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  1. go down to the bottom where it says 'click here to submit a ticket' and make sure you're logged in.
  2. here, this will help... Tickets for Basic and Guest Accounts When you're logged in as a Basic account holder or Guest, you should only use the Special Questions - Basic account or Guest Login ticket type. Any other support ticket submitted will be ignored.Some issues are best resolved by submitting a ticket to our support staff, but we don't currently offer full support ticket access to Basic account holders or Guests (visitors who don't yet have Second Life® accounts). We're sorry; there are just too many of you for us to handle in a way that would make you happy. It's something we're working on. Important: Many of the ticket choices explained below have additional fields that you need to fill in before submitting the ticket. If you supply us with as much relevant information as possible, we will be better able to help you. For example, if you get an error message, include the text in the ticket. Ticket types for Basic account holders and Guests include the following. Some topics are linked to more information where you may find your answer quicker, so click that first: Account issue - Use one of these if you're having a problem creating or logging into their account. Manual Age Verification - Use this if you're having trouble getting your age verified through standard means. Region is offline - Tell us if a Region inworld is down. Estate manager (w/Basic acct) needing rollback I can't add a payment method I have an issue regarding VAT charges LindeX Tier Review - Ask for a review of your billing and trading limits. Bank registration submission - Use this if you want to operate an inworld bank. Contact the Linden Dept of Public Works I can't log in to my Teen Second Life account I had rezzed an object inworld, but it has disappeared and I cannot find it & There was an item in my inventory window, but it isn't working or is missing - Before using one of these, see "Inventory Recovery Steps". Xstreet SL Shopping Resident Content Tool Compliance I have a question about removed listings or content in the Xstreet SL Marketplace AvaLine Viewer 2 Questions Remember, be sure to use the Special Questions - Basic Account or Guest Login ticket type from the dropdown list when entering the information requested. Click here to submit a ticket.
  3. "I’m sending alerts about these problems (missing/lost/disappeared items) to residents and the funny thing is that I got a message from Ansariel Hiller: "now stop whining and spamming the Forums and get over it!" Allow me to jump on the bandwagon, seems the only thing that keeps getting lost is your credibility. How serious are people supposed to take someone, who can't follow the forum guidelines and gets their posts deleted daily? How much credibility does one have when a/ they can't follow the rules here, have no intention of doing so, and b/ will happily abuse the moderation process to suit their own personal agenda. If a person is entirely willing to spam the people here daily, hijack other peoples threads in the belief your issues are more important than their own, post a "warn other residents about missing items" reply to a thread where missing items were recovered, post links citing 'missing items were never recovered' when i know for a fact the person I helped did get their items back... how much 'support' for your cause are you hoping to gain? LL will not refund your money and told you straight out that sometimes things get deleted from the main database... is it there fault or your fault you ignored that when you signed up for your account. For all we know you did something incorrect and lost these items by your own hand, albeit just like people who gets speeding tickets nobody ever says 'it was my fault' and your credibility is kinda suffering due to how you've handled this thus far. In continuing to rally for your missing items and spamming us all in some misguided notion you're doing us all a favor... be careful you yourself don't disappear for abusing the forums and moderation process. This issue is between you and LL, why don't you keep it that way. Signed, someone who's been inworld for years and can count his transactions in the hundreds - every one of those being sucessful. What has gone missing or undelivered was solved to my complete satisfaction and should the day ever arrive when something does go bad, i'll suck it up and deal with it without being a pain in everyones butts about it. Sh*t happens, accept it or move on, nobody's forcing you to login if you've been so badly treated.
  4. " Just trying to help people although sometimes I could slap my head onto the desk over and over again from what I read here. " I already said i was sorry. /me runs off laffin'...
  5. more easy yes, but if there's a problem with the asset server (stranger things have happened lol) and you delete everything, then try forcing a reinstall of inventory from an asset server that's having issues - you're temporarily screwed. If instead you move the items, you still have them if things do go wrong... better to delete them once you've solved the problem. Granted just my opinion.
  6. *waves to Cynthia* There's another little secret that a Linden told me about when I had an inventory full of empty folders where my stuff used to be... if you move your cache folder and username folder to somewhere else on your computer then relog in to SL - moving the cache folder forces a reinstall of inventory items directly from the LL asset server.
  7. lol Ansariel, you're psychic too! (i understand the personals frustration, but they're just going about 'fixing' their problem the wrong way. Spamming residents isn't going to solve anything, and it could be their own fault they aren't getting the support they desire but even that could be their doing, ie LL won't help inventory issues if people use 3rd party viewers however like Emerald if that's the case, get ahold of Emerald Support. Ranting to residents isn't going to get their inventory back)
  8. ahhhh, ok. She should`ve read the ToS and known what she was agreeing to before she agreed to it. LL tells people straight out things can get deleted off the database and LL doesn`t give refunds. I don`t always agree with stuff LL does but it does seem kinda silly holding LL accountable for giving refunds and such after we`ve already agreed that we`re aware they don`t give refunds and aren`t responsible for any viewer other than their own etc; if someone doesn`t like the rules then don`t play the game. Hope you`re well Ansariel *passes a coffee*
  9. Of those link you left there one in there that I replied to, I met the person inworld and solved their issue... just cause they didn't bother returning to mark their question as resolved doesn't mean they are still having a problem, I suspect the same could be true of other links you have provided. I'm sure you are also aware that many people use third party viewers of their own free will, and LL isn't responsible for screw-ups that happen using viewers that are not their own... so again if LL can't help with some issues it's because the user put themselves at risk of not getting Support with LL clearly saying exactly that - 3rd party ware is not supported. A last fyi, the ToS clearly states that items kept on their database is their own property, subject to deletion at any time... that might not be proper but it's also something we all agree to upon sign-up. I don't doubt people have inventory issues, but you paint a rather slanted opinion when you exclude the reasons why some may have this issue, why LL won't help (ie 3rd party viewers) and you exclude the many many posts where said inventory issues have been successfully resolved... it`s pretty troll-ish actually.
  10. "And worth fixing. Thanks Unk." ...and undoubtedly anyone who's into uncle's cheap womanly goth skins and shapes with their Xcite in odd places will agree! Personally i think my wife who's standing behind me is the better looking... pity the woman, she has me as a partner.
  11. "Oooh! That must have been a naughty link Unklebob. It's gone!" It's fixed, thanks for the heads-up
  12. What i'd suggest is go to the Emerald Support website, you'll see four names listing their support staff who are inworld... get ahold of one of them giving the screenshot. I'm thinking this is embedded in your Emerald user settings; they can tell you how to do a complete uninstall ('just' an uninstall won't get rid of the temporary settings most programs leave behind) which ideally will trash this translator along with everything else. http://modularsystems.sl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5&Itemid=10 you'll note they have people inworld, and an email addy to get ahold of their support team, and an inworld support group. The logic being, who knows better than how to deal with something that effects the Emerald viewer better than the people who created it Using a process of elimination, this seems a HUD of some sort, try taking all your attachments off one at a time to see if taking an attachment off gets rid of this also (in case this translator HUD is somehow invisibly bundled with some other attachment you are wearing)
  13. You can also find out who created this device and send them a nc asking how to disable it, or for an 'owners manual' which should tell you how it works.
  14. No I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with Emerald, but because the OP is using the Emerald viewer my thought process is the Emerald team would know more about how to get rid of it and other such 3rd party stuff, and more about their viewers user settings/where this 3rd party device would be on the OPs computer so it can interact with the Emerald viewer etal than I do.
  15. I'm not familiar with Emerald myself but I'd suggest a complete reinstall of your viewer (including deleting left-over temp folders after the uninstall) which would return your viewer to it's default settings... or do an inworld search on 'emerald' to find their sl support group and ask them.
  16. Bring up your friends list on viewer2, on that same sidebar where all your friends are listed there is a 'groups' button... click that to change the list from 'friends' to groups'; then same process... click a group to highlight it then 'activate'
  17. hahaha, would you be worried if i oh soooo totally agreed! -rawr!-
  18. concurs with Brigid and Clint (sorry Clint, beauty before age lol) The OP is complaining cause LL didn't touch his payment info... one can only imagine the outrage the OP or anyone would feel if LL in fact DID meddle with our private info, financial data being top of that list.
  19. "I want LL to take these 20000 L$ from my account and refund my $ on my real life account" take the 20000L, process them as a credit. (and you'll be 'refunded' right back into the account you have listed as a payment method) LL doesn't have to refund it to you, you can do it yourself.
  20. go to your dashboard, click 'account' then 'account summary'... it tells you what your payment method is, ie 'paypal' or 'mastercard' or 'visa' etc... that is what would be charged or credited. Changing from premium to basic or vice versa doesn't change your account information... example if i went from premium to basic, i'd still need payment info as i still need to buy and pay for things. you can also phone, there are european numbers that ideally will work if you want to talk to LL about payment issues: If you have a non-technical issue with your account you can also call our Billing team at: Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long Distance 703.286.6277 Our Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Local Toll-Free numbers France: 0805.101.490 Germany: 0800.664.5510 Japan: 0066.33.132.830 Portugal: 800.814.450 Spain: 800.300.560 UK: 0800.048.4646 Support is in English Only
  21. "thinking Linden Lab will ask me what credit card I what to use to pay, but nada, Linden Lab took me the money and credited my account." Aren't you the one who told LL which credit card to use when you entered it as a payment method? Am i reading this right... you entered a card as a payment method, bought some lindens, which was credited against that card, you got the lindens you bought... and you're not happy so your going to void that transaction but still spend the lindens... and it's LL that is abusing you?
  22. A caution, as annoying and as mysterious as this may be... don't ruin your day with wonderments of something wrong deep within the system or subterfuge within friends. Then ultimately, the victim loses. This thread might help give some insight: https://blogs.secondlife.com/message/30563#30563
  23. IMs cannot be intercepted, but local chat can be monitored... for example if the av was at their house, had a visitor and told the visitor in local chat of the alt... if the landlord has a local chat monitoring device they could have eavesdropped. There are detectors that can relay commands and such also, say for example the av was inputting the alts name in the home's security that could be relayed to the landlord. If the av placed the alt into their 'family' group as another example it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to put 2+2 together; or knew where the av worked and noticed that workplace recently got a new employee and noticed similarities. There are all sorts of ways a person can trip themselves up while creating an alt - without even being aware of it (as you don't have a stalkers/abusers mindset) and without anything overly sinister going on, ie 'deep within the system'.
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