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  1. Secrets. Sucrets. Secrets secrets secrets secrets sucrets sucrets sucrets secrets sucrets. Lozenge. Lozenge...... Laaawwww-sseeennnngggjjje...........
  2. There's always PostSecret. And isn't a secret, by definition, meant to be kept a secret? ( Didja also know that if you see secret spelled enough times it starts to look really weird? )
  3. I'm curious why you're using Gimp at all when you have Photoshop? Removing backgrounds is easy in PS. Yes, since you remove the background, photoshop will have the checkered background to indicate the former background is now a transparent part of the image. And, like Kenbro said, just drop your own background behind the dress layer and you're set. One easy way to remove a green screen from an image is to use the eyedropper to make the green the foreground color, then Select > Color Range and mess with the controls until you get a nice, crisp border, then maybe Select > Modify > Expand one pixel and hit Delete. Quick and easy. One thing; if this is the method you're using in Gimp with a white background, the reason your right side image is fading is because the selection process is taking away a bit of the whiteness from the dress as well(!). That's one reason to use the nasty green color of a greenscreen. A quick and dirty fix for that would be to duplicate the dress layer and add it to itself to get some of the color back. Hope this makes sense... it's almost 3 am here and I should have been asleep hours ago.
  4. It was a bright, sunny day when Mia showed up at the bus station, holding her ticket. She held one hand over her eyes, shading them against the mid-morning sun and watched the traffic on the roadway pass by, cars of all colors and shapes and sizes and destinations. She smiled as she knew her own destination, her own personal journey she was undertaking this very day. Space camp. Mia had always wanted to be an astronaut, from her earliest memory of lying back in the damp grass in her front yard, the nighttime air cool over her face as she looked up at all the stars. How many, she wondered. Or did it even matter? The possibilities were endless, as vast and unexplored as the night sky... and right then and there she knew in her heart she was destined for great things. A low rumbling sound interrupted her thoughts, and she looked over to see an arriving bus. But not the Greyhound bus she had been expecting, but a brightly-colored, almost gaudy, old model GM that came lumbering up and wheezed to a stop, the air in its tanks hissing. As the dust settled she was able to see the side of the bus and the faded images painted there; "Circus". I didn't know the circus was in town, she mused. She had always wanted to run away and join the circus, even before she had wanted to be an astronaut. She recalled images of activity and excitement as the carnival workers would scramble to set up all the tents and how they worked so seamlessly to raise the center pole, the longest, heaviest one and what seemed the most difficult to her, the foreman yelling and cursing all the while as they worked. The smell of engine grease mixed with the unmistakable scent of baled hay having been battered around and transported from one site to the next. And the clowns. What had he said? She struggled to remember, it had been so long ago. He was tall, handsome, even through the heavy powder on his face. She had smiled as he came near and noticed the tiny earpiece in his ear. How odd, she thought, and looked closer. He caught her stare, smiling through his makeup and then, with only a hint of acknowledgement, leaned in close and whispered in her ear, "It's okay, I'm with the FBI." It had been her lifelong dream to become an agent with the FBI, as long as she could remember. She had applied immediately after high school and been accepted. She had always suspected she had a good word put in for her by the man she had met so long ago, the handsome clown. She had worked hard to be where she was now, a secret agent, she was working on yet another undercover mission; infiltrate, evaluate and gather information. It was one of her favorite things to do and she was good at it. Her earpiece buzzed in her ear. "All good, Agent? Intel reports the space camp bus will be on site in less than a minute. Get ready." She smiled and brought her hand down, whispering into the tiny microphone at her wrist. "All good. Looks like we're on our way."
  5. The real question is will he be able to work anywhere and not be known as "DJ Poopiepants"?
  6. Wow. Just... wow. I can't decide if that isn't the silliest thing I've ever heard of or if the 5L isn't just an incredible deal.
  7. Carl Thibodeaux wrote: Ignore them is the easiest thing you do. And no use telling the world how you feel.; Never accomplishes anything. ^^ I feel this is good advice. ... oh, shoot!
  8. I've dreamed of running across a runway... I can't remember if that was the same dream with the giant crazed talking rabbits though.
  9. By the way, since you claim to be "learning from your mistakes", maybe you should hire someone to redo your whole site. I'm pretty certain all that "traffic" you're so proud of are just people just going there to marvel at how ridiculously awful the layout is. :smileyvery-happy: Discussion open! ( see how effective that is? )
  10. I have a propane-powered monkey -- it's a lot of fun but sometimes the tank gets in the way.
  11. Hey, at least he's offering voice verify to prove he's really Italian.
  12. Here's me in my urban camouflage uniform. I've been pretty happy with the style and flexibility of this one... if you don't find what you need at Sunshine's place I'll be happy to share where to find this.
  13. I thought it was a bit underwhelming. Waiting a few extra seconds after TPing someplace for everything to rez isn't exactly an unbearable thing. Having the option (option!) to cache an entire sim sounds interesting though.
  14. (Shhh. We don't discuss the NSA fiber-optic beam splitter feedback thing in an unsecured public forum.)
  15. Feed stalkers are nobody's friends. ...except Marigold. She's alright.
  16. Hey, I spend a lot of L$ to look good. :smileywink: Getting crosshaired in a crowd for more than just a few seconds is something of a compliment.
  17. rafaelmarie wrote: because you are not just sexting, you are also using anime pornography at the same time, which is a mortal sin. I agree with you -- that anime stuff is just creepy weird. Wait, what?
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