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  1. I want to know why in this homes for example the option for window if u don't want open view from the windows the option in control panel is put curtains to all or not , i wish have some open window and others close for more privacy, but this option doesn't exist and otherwise is hard to chose a house who distribution result a little weird for some spaces, i think if u have acces a one roof for example the window should be open, i mean when u see the roof from your bedroom. I think my question is more a proposition to those who make this homes or at least make a change in the panel control for more freedom in some aspect like the open/close curtains to yours windows and let us chose whish are close or open for curtained and will be great if this windows actually open.
  2. Is important to know how you can proceed how a client, because in real life you have the regular method for defend in front agressive message when the seller is not happy with your review. and many time some sellers frequently small or beginner in the business try to expose itself and send report about the client with lies,treat you like a hate message or defame you. The seller have a path for complaint about a review but the client ? what they can do for valid if own review. Like i say the big business don't fall in this kind of thing, because they fix the problem return your money or fix the product or what it take. We as a client need to know a clear and objective proceed about this situation.
  3. Why the seller can't handle a a critic and write back to you in very agressive way, ic an say name and either store but i need to know where is the tep for report this situation i try to fin the regular conduct but i don't find anythyng and i have picture about my critic and don0t say anything more then true i don't ask the girl return my money just i give some advice she write me back so agressive and rude was very unplessynt saying the seller "I REPORT YOU WITH AGRESSIVE CRITIC" my good this peoles don't know how a read a critic???? P.D my languages is spanish so sorry if a miss write
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