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  1. Keenan is a young boy with tanned skin, messy dark blue hair, and yellow eyes. He keeps one lock of hair on the right side long, tying it with a red band. While living in the Digital World, he dresses in a pale yellow, sleeveless shirt, with loose orange shorts and a brown belt, brown wristbands, and sandals. He also wears a green cloak with three white and red feathers around the lip and white legwarmers. He wields a large red and white boomerang, and uses cyan warpaint on his face. Five years after the battle with King Drasil, Keenan is a teenager, taller than he was as a child. He has stopped using warpaint, and cut the long lock of hair on his side, now wearing his hair even. He is shown wearing the Ootori Municipal Middle School uniform, consisting of a red blazer over a white button-up shirt, a grey tie, grey pants and black shoes.
  2. The Good Year with SL 10 i Love i like SL 10
  3. That was Good Year SL 10 The best SL Birthday Party
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