center of the railway tracks and it sould automaticly align itself to the tracks and be ready for you to board it and go exploring. The Free test trains can be found in e.g. Tuliptree VRC station. (next to the Linden Lab tuliptree station). Just pick one up from
  2. That is sadly true. But do not let that stop you from using the resorces that Linden Labs made available. As for the railroad, just pick up one of the Free Trains or buy a nice one on Marketplaqce and go drive the 100+ sims with tacks on them from either Linden Lab or one privatly onwed branches. A good place to start your railroad journey is Tuliptree. Or read about the URLS on SL Wiki http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/List_Of_Railways or http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Second_Life_Railroad
  3. Well now theres an idea. :matte-motes-agape: On the basis that you can do what you like on private land the railway can be as realistic looking or as un-realistic looking as you like. Technicly you only need the "invisible" center guide rail to run trains like the Free VRC Hobo Train. Other considerations of a underwater track would be to leave enough clearance for physical boats to pass freely overhead. Visually you could perhaps build something like a glass tube tunnel.
  4. Hello CaptainJack, In answer to your question. I think it was a matter of lack of funding. The WARR Railline was totaly privatly funded. Unlike the SLRR infrastructure that is paid for and maintained by Linden Lab / LDPW. It is saidly not posible to "jump" or "teleport" from one track to the next. Unless you script the train to do that. For example you could make an object like a train to move within a sim pretty easely. But don't ask me, I am not a scripter . If you have more Railroad related questions you can always join one of the Rail groups and ask inworld via IM.
  5. Generaly the Linden Lab owned SLRR tracks have a fixed non-phantom guide. As I understand it only where new track are laid be LDPW they may consider to make them phantom e.g. on road section (tracks crossing, parrallel or over the SL road network), as not to impeed road traffic. Only the LDPW can make that call on public Linden Lab owned land. However it is free to any privat resident to make their SLRR-type tracks on their land as they see fit.
  6. Anyway... Happy Railroading. :matte-motes-grin:
  7. For landmarks to the SLRR stations (with rez zones) you can also check out the SL Wiki Second Life Railroad
  8. Maddy Gynoid wrote: Take a 256 prim train and ride on the SLRR from Tuliptree to Calleta. On sim crossing between Sweetbay and Calleta I'm always thrown off the train and end on negative coordinates beside Oculea region. I too have been "un-seated" from my train and the scripted train auto reset. And that is on trains with less then 50 prims. On the Sweetbay / Calleta crossing, as well as on some spots on the other side of the SLRR track. We will hold a Rail Community meeting Firday the 3rd. of June at 1:30PM. Maybe we can identify the trouble spots and give the information to Oz. He
  9. For the train ride around the Heterocera atoll I suggest starting in the Tuliptree sim. You can now ridt the Heterocera atoll (81+ sims) along the Second Life Railway SLRR. more information about the starting points you can find at this link Enjoy the ride!
  10. What is your favorite Mainland Spot? For me that is an easy question. That would the the Second Life Railway (SLRR) on the Heterocera Atoll. But what is yours?
  11. I think its wrong to say "Be Nawty..." even if you mean it as a joke!
  12. Best guess... hmmm SLRR has 81 sims on the Heterocera Atoll. ONSR 13 sims and GSLR about 7 or 8. Then there are other like the new private railway lines like WARR and JERS with at the moment about 12 sims together. Lionheart estates, Steeltopia, Hobo Junction, Hobo sim, Nova Albion, Bay City, etc etc etc. So my best guess would be about 200 sims have some form of railway / railroad / tramway / Monorail on them. You can find more information on some of them on the Virtual Railway Consortium website.
  13. Thanks Irene ... I have seen that Blog post before I put the question up in Answers. I actually wanted to know "how" to file a support ticked because I did not find a direct link to that system. I now know that the Lab has it hidden in "premium account" under "Contact Support" on the help page of the main website. The Status reports your refering to was the reason why I started looking. :smileyindifferent:
  14. Yay, we now have a nice new system to ask each other questions... But eh... HOW does one file a support ticket with Linden Lab? At the moment I am using IE to write this because Questions posted with Firefox 3.6.15 do not register. All I can see is the old ticket system are the tickets I submitted in the past. I'd like/need to ask some support from Linden Lab and asking other Residents publicly isn't the right solution there. Hope my fellow residents have figured that trick out already...
  15. is there a "subscript to RSS Feed" for ALL the blog posting headlines at once? like there was in the previous system? http://feeds.feedburner.com/SecondLifeALL All I can find now is a RSS Feed per single topic or subject. :smileysad:
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