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  1. I'm afraid that this is indeed the case... the lag is still there. There is, however, a difference. Super-performant computers successfully 'mask' the issue. Recently I've been somewhat 'forced' to give up my ancient hardware — it was impossible to do some of my academic work related to Second Life and the Open-Source-Platform-Not-To-Be-Mentioned-Here because of this issue on the Cocoa code. The new computer has such a huge performance that the chat lag is almost imperceptible. It's still there, for those — like me — who know what to look for, but I can imagine that the majority of people wil
  2. Monty, Thanks for the clarification. Not being a professional programmer, and unfamiliar with the viewer code (the last time I looked at it and managed to compile it was for 1.7.X.... eons ago ), I was relying on some rumour I heard that most of the CHUI code is rendered using the built-in web browser, fully integrated in the UI. I tried to track down the place where I had read that, but couldn't find it. This was what led me to believe that Internet Plugins might play a role in it: if CHUI launches somehow some of the browser code, then it might launch the associated plugins as well, and so
  3. Ha, I was too optimistic! 3.7.4 still has the issue. It's just that without any Internet Plugins, it takes much, much longer to appear. When it does, however, it's as bad as before — making chat, IM, group chat unusable. Relogging will somehow "reset" things, and even when logging back in to a busy text-chat area, it will give you more minutes of "normal" responsiveness... It's not fun relogging every 20 minutes or so, though.
  4. Update: under 3.7.4, eventually the issue appears again. It seems to be just a question of time. It takes much longer to appear, though. When it does, however, it's just as before — even without any Internet Plugins.
  5. @Freya thanks so much for your help! I followed all those links and apparently the issues are related to same class of problems, namely, some strange incompabilities between CHUI and some combinations of hardware/software. In fact, for almost a year, I was pretty much sure that the way CHUI renders text, using a different pipeline order, was causing the problem on older Apple hardware, which, as you so well mentioned, probably has older OpenGL implementations. So, my assumptions for all those months were that the problem would be "unfixable" — probably Apple's OpenGL on old Macs was reverting
  6. In my case, I had to track down where my browsers stored Internet Plugins (on the Mac, they're under ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins and /System/Library/Internet Plug-Ins) and delete them. The hint I had was that I still had the Kitely plugin installed, but Kitely has abandoned it, claiming that it had serious problems with the "new way SL viewers do log in". It just happens that this "new way" was introduced at the same time that CHUI became incorporated into the viewer code. I'm not putting the blame on Kitely, it could be any other Internet Plugin interfering, but after suffering for almost a y
  7. If switching to compact view doesn't make a difference, try this: track down where your browsers store Internet Plugins (on the Mac, they're under ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins and /System/Library/Internet Plug-Ins) and delete them. In my case that worked wonders!
  8. @Nalates — I had this on JIRA for many months now. Because most of that year the JIRA was closed, I couldn't get more people to test it out and report. Fortunately, the Firestorm JIRA was open, and I could post and comment there — as well as two dozens of others with the same issue. Whirly, who is active on both LL's and Firestorm's JIRA, kept the information flowing. Alexa Linden closed BUG-4423 as a duplicate of BUG-4121, but I have no access to that. I understand that only "new" bug reports are available to all users. I wished to add the following comment (which I posted on Firestorm's JIR
  9. CHUI, the new user interface for the chat console, is almost one year and a half old. It is considered a "mature" development and as such is available on most of the viewers (both LL's and major TPVs). One big change that CHUI has, in terms of programming, is that the text chat layer is fed into the graphics pipeline differently. It is supposed to work much better that way (keeping, in theory, graphics performance independent and separate from text chatting), and, in fact, that's what happens to a vast majority of users. Mac users (but apparently many Windows users have reported the
  10. Almost all TPVs do indeed use 99% of LL's code... with two notable exceptions: Radegast and Lumyia (the latter is only for Android). Radegast started as a text-based viewer for SL using libopenmetaverse (which was independently developed at the beginning and had absolutely none of LL's code) and has been adding more and more 3D features (to the extent that on most platforms it can effectively be used as a 3D viewer). They (allegedly) use their own rendering engine and stay away from LL's. Of course, it means that scenes render slightly differently, but, as time has passed, they tend to look mo
  11. Not only it continues to work in 2014, but (shhh!) it even works under OpenSimulator... hehe. Thanks for the script, I was going nuts in figuring out how to compensate for the camera movement, and all that because I got the control grabbing function wrong! Silly me!
  12. A late welcome to Ebbe to Linden Lab, Second Life, the forums, and utter chaos being finely balanced on the tip of a needle No, wait, now I remember: the first welcome message to Ebbe from me was on Twitter... Anyway, it's nice to see, for a change, someone with a lot of background in social media and online communications at the helm of Linden Lab. It sure should give us some hopes that at least, this time around, we'll see better communication. And that's certainly quite welcome! There are some pearls of wisdom at the LL board. We started with visionaries, like Philip Rosedale and Cory O
  13. Ok, after much Googling, I found one solution. Apparently, this error is all wrong: it has nothing to do with "materials", but with a mesh which is too complex. The solution, for me, was to get Meshlab use one of its simplification algorithms to get a much smaller mesh. This is naturally tricky, the better the algorithm, the more horrible the result. Sometimes, just a 10% decrease in complexity is enough for SL to accept the mesh and get it working. Things are also not always obvious. Some objects seem very simple in Meshlab, but SL has a different opinion. And some objects upload fine to SL
  14. I'd love to know the answer too! I'm going to continue to Google for it...
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