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  1. Yes. Of course. I plan to open a massage shop in SL where I'll roleplay giving massages. I'll click the emoter thingy and my clients can fondle themselves accordingly. The little white towel over the butt is optional, of course.
  2. Only the most awesome shop for rent in the history of shops for rent. (We all started somewhere.)
  3. On a side note, 'INTRODUCE TORNADOES' will be the title of my punk band's first album once I get around to joining a punk band and recording an album so we can name it that.
  4. Your suggestions just kept getting better and better -- the tornado thing is the icing on the cake of sheer chaos this would be. You've got my vote.
  5. Marigold Devin wrote: And there Marigold was yet again, a seesaw sandwich in between Maddie and Janelle :matte-motes-wink-tongue: /me successfully resists the urge to photoshop the above scene.
  6. I find most SL machinima to be inane, mindless, predictable and boring. This one, however, is a pleasant surprise... nice work! I'm sure I'm not the only one who had 'The Wall' flashbacks though. :smileywink:
  7. I was kinda hoping to get a photoshopped pic of what a pirate ship drive-thru would look like. Speaking of which, do they have drive-thru's in Venice? 'In Venice, Italy they don't have streets, they have canals. So in Venice, we gotta keep the kids off the canals. In Venice if you're not book smart, but you do know what's going on, you are canal smart.' ~ Mitch Hedberg
  8. Contrary to widespread belief, pirates did not use their round peg legs to store donuts. New research suggests that, after visiting the drive-thru in their pirate ships, they took on their usual daily fourteen dozen donuts in the traditional way. Barrels.
  9. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Janelle Darkstone wrote: Now it's time for donuts. How you gonna eat 'em with your fingers stuck in that Chinese puzzle? You'd be surprised how many daily tasks are still quite doable while wearing a pair of handcuffs, thumbcuffs or Chinese finger cuffs, donuts and milk being one of the easier ones. ...I've said too much, haven't I?
  10. My comment wasn't directed at you, Perrie. :smileywink: Just in general. And derailing threads, it's what I do. The OP's question was answered with common sense fifty posts ago. Now it's time for donuts.
  11. A band can be competent, but it doesn't mean they sound good. Lots of people never quite grasp the difference.
  12. I wonder how many students finally graduate college, enter the real world and find out it's just easier to lie or not tell the whole truth unless you happen to be in front of a grand jury ( and even then you'll have a lawyer and, if he's a good one, lies and half-truths with the best of them ). Lying. It works for politicians, lawyers, policemen, ad executives, insurance salesmen, clergy, used car salesmen, new car salesmen.... Note to all students conducting surveys here: don't say anything, just ask your questions, form your statistics and bend them to suit your purposes like you would anyway.
  13. I've been seeing this too. Oftentimes when I'm camming around Firestorm will freeze for about 5-10 seconds, sometimes twice or three times in a row and then recover. I'm guessing it's something bad in the new version and not SL. I also run Singularity and it's been inevitably crashing after some random length of time so I'm thinking it's a fresh bug in the new SSB viewer code. Not sure if it's related but are you using an ATI/AMD video card also?
  14. I prefer folders. I love it when a vendor also includes a box in the folder of the outfit or toy so I can rez another complete set when I mess up or misplace the first one.
  15. Sooooo... Seph, are we still on for "Dress Like a Hussy Night' at Club Fun Time? :smileytongue:
  16. If it's my "agenda", then I'm proud to have it. Beyond that, I don't think I have any more to say.
  17. I'll admit I have no idea what you're getting at, Peggy. It's a matter of ethics and perspective. And, in my opinion, a student from some university coming in a forum and asking, perhaps, why do we, as consumers, so freely purchse things from China and a dozen other places without giving a moment's thought to the people who are forced to manufacture those things for us so we can get a good price? That's my interpretation of the word 'ethics', morally right and wrong. Humanity, the real world. But instead we get surveys asking about our time spent online and if our avatars look like us, and a hundred other meaningless questions that have been asked so many times before, and gentlemen like the professor flailing their arms in panic as to whether the survey is being conducted ethically or not. If all these colleges and universities really cared, they'd have their students studying, and learning, and working toward fixing what's broken in our world, the Real World, here and now. Not spending their precious time staring, with binoculars, into the stupid fishbowl that is Second Life. Is common sense dead?
  18. Some things matter. A lot of things don't, not quite as much. Focusing so much effort and attention on "ethical" surveys of ultimately meaningless nonsense is one of those things that, when it comes right down to it, don't really matter. I suppose I'm just offended by your use (and overuse) of the word 'ethics'... it's obvious it means very different things to each of us.
  19. Ethics. Ethics ethics ethics you sure like that word, don't you? I have a word for you; perspective. Maybe you'll get the point some day.
  20. I very much support this idea. I also don't think anyone conducting a survey will be bothered to read on on all the other subforums before posting to the appropriate one and will drop it here in the GDF anyway. :smileysad: ( ...and the mods will probably move it to Inworld Employment like they do everything else. )
  21. /me squeals, chasing and tackling Suella while grabbing a fistful of pine needles from a nearby Real Tree™ and stuffing them down her blouse.
  22. Because you really can't. Many of us are not gamers and don't feel the need to have a top of the line computer just to see fancy virtual rocks and trees. And if SL, for instance, were to suddenly require a ton of processing power and memory it would cause a lot of the lower-end users to leave, and the people are what makes SL run, your customers and people to come visit clubs and socalize. I thought that was pretty obvious? :smileyindifferent:
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