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  1. I think 16 has struck the nail on the head about global warming! It's all the bouncing up and down, yelling and breathing heavy at sporting events that causes it. All that extra breathing expelling hot air is causing it. /me rereads what he has written and has a nagging feeling that there is something else that falls into the category of bouncing up and down, yelling and breathing heavy and can't for the life of him figure out what it is.
  2. Thank you Valerie! Until today when I opened Marketplace, I hadn't needed Adblockplus. Thanks to you kind post, I don't need to look at those ugly, distracting ads that LL is allowing to interfer with my enjoyment of Second Life.
  3. Personally, I put together my own by using the AO function of Phoenix and Firestorm. It means spending a little time traveling to various animations stores, but you end up with the animations that you want and not paying for ones you don't. Putting together a notecard is fairly easy to do.
  4. Further to Darren's post, I actually got a delivery "stuck". It still shows as awaiting delivery in my purchase delivery after a week and LL refunding my money. I had to file a Support ticket to get the refund. The money was refunded promptly (after the weekend when nothing was done)
  5. Are you sure that he has access to your location and it's not the other way around?
  6. Linden Lab said "we’re going to make Second Life available on Steam in the next month or so. " in August. It's now November and no Steam yet or word there of. I checked out a Steam Forum and all they had to say was that they didn't want us "boring sex addicts" as part of Steam.
  7. You might try Repair Permissions. Find the Disc Utility in the Utilities folder. Double click and highlight your Drive then bottom right, click Repair permissions. It may take awhile to complete.
  8. Hi Aeon, I'm not sure what you mean by developing? Are you referring to building, if so contact me inworld, I may be able to help.
  9. It would be possible to do it automatically if: You found a RLV scripter that was willing to do it, a clothing maker that would design the outfits and few wearable particle emitters for the drips.
  10. bessi222 said "Try talking to more girls, as they won't be interested in sex with you" LOL....less likely to maybe, but not "won't"
  11. I have been complaining for over a week about a giant prim being rezzed on abandoned Linden land and invading my land and nothing has been done about it. When are they going to address the concerns of Premium Accounts about abandoned land being abused?
  12. If your objects are Mod Copy a Rez Packager will do the job you want. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search[category_id]=231&search[maturity_level]=GMA&search[keywords]=rez+packager
  13. The Phoenix Viewer would be my recommendation as well. It's the one I use. I don't use Viewer2 and that's the reason I can't give you specific instructions on how to get out of Basic mode. I think as you become familiar with some of the new features that are available on viewers now a days you'll be very pleased. Things like being able to attach multiple objects to a single Avatar attachment point and the Tattoo layer.
  14. Poor Lucretia, it looks like you may have downloaded the new View2 and entered SL in Basic mode. You need to check the advanced mode before entering SL to be able to use all the functions. Being an old timer you might feel more comfortable in one of the third party viewers.
  15. Actually, if you knew how, you could fly in a no fly area with the old Viewer 1.23. I don't know about Viewer 2 .
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