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  1. Thank you for your response I made a cyclinder and positioned it so. However my problem is i want a band that goes round both legs....like if you had a rubber band round your knees. I have got one and attached to leg but then the other leg moves in and out of the band when i move..... Maybe i am asking to much of an object, but mesh seems so hard to use. Thank you though for making me 3 or 4 steps closer
  2. AuntieJoan

    Prim bands

    Hi , i have been making clothes reccently and am progressing quite well. However i wanted to create a band that can be round the thighs or the knees or the ankles. If i use pants it wraps around the legs, if i use a skirt it is loose (even on tightest fitting). Can i create something that fits sunggly to the legs? I dont want to do it in Mesh! thanks Joanie
  3. Hi I have a door in a location that has 2 groups occupying it. I want the door only to be able to be locked and unlocked by people in one of those groups. Can I specify the actual group name? thank you
  4. Hello, I want to set up a prim with a script, the owner can set a fixed date ie. 01/06/2014 then the prim will calculate how many days since that date have passed (and multpily by another input) . So when touched it says "221 days have passed" This seems like it should be simple enough but i cant find it anywhere. thank you
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