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  1. Sorry Ojhiro, I've unistalled SL Viewer and am adjusting to Firestorm so I don't have access any more but thanks for your feedback Neil
  2. Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated, I will see how I get on with Firestorm, it certainly is a bit faster for things like TPs. Thanks Again Neil
  3. Hi Everydody, I'm having a problem when I try and install the latest update, it dowloads the data but before the installation completes there's an error message from which the only way to leave is to use the abort button. I can still log on with Firestorm but I've got used to the features on SL Viewer and would ideally like to continue using it. I have tried unistalling and re-installing it but the same problem occurs with the update. I was wondering if anyone knew what was causing this and if there is a solution? Thanks for taking the time to read this and any feedback would be much appreciated. Neil
  4. I've just gone online and it's fine now, must have been a temporary blip, thanks everyone for your kind feedback
  5. Thanks for your feedback, it must be my computer which has many issues with SL anyway.
  6. Hi Fellow Residents, has anyone else come across the new profile layout which seems to have emerged with the new update? When I click on "View Profile" now I get the profile pic and very little else. Since viewing people's profiles is an extremely important part of SL then I am sad that the original layout has been dropped, i have a friend with a Mac who also uses SL Viewer and she has the same problem so it's not just on PCs. I have logged on with Firestorm and the profile layout there is as it always was but I do prefer the convenience of SL Viewer and wonder if anybody knows if this is a bug that can be fixed by an update or if there is something I should be doing which will access all the profile info and picks etc. Thanks for taking the time to rwad this, any feedback would be much appreciated. Neil
  7. It seems that the problem was to do with the venue I was in where I'm always being invited to join people's huds, I noticed an unanswered request which may have caused the problem. Thanks anyway for reading this
  8. Hi Fellow Residents, I installed the new update before logging on tonight and I have discovered a very annoying tool bar thingy that appears under the toolbar at the top of the screen on the left hand side. It covers the close buttons on anything I'm viewing so it is a nuisance. It seems to appear when I move my mouse and it fades away after a few seconds but appears again as soon as the mouse moves. Unlike most graphics it doesn't allow a clicked object to appear in front of it so it is very inconvenient. Is any one else having this problem and if so, have you found a solution? Thanks for taking the time to read this, I look forward to some feedback. Neilo
  9. Thanks for all your help, I have now worked out how to pay my alt through an IM, never knew you could IM yourself, wouldn't it be cool if your alt actually replied, spooky!
  10. Many thanks Fayette, that's exactly what I wanted to know, bless you.
  11. I have bought some Lindens for an account I'm wanting to cancel, I have found the "sell Ls" option on my dashboard and was wondering if they would be sold for RL cash which could be returned to my credit card. Failing that, could I transfer the lindens to an alt and if so what is the procedure? Thanks for taking the time to read this, any help would be much appreciated
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