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  1. Wow hard to even get here. One thing Lindenlab obviously hasn't solved in the last 13 years while focusing on lesser things than functionality.... anywise..I have several homesteads for rent , if they are not rented by the 20th they will be goners, fading away with the whole of SL since it gets no promotions anywhere and effort is put into the dead-birth Sansar. You get: Full admin rights , so they are what YOU make them, no need to send me "can I see it?" requests. Yes you can see it. I will not split them up it's full sims only! Price is 26000 L$ per FULL month (not the weekly addup blunder) - if you know math you will see why this is a good price. To get one now, IM MarmelaGramela Doesburg inworld.
  2. More nickel-and-diming until one day the point is reached where it's cheaper to just let the whole crap go. On my end it will be reached soon, and that involves 30+ sims. Blabla about the great improvements...with 30 sims on a server they must be shoveling money. We are not.
  3. So support telephone and chat is now just open to 3 PM western time? Why don't you close it completely and SL with it. Just a sign of a decaying world where no one gives a ***** to keep it alive. I am so sick of this....
  4. This is artificially inflicted by certain idiots that feel the need to be the ones that sell THEIR L$ first and one undersells the other in order to be the clever one. Or the really dumb one when it comes to the economy. As a logical result, people who have to pay high monthly USD amounts, need to sell cheap too in order to saty in business, and the downward spiral has begun. Plus - as a friend of mine said, this maybe a result of LL's clever buy-into-the old-sim-price thing which came surprisingly close to SL2 going online soon.... so a lot of sims only needed to be funded with 195 USD a month instead of 295...as a result the need to buy L$ goes way down. Just another Lindenlab shot into their own goal, as many times before....
  5. I do not see the logic in it. Paypal causes LL cost? Paypal at best charges the recipient fess for receiving money, but not the sender. So can anyone explain these "costs" to me? Actually this was a genral post, not a reply.
  6. Well - this theme really interested me because all search functions of Second Life, inworld or marketplace are basically crap - sorry my french. So I try a search on the beta site for "gacha* AND mesh". This should alone bring hundreds of results of my own listed items. Of course..they were omitted ... same unrealiable search as before - (or is my syntax wrong?) It would really be nice to have something that works and doesn't show me 100 items that I have not asked for, as it is now. When I enter an exact item title..I want THAT item not all sorts of other stuff that may have one word similar....
  7. Which is solved by making it dependant on your place of residence. But if your place of residence allows gambling, why then he sanctions on the games themselves? This makes no sense at all.
  8. So true Just then I can stay real ife to start with
  9. While this is not a bad deal at all for what you get generally, this is the most shameless lie in SL advertising. To get the facts straight: you do NOT get a full sim. You get a skybox that is maybe max 64x64 meter. A FULL SIM is 256x256 meter and has either 15000 or respectively on a homestead 3750 prims. This is a newbie trap for people who do not yet know better. Sad that LL does not react to complaints about false advertising, but I guess they are too busy caring about gambling....I'm sick and tired about seeing such lies.
  10. Ahh the biggest gamble of all is investing anything into second life to see it crushed later by their ever changing user unfriendly polices. I'm not a game creator but it happened to me in other ways in the past - so I stopped putting effort into creating or even investing any more monet than I have already. SL is the real gamble and LL should ban it..I';m really getting pissed at this all...
  11. The only thing i see is that they had another idea of charging extra fees.
  12. Clear lines are missing in many definitions. I think that is intentional.
  13. Looks to me like another way to reap up some extra charges, as if they were not high enough already. Where is the logic in this whole nonsense? If yu have to be in an area where gambling is legal, to use the games, so why aren;t they reguiklar gambling then since they are legal there? Can't get rid of the feeling that LL is trying to make SL less and less attractive in order to promote their new world soon. Already during the mass-bannings I said , next will be gambling again, and right I was sooner than expected.
  14. Lag. Simple answer. @KarenMichelle Lane - that is about the dunbest comment I can imagine...fashion idiot?
  15. Why am i constantly seeing advertising for OTHER worlds on the SL pages? What is your point (except they may be run all by ll...???) It is sure more than frustrating...go to the competion!
  16. Why am i constantly seeing advertising for OTHER worlds on the SL pages? What is your point (except they may be run all by ll...???) It is sure more than frustrating...go to the competion!
  17. Easy solution - stop empowering the goddamn marketplace and get back into having a virtual store in a virtual world instead of a warehouse catalog.
  18. Very true. I have not given any permissiopn either and i do not want to be bothered with any kind of facebook & the likes follow me idiotism. Neither do i want my friendslist published or anything like that. This is outrageous
  19. Because there is absolutely no need for more sims in and half empty world?
  20. You sure are right here. but I fear we will see it again...and again... LL has overtime basically run every kind of businesses down in SL with their actions.. I have 3 of those myself alone. Not to mention the casino owners that suffer under every 5 minute changes to the rules... it has all just started to look like a bad joke to me...
  21. This sure is an amazing heap of nonsense-talk. Btw - Sl was marketed as a business platform patially. But that was years before you came here and guess what it was VERY profitable back then and supported by LL....now....SL losing land? If so then due to poor leadership (I just say Zindra and Xstreet, the wonderful tools that have killed inworld business and the general land market) ...But yes that would be nice..I assume thatr 20% or probably more of all land is currently standing vacant and for sale , so sure - let's add some more! You'd make a good addition to the team with this logic....
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