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  1. Hi, i need to start working on developing on SL, but i have no idea on how to create and submit, i am already a pro developer on imvu i have made my name in rooms and furniture, but i would love to learn and start my business here on SL, is there any school or private lessons to teach me as a beginner Thank you so much.....
  2. It is getting more and more on imvu, some users only takes the screenshot that second life has on each product and edit it and use and sell it aswell, thats why i always keep my purshased textures bills and i read carefully each seller rules and respect them, texture sellers needs to make it more hard for dishonest people to use the screenshots by making them small and full of watermarks with no space, so people have to buy them, and textures sellers need to really open their eyes on imvu users, SL textures is being abused there and am so sad about that.
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