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  1. No, actually you wern't wrong, entirely. I think what I did was that I still had the box highlighted and I was not in my inventory when I hit wear So you are kinda right, I should've slowed down. amazing how I could be here this long and never have had this happen to me.
  2. I have many MANY teleport crotch pictures! ~ Framed a couple as matter of fact Still, I don't remember ever losing all my attchments and clothing. As far as my avi being jacked up, having both your legs over your head is an easy fix in appearance after one of those tp's, but commin out the other side of this nonsense has rendered this custom shape with smaller hands and feet. It's as if I am wearing two shapes, or half of one and half the other.
  3. I jumped out of that viewer, and into V4 Firestorm and was same there as well. I've put myself back together, sans about two or three tatts, and I'm almost back to where I was, and I just noticed my shape is a bit jacked up as well, not sure what I did to piss off LL, but that was a nice little slap, having to spend the past 20 minutes fixing my avi as opposed to uploading and updating.
  4. In the middle of creating system eyes, packaged the final product, opened box, hit copy and wear just to check everything was ok ~ aaaaaaand Everything I was wearing went poof~ From hud to Hair. Don't get me wrong, I spent a lot of money on my skin and shape, I look fantastic nekid! (well my avi does), But I ah, kinda want to be the one who decides when and where I do this, not LL ;) *Please Note my birthdate before you ask me if I'm in Restrainedlove without knowing it, I'm not. ;) Was in latest viewer, by myself when this happened. the only noob thing I'm guilty of is not making a folder of my latest avi and various attachments. Anybody else have this happen to them? Thanks in advance, and ty LL for the next paiful 10-15 it's going to take me sifting through my inventory trying to find "ME" again ;)
  5. The Difference? My homestead cost me roughly about $31.00 US a wk for 3750 prim and a continance of Unscheduled maintenance and server rollouts that pretty much rendered SL and my overpriced rented sim, completely useless for about two days out of the week~ as far as building or uploading goes. My 1/4 sim InWorldz cost's me rougly about $7.00US a wk for 11,0025 prim and uploading textures are free. There are many differences between IW and SL. Hands down SL has some very cool features, sadly buying/renting space doesn't happen to be one of them.:smileywink: SL has pushed the online web based marketplace to the point that most, if not all of it's more serious content creators HAD to create a marketplace store, and in theory that SLX pressance would've or should've served to drive inworld traffic to that creator's store/sim. ~It did, for the most part, but because of the money grab (*cough cough ) LL price increase, coupled with the success of SL's intergration with www, you can literarly be anywhere and still have the success of "traffic". I keep a small Inworld store at Alady island and have affiliate Vendors in SL. I still consider myself a Content Creator,~ just not in SL. Aire Xaris in SL now, is just a really good looking "magic Box" SecondLife to me anyway, has successfully turned itself into a really cool mall. Their new Viewers are less about the content creator/ builder and more about the "Shopper". IW has come a long way since I first landed there in 08, Main problems I can see is it's Search Feature, and SOME SL creator's price gouging new residence. If you are a builder or creator, and you have an inkiling of marketing skills, you've learned that the SEARCH feature is way more intergral to selling your products and driving an inworld eccconomy than maintaining an overpriced sim or having a place to park your Mesh Yacht that a lot of residence can't see anyway while I will continue to keep a foot in both worlds, IW to me offers more as a Content Provider than SL does. My textures and builds are mine, and they are on my puter, so I'm not too concerned about exporting/importing. (Sl can keep my horse/motercycle/cat/mesh house/boots/ hair, etc~ (I would have to go to sanbox or join an overpriced group owned sim to rez and use/edit them anyway I feel that IW has given me ore of the tools I need (PRIM) and the affordability to be creative again..kinda what Philip had in mind when he started this whole thing in the first place was'nt it?
  6. I absolutely Love the Forum Whore's ~ hope you don't mind me calling you that, but there was a time when I was one...In a galaxy far far away, ~and I'm telling you, with any online mmo that is the place to go to find answers. You're both absolutely right and I stated in another thread that it was actually the billing department that supplied me with the CUSTOMER<--- and I can't stress that word enough, Support, that I both needed and deserved. I too have owned land and business's in here and have run into problems, mostly centered around rolling restarts and it is not so much the problem itself but the way that it is handled. I'm not an unreasonable person, I do realize that there will be times when things go wrong, but you absolutely DO NOT treat people like they are criminals with no rights or send them messages that essentially say we are working on it and any subsequent messages or comments you send us will be discarded. At one point the Tech department sent me an e-mail in Japanese to be fecicious ( as if to say, here let me say the same thing to you again in another language) Can you imagine another business treating it's customers that way? The only thing this experience has encouraged me to do is be an advocate for going basic again. Once again, kudos to the residents of second Life and NOT the Tech staff I honestly feel that this all had something to do with the billing and login maintenance that was done yesterday, and they put me through this hell because they didn't want to admit that they screwed something up. I was rewarded as a paying CUSTOMER with a 24 hr administrative hold on my account ~
  7. I want to personally thank the billing department and the very nice lady named Katherine that I spoke to for their help in this matter. I still do not know WHY they decided to put a hold on my account, other than it was a "Security Issue". I will not be continuing as a "Premium" account because I absolutely feel that it was more an issue of This: [Resolved] Unscheduled Maintenance for Login and Billing Systems Posted by Status Desk on November 5th, 2012 at 06:31 pm PST [Resolved 5:58PM PST, 05 November 2012] The unscheduled maintenance to Second Life has been completed. Logins and billing payments should now function normally. [Posted 5:24PM PST, 05 November 2012] We are currently undergoing unscheduled maintenance to the Second Life login systems. This may cause some residents to be logged out, or prevent some from being able to log in. Also, any payments being made through SecondLife.com will be rejected. Please refrain from making payments at this time. Please keep an eye on this blog for updates. [Resolved] Scheduled Billing Maintenance Posted by Status Desk on November 5th, 2012 at 12:31 pm PST [Resolved 12:31pm PST, 05 November 2012] We have completed the scheduled billing maintenance. [update 10:02am PST, 05 November 2012] We are currently undergoing the scheduled maintenance on our billing systems. Please refrain from making any purchases at this time. We will update this blog when the maintenance has been completed. [Posted 7:40 pm PST, 04 November 2012] We will be performing maintenance on our Billing system on Monday, November 5th at approximately 10:00am PST to 10:30am PST. This maintenance may result in updates to credit card information not updating and some payments failing. Please refrain from making any purchases at this time. We will update this blog when the maintenance has been completed. [Resolved] Unscheduled Maintenance for Login Systems Posted by Status Desk on November 5th, 2012 at 11:58 am PST [Resolved 11:58am PST, 05 November 2012] The unscheduled maintenance to Second Life has been completed. Logins should now function normally. ~As opposed to a "Security isuue" It took Katherine all of 30 seconds to do what the tech exclamation point team couldn't do in over 24 hours, and the only thing this whole hellish experience has taught me is that I need to 1. NOT BE PREMIUM and trust Linden Labs with my personal banking information And 2. Take all of my builds, textures and important information and split it between two very BASIC alts. I have ZERO confidence that this will not happen again, as I still do not know the details of what happened with my "Compromised account" but if it does, and I would suggest if this happens to you, DO NOT try to get any information out of the tech department, simply call billing ~ask for Katherine Thank-you to the Forum as well for giving me more answers and comfort than the tech department could or would ~Aire Xaris
  8. Shameless, I know...But I do it anyway
  9. Anybody else having problems buying lindens right now? I've called my bank, re-filled out my billing information, verrified everything, still getting declined and error notices???? I'm about to lose my sim because I can't pay tier without buying more Lindens. Do I have to download the new viewer, is this why this is happening?
  10. ~Je croix que la meme chose: les amies meilleures comme des soeurs. Miss ya S0ph!
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