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  1. In Firestorm, ctrl + alt + D to get the Advanced menu item if you don't already have it. Advanced > Show Develop Menu. Then Develop > Avatar > Animation Speed. EDIT: and as for why? One example is I know of one person who uses it in her machinima to match her dance animations to the tempo of the music. :smileywink:
  2. I'll suggest that maybe, possibly, some people think those panels are there solely for advertising purposes? In this day and age I think it's safe to assume some blissful ignorance on the part of the younger generation.
  3. I do that quite often, Googling "second life + issue du jour", read from the top five or so hits and choose the answer that seems the most reasonable ( OMG turn ur meshmaxconcurrent to 500!!!11one! ). Is there any wonder we're all lost?
  4. How utterly helpful, Monty. I had this happen the other day, and knowing SL I knew there was a 99.9% chance it wasn't my computer or my configuration. I just waited it out and it was fine. But I wonder what a new user will do? Just now I clicked on the Knowledge Base tab, typed in "yellow pyramid" and got exactly zero help. Something like this can affect anyone, anywhere. Why aren't these lovely, helpful responses located someplace, with helpful, common sense search terms so the average newbie user can find it? Better yet, why can't we get a no-nonsense, LL-approved question and answer and straight dope on each and every setting and checkbox in preferences?
  5. Another thing I've been unclear on and it seems a good time to ask. If you have IM to email enabled and you usually get a mix of IMs, inventory offers, group updates and such, once you hit 25 items you're still capped even though you are getting some of those messages in email? I've seen people who claim the email option somehow nullifies the limit, which after reading the wiki entry here doesn't exactly specify that.
  6. In Firestorm: right-click yourself, Appearance, Tex Refresh. For other people, try right-click, More, More, Tex Refresh. Seems to fix the blurries right up.
  7. Oh, me too! I'l taaake.... a nice grandfather figure who looks just like Wilford Brimley and gives stern looks and an occasional paddlin'.
  8. You know it's bad when even the mere mention of the name of the song gets it stuck in your head. And not just a little bit, it's the whole damn song. /me continues working on her time machine and a flaming bag of dog poop.
  9. Now that might be an interesting roleplay. If I was one of the police I'd run out of handcuffs really quick.
  10. There are places like that but you also have to kiss a LOT of frogs before you find the right... frog. Drop me an IM sometime and we can talk. :smileywink:
  11. It keeps my mind busy and has made me so much better at compartmentalizing, i.e. keeping track of which friends I know and don't know on which avie I'm on at the moment so I can keep my stories straight. I've also discovered I'm a really good actress. Or a really good liar. Or both.
  12. This seems to be a bit of a necropost. That being said, am I the only one still insanely curious as to what the secret mermaid fantasy was/is?
  13. .........if no criminals show up, would you really need police? Just curious.
  14. I have a pair of prim hands I use for photography. The HUD does have a feature to cycle through the static poses to give some illusion of natural movement but I really can't imagine wearing them just for that. I'd guess some people might, though? Hopefully someone, somewhere is hard at work making mesh hands that can do this and look more realistic.
  15. Go into Preferences and disable RLV. Log out and log back in. Edit the main attachment on your rope set, usually the right wrist or right ankle; if you're not sure which one it is, it's the one that "object" talks when you tie or untie the ropes. In Edit, go to the Content tab and reset the scripts. You might have a button there to do this or you can do it through the Tools menu on the top menu bar. Upon resetting it should clear all owners. Go back into Preferences, re-enable RLV, log out and log back in. Sit down and reflect on all the bad decisions you've made in life. Take a deep breath. Find a new Master. Hope this helps.
  16. /me cams all the way out to view the entire world map in which, after a moment's reflection, dubs "A Jumbled Mess".
  17. Also, it's always been slightly confusing how you might know which continents are which. I mean, how would you know you're on Zindra? If not for all the fuss over it back then, how would the average SL person even know what/why/who? I always wondered why doesn't the viewer say something like Zindra: RandomSexyAdultSim (128 128 22) in the title bar so you'd know.
  18. I wish such things were clearer. I remember having my skybox on a small plot of land and TPing to my favorite club every day to hang out. A couple of months later I realized that club was about 1 1/2 sims away and I probably could have jumped. When I first started SL and learned about the mainland, I had a dream that they had massive bridges that connected them and you had to walk from one continent to another and have hundreds of people to meet and chat with on both sides. Sadly, that's not the case.
  19. Mia pushed open the heavy door that led out the back of the lecture hall and blinked in the bright sunlight. Her shoes crunched in the deep gravel as she trotted toward the computer science building, only a couple hundred feet away when she heard the growl. A low, rumbling, hissing growl. She stopped, the hair standing on the back of her neck as she froze in position, listening. Turning slowly, she looked over her shoulder to see the Administrator's two pet black panthers he used as sentries, Muck and Adolf. The big cats had heard the commotion and paused their midday snack to approach unheard, their lithesome bodies and fur shining in the sun. They eyed Mia lazily, but with unbreaking intent... they were waiting for her to run. "You've got to be kidding me," Mia muttered under her breath. She took a step, tentative, cautious, hesitant, her sneakers making an incredible racket as the gravel shifted and fell around it. The panthers watched, Adolf licking his lips, his massive whiskers flitting as his tongue wrapped around his fangs and disappeared again into his mouth. He took a step, too. Mia waited until the gravel had stopped compressing beneath her foot and shifted her weight, slowly, until she could lift her other foot and brought it forward, placing it one long, long pace ahead... an unnatural position for anyone who happened to glance out the window and see her. She might be running in slow motion, but as in all magic tricks could be all but impossible given the law of gravity pulling her down and keeping her honest. She carefully shifted her balance to her forward foot and paused to take a breath. Muck took two steps... The gravel scritched beneath her feet as she broke and ran. The panthers arose from their haunches and settled into a sylphlike canter and then an all-out scramble, their large, soft paws landing easily in the gravel and leaving barely discernible footprints as they gave chase. Mia was breathing hard, her arms and fists pumping as she ran, her lab coat whipping around her waist. She couldn't look back -- she didn't NEED to... her mind was focused on reaching the closest opportunity for shelter and sanctuary from the sudden onslaught, a low concrete walkway and a short set of steps leading down to the maintenance room below the science lab. It wasn't much, she realized, but it was close, and in her heart she knew if she chose to make for the front doors of the lab she'd sooner feel the panthers' claws embedded in her back. She reached the guardrail and leapt over it sideways, jumping too far and slamming her right shoulder against the outside brick wall of the lab, the rough surface tearing at her blouse and leaving deep abrasions in her skin. The panthers were close, Adolf rumbling to a stop at the guardrail and chancing a swipe through it, his massive paw only missing Mia's hair by a fraction of an inch. Mia bounded down the last few steps and grabbed the door handle, the knob turning and pulling open with a groan as she slipped inside and pulled the door closed behind her. Darkness. Her breath came in rasps and shudders, only broken as she paused to try to swallow, her dry mouth preventing it. The dull walls in the basement echoed her breathing, even though she could not see she knew the room was empty. Mostly empty.
  20. "...........focus............. focus!" Her eyelids were so heavy, her mind awash in strange, swirling colors and haunting illusions, distant memories, an ache in her skull, pressure, being lost, wait, who was that? Wha- With only a glimmer of consciousness, she lifted her head a few inches above the surface of the steel table and brought it down sharply, harshly, the pain momentarily driving the darkness away. Through the fog in her mind she was fully aware of the man's footsteps no longer near her but she sensed he was still nearby. Very close, she knew, and her chest tightened in panic. Although in a deep haze, she managed to quietly log out, disable RLV and log back in... cheating her bonds was never her style but circumstances were a bit more dire this time. Chancing discovery, she opened her eyes only the slightest bit and cautiously glanced about, seeing the man in the lab coat standing at another workstation only a few feet away. With practiced motion she withdrew her suddenly sore, aching wrists from the manacles, taking a moment to pull the medical tape off and slip the IV needle out, the blood following easily down her arm and dripping on the cold metal surface. Only a heartbeat later and her ankles were freed, and with a smooth motion brought her hand up and found the derringer hidden in her garter. A tiny pistol, but she struggled to hold it with both hands as she leveled the sights at the back of the man in the lab coat and glasses. "...ffffFBI! P-put your h-hands up!" she croaked weakly. Was that her voice? She didn't recognize the sounds that came from her own throat, the haze deeply overwhelming and she struggled to stay conscious. "...I -- I know! I know...." she slurred, dreamily. "this is no s-space camp! This is... you're ... this is an illegal psychotropic drug manufacturing operation...!" .....but what if it was true? She squeezed her eyes shut and groaned sharply, her throat tight. That was a movie, a stupid movie, stop thinking that! That's not... it's not even possible... 'Total Recall'... no.... NO. It was at this point she questioned if she had daydreamed even waking up.
  21. I stated earlier in the thread that Firestorm came with RLV enabled which appears to be incorrect. My apologies... I must be one of those people who go through all the preferences on a fresh install and enables RLV without thinking about it. In fact, I'm willing to bet I'm one of those people who wishes RLV was more difficult to bypass. :smileytongue:
  22. It sounds like a RLV thing. What Abigail was getting at is that someone might've given you an object like a ring, necklace, a rose, etc., and you attached it to your avie. From that point it's a matter of a couple of mouse clicks for someone else to remove your clothing, attachments and HUDs. It's just a silly prank and relatively easy to fix. Firestorm and Singularity (for example) come with RLV pre-enabled, if you're using one of these alternate viewers. Let us know which viewer you're using and we can provide instructions on how to disable RLV.
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