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  1. I don't have any marketplace experience because I've never used it, but I do have experience of the sloppy way that some ARs are dealt with. When the adult continent was launched, and adult stuff was not allowed in public anywhere else, someone ARed 4 of my bots. The bots were on sex bed poseballs in the store and were there for people to see the animations before deciding whether or not to buy a bed. People could (and still can) operate the beds' menus to see a pair of bots animated, or to get on a bed with a single bot and view the animations that way. I'd taken steps to ensure that it all fitted in with the new rules concerning adult content - the bots were clothed and, on those demo beds, no animation could last more than 30 seconds, so nobody could "get their jollies" on those beds. They were also behind a wall and not in plain view, but that didn't really matter. The AR about adult content was accepted, without checking, and I was warned about it. I appealed against the warning but the original decision was upheld. Imo, neither the Linden who dealt with the AR, nor the one who dealt with the appeal, even bothered to take a look because the bots were in full compliance with the new rules. The warning was overturned and removed from my record only when I contacted the AR team's manager (Harry). He was the only of the three who actually bothered to consider anything other than the details in the AR. So I have no faith at all that any of the LL staff who deal with such things actually bother about them, and, imo, are more likely to make decisions on the strength of ARs and flags than to look at the things that are complained about. LL's working practise is incredibly sloppy in that respect, and it makes no attempt to deal correctly with their own customers.
  2. leliel Mirihi wrote: I think a better analogy would be if you ordered 20 gallons of gas but only got 10 gallons because that was all the gas station had left. Would you call those 10 gallons a rip off? Your analogy doesn't work. A gallon of gas does exactly the same job as the next gallon of gas, regardless of whether 10 or 20 gallons were bought, but a 135,000L ad does a lot more than a 99,999L ad. Your analogy would work IF the difference in price ONLY meant a difference in how long the ad runs for.
  3. @Steph. The amount you paid equates to around US$400 which is a large enough amount to fight over. In your position, I would do one of two things:- (1) IM and NC the person who manages classifieds and insist on a refund, and (2) IM and NC the CEO and insist on a refund. The second of those would probably be the quickest since his name is known - that's if you can't get the manager's name quickly enough. But first, I'd go through the process again, without clicking the final button, to make absolutely sure that there is no indication of a 99,999L limit. If there is, then you'd have to swallow what happened, imo. If there is no indication of a limit, and you send a NC, I would include as much information as possible about the way you were dealt with in the "help" process.
  4. leliel Mirihi wrote: I'm failing to see how charging you less than the amount you entered is fraud and a rip off. Especially since the classified will perform as expected for the amount you did pay. The poor customer service you received as a result of this does suck tho. So rant on. It's not difficult to realise how charging less than intended, and refusing to deal with it, is a rip-off. The amount entered was the amount needed to get very high prominence. Charging much less will mean that the ad is less prominent. Taking 99,999L$, and the prominence that goes with that amount, was not what the OP ordered or wnated. If it's not dealt with, then it's a rip-off. You can think of it like this: suppose you order an expensive hi-fi - expensive because you want its quality and features. But they are out of stock of what you ordered and send you one that costs half as much and has half the quality and features. They also refund the difference in price. What you get costs you a lot less than you intended to pay but it's not what you ordered and not what you want. If the company refuses to take back what they sent to you, and refund the amount that they kept, then they are ripping you off.
  5. Ciaran Laval wrote: If they're getting removed it means someone at LL agrees with the report. You don't actually believe that do you? I know that that's the way the flagging system is supposed to work and, in theory, it's a very good system, but do yout actually believe that every flagged item is checked or do you think it's more likely to be the way that ARs work; i.e. "I can't be bothered checking it, or I don't have time to check it, so I'll just accept the AR as being correct and make a decision on the strength of it"?
  6. Negative boosts are acquired for various reasons and not just for naughty bits.
  7. Ferenc Nachtigal wrote: Not exactly, you should always join towards the land from which you want to keep the name,description, traffic UUID, search rankings. If you have land a and land b and you want to join them and want to keep the info of land a, edit terrain and drag from land b to land a and then join You are mistaken, Ferenc. It doesn't make any difference how you join the land. What matters are the sizes of the two parcels. The largest size always survives the join; i.e. nothing changes with the largest of the two, except a few options, but the smallest of the two effectively disappears. I know this because it was my joining of two parcels some years ago parcels that brought the problem to light and caused LL to reprogram it that way. Prior to my experience, one of the parcels always survived the join and the other disappeared, but even the programmers at LL didn't know which would survive and which would disappear. They delved into it and it turned out that the oldest parcel was the one that survived, regardless of size, and there was no way for us to know which of two parcels was the olderst. They dealt with it very quickly so that the largest of the two is the one that survives the join.
  8. In your position I would do as has been suggested - IM the megaprim owner and politely ask for it to be removed from your land. If you don't get any response in a week or so, IM again and also send him/her a notecard. If that fails, then AR it - there's an "encroachement" AR category for exactly this sort of thing. Don't expect the AR to be dealt with in a hurry. It may be, but don't expect it. If it isn't, then AR it again after a week and then increase the AR frequency until it's daily and even more than once a day. That's what I had to do when I had the same problem. I ended up writing to the AR team's manager and the prim was gone within minutes - with an apology. After the first couple of ARs, I adopted the attitiude that, as I don't have full use of the land, I am not getting what I pay for - and I insist on having full use of it. Hopefully, it won't get to those lengths with the prim on your land, but I wouldn't settle for it being there - especially not when it's preventing you from doing what want to do.
  9. Etienne Brando wrote: I am still having a hard time understanding how Linden Labs quality control could allow an issue like this to be released. That's easy to understand. LL's quality control personel are devoid of quality.
  10. I have enjoyed some of the same things about being a merchant that others have decribed - the unsolicited compliments, which I always appreciated, cashing out, and actually creating stuff. But those things are on the wane now, due to LL intentionally moving the population away from inworld stores. Because of that, the interest is gone for me, and making something new is now a rarity, so I can say that there is no longer anything I love about being a merchant.
  11. I've read the whole of the jira page and it seems to me that all is well. What's happening is that LL are making inworld transactions (deliveries) the same as the marketplace deliveries so that they can respond to the myriad of marketplace non-delivery posts with something along the lines of "everything is working normally".
  12. It's news to me that we europeans are used to being capped. I've never come across it here in the UK.
  13. Don't worry about it. It's like that because the LL developers don't know what they are doing, which is nothing new, and such things are to be expected from them.
  14. Luc Starsider wrote: /me is liking the amount of information coming from the Lindens lately. Yes but I do wish they would stop trotting out the party phrase, "Thank you for your patience", because most of the time, there is no patience to thank us for - we are forced to live with what they do and we don't feel inclined to be patient about it. Saying, "Thank you for your patience", is ridiculous but they all do it - follow the leader, just like lemmings. And because they all do it, it sounds so false, which it is, of course.
  15. You might find such a spot if you describe the sort of items you sell.
  16. Darrius Gothly wrote: The GSA indexes each Parcel as a complete "unit" .. reading and indexing the names and descriptions of the Objects set to Show In Search. It then assigns a "rank" for the words and phrases it finds. When someone does a Search for one of those words or phrases, the GSA pulls up the Parcels that contained them, sorts them by Rank and then displays them for you to view. I'm going to be picky here. The engine doesn't assign the ranks you described. It ranks pages on-the-fly for each query. It does assign a rank to each page though, which is similar to PageRank, but it doesn't assign ranks to words and phrases at any time.
  17. I can be quite surprising when users become moderators. Some of them get to feel "in charge" and behave accordingly. Example: There's a Linden "commerce" group that was often spammed with ads. It wasn't bad, or a problem, but it did happen occasionally. So a few users asked to have mod abilities to deal with the spam and the spammers, and they got them. That was good. But what happened then was that at least two of them got to feel "in charge". "Because s/he could", one of them decided to regulate the discussions and decide what could and could not be discussed in the group. I came across it when s/he decided that the redzone topic shouldn't be discussed because it had been discussed earlier in the day. In a private conversation about it at the time, another of them asked me if I think they should allow such discussions. So that was two of them who decided that they were in charge when they were only given mod abilities to deal with the spam. So I am against resmods because some people have a tendancy to think more highly of themselves than they should - it's natural for some people.
  18. I was going to post that you haven't listed any tools, as they are all methods, but then you said it youself so I won't bother. Search is another - the All and Places tabs (the Places tab still exists for V1 viewer users, who are probably still in the majority). Search can be the most successful by far.
  19. Top Two Reasons Why People Should NOT Window Shop In The marketplace:- 1. Because many many business, big and small, do not use the marketplace to sell anything, so window-shopping there would cause people to miss a load of excellent choices. 2. Because using the marketplace to buy and/or sell only encourages Linden lab to screw every last penny out of their customers. Using the marketplace to buy or sell is aiding and abetting Linden Lab to continue with their policy of pure greed against their customers.
  20. Dogboat Taurog wrote: are posts being removed? Yes. It looks like somebody doesn't like the word "fanbois".
  21. No, Dakota. The marketplace's display of the number of matches in the displayed category is nothing like the DMOZ displays. Remember, I am not talking about the sidebar - I keep stating "not the sidebar". Contrary to what you say, when you view the main Home & Garden Top Level Category, you cannot see the number at the top for the total amount of products that are listed in the displayed category. Instead, the number displayed is the total for that category AND the sub-categories below it, as you well know, and yet is sits up there pretending to be the number for the category on display. The Home & Garden category is not any of the ctageories below it. It is the Home & Garden category. Except for the lowest level cats, all the sub-categories below it have the same fault - they all report the wrong numbers. It's just a piece of bad design. DMOZ is nothing like it - DMOZ displays the correct numbers (except their displayed number of editors, which has been totally wrong for a very long time, but that's different). If the bad design actually bothered me, I might well create a jira for it, but I've never used the marketplace for buying or selling, and I never will, so it doesn't bother me at all. Besides, the staff's efforts would be far better spent in fixing the non-deliveries that I read about so much than in even looking at a jira.
  22. Hi Dakota. The marketplace is designed as a directory - with a directory catgegories structure. The 'standard' way of showing the number of items in the main area (not the sidebar) correctly is to show the correct number of items in the category that's being displayed. The way that the marketplace does is to provide incorrect information for all but the lowest level categories. The fact that LL placed a lot of items in the top level categories during the switchover is irrelevant. If the number isn't the actual number of items in the catgeory being displayed, then it's wrong. One way of doing what you want, and be accurate as well, is to also show the categories below the one being displayed, together with their numbers. Have a look at the DMOZ directory - http://www.dmoz.org/. If you haven't heard of it, it's the biggest there is by a long way. It's not pretty but it's huge. They do what you do - put the numbers including sub-catgeories against the categories. But it's obvious where the items are so it's not wrong information. Another, much simpler, way is to add some brief text along with the number, stating that the number displayed is the total if this category and those below it. As it is now, those numbers are wrong - they give wrong information. "Wouldn't you think that the Marketplace was run by a bunch of idiots if the Home & Garden category said it only had 75 products in it, but you can clearly see that there are more than 20K+?" Thare are *not* more than 20k items in the Home & Garden category, and that's the point. (There are a lot more than there should be because LL put them there themselves). My opinion of those who run the marketplace is irrelevent, but I would certainly have an opinion if the Home & Garden category *has* only 75 items in it, and yet the number says it has a lot more. And that's the way it is at the moment. I'm sorry, Dakota, but it's a piece of bad design.
  23. I'm not going to read all of this thread, so I don't know if this has been said before or not but, to comment on the idea that landbot owners would grab such land, it's very unlikely that they will. You can't get a landbot to buy land at 1L/m these days and not even at 0.5L/m. To get a landbot interested, the price has to be lower than that.
  24. SID is correct. Unless things have changed since I last bought land in the auction, the parcel is tranferred to you automatically, and the payment for it is taken out of your L$ balance automatically. I don't know what happens if you don't have enough L$ at the time of winning the auction though.
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