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  1. Looking to add a few DJ's, Hostess, and Dancer's to the team! New upcoming Rap/Hip-Hop Club! Page Brody22 inworld for application! Primmin' HARD Club
  2. For sale full owner rights mainland/region for L$2,000. One week offer only. Already has a built skybox as well. Contact BRODY22 INWORLD!
  3. I have a laser tag system that is no modify. My problem is I have to rez so many ammo icons for other to gain bullets but the icon goes away. The HUD with the system only gives you a round of bullets with the gun. So you always have to get more. Now I'm trying to make the game playable without myself having to rez ammo, health, shields, flags for each game that plays want to play. I can't seem to figure out a way to have the icons reappear or locked in place but usable.. maybe even a way to give the person extra rounds. Now if there is no way the game system I already have can be fixed then I'
  4. Hip Hop club is seeking dancers. Earn 75% of all tips made starting out. Taking interviews and a trial base tonight from 9PM-11PM(SLT) Come dance anywase and have fun.. We will have a special guest DJ tonight!! IM Brody22 inworld for application and LM
  5. Thank you Tari for that reply. Someone gets it. All of our employees are treated like family, no problems. I'm always more than glad to help people understand things they don't get. But when someone who doesn't need to give their smart remarks when they are not even a DJ.. I'm going to tell them how it is. Don't come at me with an attitude. I'm very respectful in SL and RL =] Thank you for the ones who have contacted me inworld.. Most looking good. =] keep em coming.
  6. Obviously you don't know much about DJing so I don't even see why your remarks are relevant. First off, SAM Broadcaster, Virtual DJ, and winamp are DJ mixing programs. Shoutcast is streamer.. let me break that down in a way for you specially to understand.. A streamer is radio stations that are already broadcasting. A DJ mixes their music in SAM, Virtual DJ, winamp, etc. THEN.. hold read this part carefully.. That DJ uses their own mixes of music in a PROFESSIONAL running software THEN get this dude heres the crazy part, they upload it to a streaming host! After that.. oh man.. after that they
  7. Their own. Your not a real DJ if your just broadcasting another stations shoutcast stream. I can do that on my own for free. Its called using Sam Broadcaster, Virtual DJ, Winamp, etc. Experienced DJs know what I'm talking about.
  8. NEW amazing club is seeking out for experienced DJs. Must have own stream and mic.. No shoucast shizz.. Hip-Hop/Rap mainly, other nights with different music talked about later. Please drop me a notecard into my inventory @ Brody22 in-world.
  9. 4096sqm 500prim $950L/wk mainland contact brody22 inworld.
  10. Love to make friends and always trying to find people to chat a storm up with add me inworld BRODY22
  11. The reason it's asked 5 times a day is because of answer's like that. Obviously if someone is getting a laptop to game, they have a certain reason why. Are they capable of running games? Yes! Very well. Not as well as a desktop would (we get that). Asking a simple question is reaching out to other's who use or have used the specifications directed towards.
  12. On which setting? and I'm asking for the three.. Low Med and Ultra.
  13. Specifications: 2.40 GHz Intel Core i3-370M Processor 4.0 GB Memory (RAM) 500 GB Hard Drive DVD+/-RW Optical Drive NVIDIA GeForce 310M Graphics + Intel HD Graphics 64 MB Dedicated Graphics Memory 14.0" Display 1366 x 768 Resolution
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