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  1. Marigold Devin wrote: My Second Life is for purely leisure and pleasure. Sadly, I learned early on that my building skills were very basic, and the fact is, my concentration span is very short, so I tend to log in with an intention to do one thing, and then usually get distracted and do something completely different. I do not enjoy shopping, except if it's for pyjamas. I love to live in pyjamas, which I could not get away with in real life (although once they cart me off to my very own private padded cell, I am sure I will get a bit fed up with wearing pyjamas :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  2. Regarding my thread . . . http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Any-Premium-Gifts-in-2012/m-p/1495371 Just to follow up on this and to say thank you to LL. They just added a new item, the Premium Rail Handcar . . . "The latest Premium-only perk is a fully interactive railcar that you can ride across more than 80 regions of the Second Life Railroad. Up to four people can ride and explore on each car!" Get yours at any of the Premium Gifts Kiosks . . . http://secondlife.com/destinations/premium/gifts Thank you very much LL.
  3. Ann Otoole wrote: 5 years and 85k inventory items and not one is named ip replacement. I recommend you work a little harder on where you shop. I love advice like this. It's so telling of the person that offered it, as well as just so darned helpful. EDIT: I forgot to include said advice, now it's up there.
  4. My avie is an exact mirror image of me in RL. It's not quite as fun being a Halloween Clown Doll there, though.
  5. Thanks for the popcorn, Eloise. Anyone have any butter?
  6. Ahhh, thanks very much, Marianne. Apparently the registrar just hasn't updated their records. Alexa Linden posted on that Jira two days ago . . . "This has been resolved."
  7. I was incorrect, it expires in less time than I first posted. If it's Pacific Time it has now expired. If it's UTC (GMT) then it has long since expired. It appears as though they allow for a grace period. The registrar may have also simply not updated their records to reflect any recent changes.
  8. Excuse me if there's already other threads on this . . . http://whois.domaintools.com/secondlife.com I hope someone from LL is aware of this, it expires at 2012-04-29 18:11:00. I'm guessing that's Pacific Time, which means less than two hours from now. What will happen if/when it expires?
  9. The virtual world is a reflection of the real one. Until it's controlled by autonomous self-aware computers that think based soley on logic, there will until then always be ugly things occurring. No matter how much we attempt to avoid them they will always still occur. If it were me I'd just shrug it off and move on.
  10. It will really be nice when all of us Earthlings embrace the fact that we're ALL related. We're all part of something much larger than mere groups who may reside and/or have been born in the same general area. We were all born on Earth. We were all made from elements of stars. We're all infinitesimally minute, yet at the same time all amazingly special and precious.
  11. Ahhhh, gotcha. I thought there was surely more to it than just simply being chatty. Thanks for the info.
  12. That's the only prerequisite for the change to a fat red bowling pin figure from a blue or other color, to post 3,000 times?
  13. "Very few people become famous in SL just because they're pretty. Anyone can achieve that in SL." Agreed. Some of the *pretty* ones are in reality the opposite sex of their avies, weigh 600 pounds and live in their parents basement. Before anyone jumps on that and says I shouldn't judge people . . . I'm not. I'm simply stating, in another way, what Ariel said. Anyone can be pretty in SL, even if they're not_so_pretty otherwise.
  14. Is it normal for the viewer to experience major lag when viewing the member list of a group with lots of members? By 'lots' I mean over 10K.
  15. Thanks for all the great replies! It looks like I should just be happy with what I have . . . I am
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