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  1. this is a question of deal and repect. And you know that when I spend 50$ to buy 20000 L$ when I sell them I will get 40$.
  2. ones you are working with LL and the game is over, two ... lets stop the conversation because you don't understand I think LL will not refund me because there feel like the untouchable in the world. cool wee will fight in the code world EOT End Of Transmition see you soon
  3. OK, lets center. I am single accounter, I connect myself to my account. ask to buy L$. LL take money to an old premium account, that one that should have been removed from databases. now I have in SL this money, I just want LL to take it and refund my real life account. Is it so unreal that anybody can understand? I resume I bought 20000 L$ I was waiting LL to ask me for credit card infos LL take my money. illegal because it should ask me my credit card infos I ask LL to refund me they piss me off I want LL to take these 20000 L$ from my account and refund my $ on my real life account thats it now if you don't do that............
  4. ya bbtalk, I want a refund of what LL taked me on the account that was supposed to be destroyed. just to explained, I bought L$ and had my credit card in hand, just wanted to LL to ask me the numbers on this credit card. And surprise, I was credited on an old account. You can understand that I was angry.
  5. hey man, when you have a premium account, you buy L$ and your country account is decredited. when you turn your premium account to simple account, your datas must be turn to zero. That what I did, turn to premium to simple. Now as simple, I bought L$ and have been credited. And impossible to know on witch account LL take me the money. This is abuse
  6. I need a refund with no compromisses.
  7. I worked for 3 years on SL. I had a premium account but I leaved it when I realised that it was time to stop dreaming. Today, 1 year after I stopped this premium account and turn it to roocky, I bought Lindens, thinking Linden Lab will ask me what credit card I what to use to pay, but nada, Linden Lab took me the money and credited my account. I tried to see what account has been selected in my ACCOUNT, no way, impossible to have the information. Now guys, you know that you need 48H to get payed from europe, tomorrow, I will go to my bank and ask them to avoid the transaction, but your Lindens, I will spend them on Lingo. I have never seen such .......................
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