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  1. Right. But that requires getting on the sim first, and the last time Catwa had a gift head, that was a disaster of epic proportions. This could have been a good alternative, if the Marketplace software wasn't held together with tin foil and chewing gum like the antenna in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.
  2. You can't re-deliver a group gift.
  3. These are largely unsupported by both skinmakers and clothiers. Undesirable, to say the least.
  4. I might be back? I fell off the grid to have an affair with Final Fantasy XIV. But now that I've got most of my favorite windlights converted to EEP (and that was a job, let me tell you) I'm doing a bit of shopping and snapping. Having the most annoying bug with any hair that has a sliver of alpha. It cuts through the depth of field blur - is that new?
  5. Not for cheating. For sexual assault. This is one of my personal soap boxes. People titter and chuckle about this story, but Bobbit was a rapist who got his just desserts.
  6. I don't believe so - I don't think she was ever a creator, besides little sundries like shapes and photo tools. Fishy Strawberry was run by an avatar named Fae Eriksen.
  7. Imagine spending money to rent land to put up 47 MAGA announcements. . . .bless.
  8. This is profoundly ass-backwards, in my experience. RP sims die because roleplay hinges on there being actual roles to play in a game with active storytelling/dungeon mastering. And people lose enthusiasm for a slew of out of theme characters trying to interact with their canon compliant ones. There was a webcomic back in the day called Elf Only Inn, about a chat room that was SUPPOSED to be a high fantasy roleplay chat. Except, the regulars were a guy with a Goku avatar, a vulcan pretending to be an elf, a Duke Nukem ripoff just making the elves lives nonsense. It was very funny, but also ver
  9. What does the one have to do with the other, though? Adults can use child avatars to roleplay non-sexual scenarios for their own personal enjoyment. There are whole sims based around a certain fantasy franchise where all the protagonists are minors. Would you wipe them out?
  10. Playing around with Black Dragon's poser a bit. It's a winner, I think.
  11. Hey, y'all! Decided to update this avatar. Here's the before, October 2010: And here's the update, July 2020:
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