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  1. Is there any update/solution to this ? For me the SpaceMouse also isn't working. I do see it in the drop down, also with he beta drives installed, but it isn't selectable. Very frustrating! Example of issue
  2. My 3dspace navigator still work on my intel iMac under big sure. but...some functions have changed and I had to disable my hot corner screen saver and sometimes the drop down menu gets activated when I cam around.
  3. You know LL dont have to submit their viewer, just like Firestorm doesn't get submitted. Unlike IOS anyone can make a Mac program and distribute it as they wish. Sure Gatekeeper will warn the user that the app hasn't been tested, (once only), but it can still be run when the user permits it.. More of concern, to me, is that OpenGL has been depreciated and as far as I am aware, LL used a lot of OpenGL in the viewer. I can not imagine LL will rewrite the viewer using metal, so probably for us Mac users, it's game over. I for one will not buy a windows computer just for SL.
  4. Maybe equally important, will there be an Apple Silicon version of the viewers ? I don't fancy emulation and, in theory, an Apple Silicon version could bring the long demanded iPad compatibility too.
  5. I am on a Mac, and have this issue for the first time ever today. Whats changed ? Update to OS X 10.10 Yosemite today.
  6. For about a week, or maybe two, after I log in my avi is a cloud and I get no message notifications or inventroy updates for several minutes. When I get my avi rezzed, then the messages NC etc all appear at the same time. I also see the last few items of my inventroy loading at this time too. Once loaded sl works fine (until I crash!). I have not heard others mention this issue, so I assume its my system. any ideas what it could be? I am on Firestorm 4.5.1 (38838) Oct 28 2013 02:01:33 (Firestorm-Beta) with Havok support on a Mac.
  7. This has been bugging me for months to. Such a simple fix, now why didnt I think of that lol Thanks
  8. It was always the case that Sine Wave island was very busy and laggy. the last few times ive been there its been totally empty. I get the impression they are no linger interested in sl.
  9. Yes I have been using it for years with Emerald, and phoenix. Under firestorm, its totally screwed up. pull up to go forward, cant turn etc. I have tried to define a application profile, but it plain wont work. I have therefore dropped firestorm and reverted to Phoenix where at least it works.
  10. Brand new iMac, new copy of firestorm and Space Navigator drivers, but unable to control avatar movement. anyone got this working?
  11. I have a brand new (2 day old) iMac and have performed a clean install (i.e. I did not migrate my old data across). I downloaded Firestorm Beta, and the Sapce navigator drivers. My movement is totally screwed up with the navigator. I must pull up to walk forward, press down for back. its not possible to turn or pan around. I previously used the Phoenix viewer on my old mac and had no issues. Searching the Jara, i see a report for a problem with Linux, but nothing for the Mac. In my case it cant be a mouse conflict, as I have a wireless connection.
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