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  1. Thank you Chic and Linal for your help, I really do appreciate it but I checked the entire building and it is set to PRIM. I even checked the parts around the door and the door itself separately and they are set at PRIM as well. I'll just have to see what answers I can come up with, but thank you both again for responding to my post
  2. Hello everyone This may seem like a real stupid question, but here goes: I just rezzed a house on my parcel, after positioning and freezing it in place I set about decorating without walking outside. After I was finished, I wanted to leave out the side door instead of the front (this house as two outside doors) but something was blocking my way. I could open and close the door, but I can't walk through. For some reason I'm stopped roughly a foot away from the door and can't continue on. Nothing shows up on Highlight Transparency, no prims are out of place, and the floor of the house is w
  3. Hi all :) I created an orb that will glow only when I'm in Edit mode. I'm not at all sure what is going on. I've adjusted all the settings to glow exactly the way I want it to, but when I leave Edit mode it won't stay glowing. Am I in need of a script? Am I missing a box that needs to be checkmarked? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeanette
  4. Greetings I used to have alot of hair from Damselfly and Truth, but my go-to stylists nowadays are Emo-tions and Wasabi Pills. Analog Dog has several new styles I really like, and boutiques like Miamai and Catwa are quickly becoming my favorites too. If worse comes to worse, I can always go bald
  5. Greetings all :) I don't know if anyone else has noticed, or suffered, from this affliction but recently whenever logging inworld, I notice that part of my avi looks blurry, somewhat out-of-focus, while the rest of me looks absolutely fine. Rebaking doesn't seem to do anything any more, so I'm stuck having to relog which may. or may not, solve the problem. Even if I log in with my avi completely intact, all I need to do is change a part of my outfit (pants, socks, tattoo layer, jacket, etc.) and I end up with "The Blurries" again. Sure, it goes away when I remove that layer, b
  6. How much experience to you have in Roleplaying? If you are a newcomer and have little to no experience, you have a long uphill battle ahead of you. If you spend the time to visit and explore any of the sims in SL, you're going to come across a community who has absolutely no time, patience or tolerance for new inexperienced players. Yes, they may try to promote themselves as being friendly and welcoming to any and all interested parties, but the fact is they would much rather have well-seasoned veterans who already have a clear understanding of the rules and guidelines of proper Roleplaying
  7. You've brought up some interesting points and I do agree with some of them. These roleplay sims were created to be used and enjoyed by the experienced roleplayer, which is the very point of my posting. Each and every RP sim (sorry, but I do have to generalize here) are only interested in recruiting experienced roleplayers which is why I suggested, in all seriousness, a sign be posted in every landing zone that the only people welcomed and wanted here are those who know how to roleplay. Take a class? A good suggestion but a bad one nonetheless. No RPer wants to deal or associate with a nov
  8. The owners and group members of these RP sims may consider themselves friendly and welcoming, but the truth of the matter is that they only wish to interface with those of their own kind; in other words, experienced veteran roleplayers. It should be mandatory that every RP sim should post a sign in their landing zones with the words, "ONLY EXPERIENCED ROLEPLAYERS NEED APPLY." I have nothing against roleplaying itself. I encourage any medium that allows anyone to excersize their creativity and allows who share the same interest and passion to interact amongst themselves, but those w
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