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  1. A fast way to stop this garbage would be a ban on reselling parcels. This is just going to be another continent where 50% of the land is for sale for absurd prices that no actual resident would be willing to pay.
  2. I had assumed that they would know about it also, untill I learned that they did not even know about the "last owner" display when editing prims in TPVs. They discussed adding a last owner function to llGetObjectDetails but was concerned it would invade privacy and were complety unaware that many tpv's have shown that info for years now.
  3. ITs currently tolerated because i dont think the lindens know that the look at targets are labled in TVPs. In the offical veiwer they can be toggled on but you cannot see what crosshair is whos. The labels turn it into a privacy invading drama feature that causes everyone to turn off thier own lookats and stare into space like a zombie. Just another way tpvs add crap to piss others off.
  4. Its most likely "1- bitting" set it to 1 transparency and it should stop it from happening.
  5. Current results in empty regions. (all tests preformed using my avatar ~400 prims 1851kb memory 29 scripts) Going from threaded to non threaded (orange to green) Note:times are measured from when i lose control of the vehicle to when i regain it. havok 1 era prim vehicle. 8 scripts 131kb - practically instant. Brand new mesh vehicle. 50 scripts 1295kb - 12-14 seconds Going between threaded regions. (orange to orange) havok 1 era prim vehicle. 8 scripts 131kb - practically instant. Brand new mesh vehicle. 50 scripts 1295kb - 8-10 seconds When velocity interpolate objects is turned off the time it takes to cross using the mesh vehicle is cut in half. to between 5 and 6 seconds. Crossing regions using just an avatar is practiaclly instant. (times did not seem to change after more avatars entered one of the regions.) Going between blue regions with the mesh vehicle results in 9-10 seconds times also. Adding another person to the mesh car made no diffrence in the crossing time on threaded regions
  6. I really hope that the viewer settings have been changed to show these new mateirals but not the more advanced unlimited local light and shadows. I know many people whos computer is good enough to handle normal snd specular mapping but performance is crippled due to the other features packed in.
  7. your late by a few days. Also no more viewer tags. Enjoy
  8. "Graphic Processor Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950 Installed Video Memory 64 MB" no.
  9. Too late. They are already on the road to brining technology games have used since 1995 to SL. If you cant be bothered to learn how to make new content then move out of the way for those that can.
  10. This has got to be a joke. Its taken them like 4 months to produce some body parts that move around slightly. Why are they even bothering with this and make something like the puppeteering project they were considering a while back. Or perhaps they could do something incredibly useful like implement the server side windlight settings that are still not in the viewer, despite the server team finishing the code for it back in November.
  11. Take 40 random Mainland sims on the Main Grid except take away the large swaths of for sale land. you might even be able to buy 2 seprate 256 meter parcels so you can build a little house or shop or something amonst all the abandoned land (on tg its mostly 0 AR so its covered with junk)and private group only parcels. tons of fun right there. I cant imgagine why a teen might not want to bother with it.
  12. Responding the the first two words I wrote does not respond to my post There would be a thriving teen community if they werent restricted to only US teens limited to 40 sims where land prices and L values are the same as MG despite the economy being entirely diffrent.
  13. Multiple Reasons. Teens are on the MG no matter what, seperating them doesnt change much. Theres no real reason to have a seprate Teen grid when there is PG(general) land on the Main grid. Im sure LL wants to expand and accept more users into SL (screaming about group chat and inventory here is BS LL have made tons of improvements to the server code and much more is planned, clearly they are fixing things) and allowing teens into the "Actual" SL is one way to do that. If you cant figure out why LL is doing this then just stop trying, please.
  14. Bawww. @all adult content sellers: Not your playground/funhouse/whatever, its LL Virtual world system and they can do whatever they want with it. @im going to get arrested because i cant stop myself from saying naughty things in PG land and unsolicited Ims: cry some more. @anyone who thinks it is a neccasry move that was going to happen no matter what: Glad someone understands.
  15. I already have an opinion on this project and I have already stated it. However I also have an opinion on individuals who scream about things they do not seem to fully comprehend. This BETA viewer project is designed to give people a taste of SL before they actually sign up. Its clear that this is a BETA TEST and they cannot support every person that wishes to use it. the fact that it leads you to the join page instead of saying "Sorry you do not qualify" is because that would make no sense with how they plan to use this. I see them using this as a demo for secondlife, if the cloud servers are full instead of saying some weird message a new user wouldn't understand, it would just show the join page, without them ever knowing what they missed. Its like you are complaining why a shovel can't correctly chop wood. As for the Second Life grid. I have been a resident for 4.5 years and its my opinion that the SL platform now handles the load it has to deal with much better then it ever has, sure the group chat is annoying but they have already acknowledged that they are going to fix it. Most issues with SL are isolated incidents or complex technical issues. I have lost inventory, money, and land before, and yes I was angry about it but its simply something you have to deal with when you use in devolvement software. Sure there are some problems but constantly screaming about every single thing they do will not change anything, it will simply cause them to ignore it more.
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