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  1. That's not a bad thing, really. It just means I can go back to doing laundry and not have to check back every ten minutes to see if it's time to reply yet. :smileywink: ( And I won't admit the first thing that came to mind about this was of a male submissive I had, and I very much doubt it was even thirty seconds. A real timesaver. )
  2. That's why I'll never understand paraRP -- ten minutes being "normal" to type a reply. Some of us are all about being there with that person and in the heat of the moment. /shrug
  3. Here ya go. ( Geez, sometimes you people make things so gosh darn complicated. )
  4. 'Orgy Island's welcome board: Welcome to Orgy Island - Be respectful and enjoy your stay Janelle Darkstone. Strictly human avatars! NO Weapons, Vampire bites, NO Child Avatars. Child avatars will be banned.NO OnDuty cocks! Please be 5'2" or higher.. NO Spaceships whatever! By en' ( I thought it'd be a good idea to test an OnDuty **bleep** before trying to smuggle in my spaceship. )
  5. I have one main and six alts, mostly used as characters in photo stories. Occasionally I go undercover on an alt to explore places through a different set of eyes. Sometimes I go .
  6. Is it out of the question to put, like, a ski jump ramp thingy at the end of the runway? ( Could solve the ban line problem as well as making air travel that much more terrifying. )
  7. zomg yah, that's, like, as old as my mom! Or something.
  8. "I’d always end up broken down on the highway. When I stood there trying to flag someone down, nobody stopped. But when I pushed my own car, other drivers would get out and push with me. If you want help, help yourself—people like to see that." — Chris Rock If they aren't learning, it's time to stop teaching. Maybe it's time to remove some of those people?
  9. I love doing those things in particular because it's practice. If I had no reason to fire up the photoshop and actually practice my amateur skills, I'd never get any better. :smileywink: I guess the next question is do you have a hard time saying "No."?
  10. I wish. I would love friends who would send an IM to ask for help or to ask if I wanted to join them someplace. 'Talking for the sake of talking' is ... extremely boring, in my opinion. Good IM's: "Hey, we're down at suchandsuch club and listening to a really good live guitarist. Wanna come?' "Oh, hey, can you do a profile pic for me sometime?" "Can you tell me where you found that hair in that one pic?" Bad IM's: "Hi." "How r u?" "Wut r u doing?" "How was ur day?" "Why do u have me on ignore?"
  11. JustZoie wrote: Having been around the Family RP Community for a number of years, I've seen people like this as well, the basic issue is that a lot of people are so completely obsessed by sex, so much in fact that everything they do is somehow motivated by or tainted by sex, and they have gotten to the point where not only do they think that this is normal but they actually believe that everyone else is wired the same way. In their minds, avatars are built for sex and so if you are building a child av, then obviously (in their twisted view of the world) it must be illegal and abusive purposes. When you have such a limited mindset that sees all of SL as nothing but one giant red-light district it is easy to understand why they view kids as criminals--they simply can not see past their own motivations. Quoted for truth -- 'We see the world not as it is, but as we are.'
  12. I would LOVE to see a paraRP combat sim -- I'd get all kinds of kills while everyone else was busy standing around typing.
  13. ( My alts really do talk about me behind my back. )
  14. ( Hushing up for a moment or two so Dillon can continue her picture story. )
  15. ( Good night everyone, will try harder tomorrow. )
  16. ( If I had half a brain I'd stockpile these instead of releasing them as they're finished. )
  17. Ansiri wrote: Wow, that is really fun picture story. You don't happen to have your own thread for those? Maybe also one where everyone could put their own storypictures if have some specific storytheme. That's the thing, everyone can add their own stories and pictures (and some forumites often do). :smileytongue:
  18. I was driving my tank around the old teen grid lately, having upgraded my equipment from the 'Brokli Bot Incidents' of 2011 when I happened across a strange metallic object on the side of the road, much like described above. Dark and foreboding, this massive device sat there embedded in the ground, most likely monitoring all nearby activity and certainly up to no good. Opening my hatch and risking a closer look, I determined that the object was named "Utility - Network Node" and under control of an organization called '.Network Maintenance branch' under the command of a man named Jack Mondegreen... a devious general of a most evil, corrupt organization if I had ever heard of one. Now, from previous experience, much like the Brokli Movie Star bots that infested the mainland roads and highways before, such devices would be invulnerable to direct assault from conventional weapons, most likely including tank guns as well. ...but that didn't stop me from trying. ...To Be Continued.
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