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  1. Wow hard to even get here. One thing Lindenlab obviously hasn't solved in the last 13 years while focusing on lesser things than functionality.... anywise..I have several homesteads for rent , if they are not rented by the 20th they will be goners, fading away with the whole of SL since it gets no promotions anywhere and effort is put into the dead-birth Sansar. You get: Full admin rights , so they are what YOU make them, no need to send me "can I see it?" requests. Yes you can see it. I will not split them up it's full sims only! Price is 26000 L$ per FULL month (not the weekly addup blu
  2. More nickel-and-diming until one day the point is reached where it's cheaper to just let the whole crap go. On my end it will be reached soon, and that involves 30+ sims. Blabla about the great improvements...with 30 sims on a server they must be shoveling money. We are not.
  3. Well - this theme really interested me because all search functions of Second Life, inworld or marketplace are basically crap - sorry my french. So I try a search on the beta site for "gacha* AND mesh". This should alone bring hundreds of results of my own listed items. Of course..they were omitted ... same unrealiable search as before - (or is my syntax wrong?) It would really be nice to have something that works and doesn't show me 100 items that I have not asked for, as it is now. When I enter an exact item title..I want THAT item not all sorts of other stuff that may have one word simila
  4. We will see what happens (or not). I have pretty mixed emotions about this move since EA games, despite it's success (another company that produces software that crashes every 5 minutes), has the image of being the most unsocial and explotive company in the whole business... which is the last attitude that SL could need since it's too expensive and unstable already...
  5. 115% in growth of xstreet/marketplace is the reason why the inworld stores are shutting down and suffering.
  6. HAPPY GRIEFING TO ALL! More doesnt't come to my mind about this nonsense.
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