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  1. As had been said several times already, submit a ticket. Unlike some people at LL, t.he Land people are good people, and you will get the land back for 0L. It may not happen as quickly as you'd like, and it's not in rules that you *should* get it back, but you will get it back. I have no doubt about that. When it's sorted out, do as someone else suggested - create an alt to be the second group member. An individual isn't a group.
  2. I very much doubt that camping bots were a part of it. The pay was always miniscule and it didn't require anyone to "play". "Gold farming" is a phrase used about an aspect of the gameplay in WoW, isn't it? Camping bot systems were on sale here. In fact, the first time I ever saw a bot, or even heard of bots in SL, was when a tenant showed me the camping bot system that she'd bought. So, imo, the practises described in the article isn't anything to do with camping bots, and camping bots were used by ordinary people. Maybe people in China used them, as people everywhere else did, but I very much doubt that they are anything to do with what the article talks about.
  3. FJ Linden wrote: I wanted to clarify what has happened and what we have done about it. We are continuing to work through technical and policy issues that are identified through the beta test of our new billing system. This message was generated by one of our new international payments providers as part of a procedure for requiring additional information only in the case when initial tests for a valid payment method were unsuccessful. While this occurs for a very small number of transactions, it will cause the need for further information to be requested. However, the message response that was generated, as well as the request for sensitive personal information, was not acceptable. We have worked through the policy issues with our vendor and do not expect these requests to be handled in this way in the future. There may continue to be secondary level fraud checks, but we will never request personal information to be sent to any third party, in order for residents to make payments in Second Life or with Linden Lab. Amazing! How come you arranged for "personal information" to be sent to a third party in the first place? Where were the LL brains when that decision was made and, if it was acceptable to LL then, why do you say that it's unacceptable now? The people who dealt with it at LL are just inexperienced amateurs, just like those who dealt with homesteads, aren't they?
  4. This is the "Mainland" sub-forum but you can't buy a mainland region from LL. You can buy one from a user, if you find one for sale. You can buy a private region from LL (with the $1000 setup fee), or from a user (without the setup fee). Such regions are not connected to the mainland. The smallest parcel you can make is 4m x 4m (16 sqm) so, if my maths is correct, you could make 4096 parcels, but such tiny ones would be useless to you.
  5. LuckyCreations wrote: OMG I totally agree with you... I am getting tired of everyone complaining about all of these things wrong with V2, and then when LL does something to try and fix it, they don't even want to try it out. Seriously, You can get get as tired you like but you've got it wrong. LL hasn't done anything to try and fix the V2. and, until they do, there is no point in testing it, is there? The search system is in the V2 but it isn't the V2. Many people complain about the various searches - V1, V2 and Marketplace - but they don't hate the V2 because of it. If they did, they'd also hate the V1. Incidentally, you said it yourself - "I am getting tired of everyone complaining about all of these things wrong with V2". If everyone is is complaining about something, it's not exactly a leap of faith to realise that there's something seriously woring with it, and that it's you who is out of step with general opinion. But do feel free to get as tired as you like LuckyCreations wrote: Toysoldier Thor wrote: And I wont be asking Phoenix anything. Well, if you don't want to ask the Phoenix team anything, then I personally don't see how anyone can help you.. I can't speak for Toysoldier but I wasn't aware that he was asking for anyone's help. Where did you get that idea from?
  6. You actually criticised some of the posts in this thread in your very first line. Later in the post you suggested trying it - twice. Perhaps you did mean to try the search but my response to those suggestions was perfectly clear in my very first line. However, your response to that showed that you didn't understand what I wrote. It doesn't matter though.
  7. Ai Velde wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: Ai Velde wrote: I'd understand if V2 holds a knife to your throat and threatens to decapitate your mother, but why can't you test it out? I know some of you are very hard to please but it wouldn't hurt you to at least give it a shot I have tried it out (V2) - more than once - and, by comparison to the V1, it's crap. Have they fixed the camera controls display yet? The last I heard, they hadn't done it, and I don't think they ever will - because they don't give a damn about users. Um...? Okay? But I wasn't starting a discussion anywhere relating to the userfriendly or unuserfriendly interface of V2? I was saying how it won't slit your mothers' throat and threaten to eat your dog if you use it for 5 minutes to try the new search. lol. wth In the part of your post that I quoted, you will see that you twice suggested trying it out. That's why I quoted that part of your post. If you re-read my response in light of that, you'll understand that what I wrote was nothing to do with your mothers and dogs comment.. The very first line of my response was, "I have tried it out (V2) - more than once - and, by comparison to the V1, it's crap." I would have thought it was clear enough.
  8. The V2 has a couple of excellent features but there are so many things wrong with it that make so very bad. The cam controls display was the biggest single fault with it for me too and, until they sort it out, I won't use it. The trouble is they won't sort it out regardless of what users say, because they are not interested in actual users - except their money. The people who designed the V1 knew what they were doing (they had it up top, as we say) and they designed it to actually be used by people. But those who designed, and continue to design, the V2 didn't design it for users at all. Instead they designed it for looks, pure and simple. They have no concept of useability. In other words, they don't know what they're doing. They certainly don't have the wherewithal for good design. At least the decision makers don't. So I have no interest whatsoever in whatever they bring out for the V2 - not until they at least fix the camera controls, so that the viewer has at least some semblance of useability. It's odd that wotsisname blogged about useability today (or yesterday). I wonder where he gets his definition of it from
  9. Ciaran Laval wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: I have tried it out (V2) - more than once - and, by comparison to the V1, it's crap. Have they fixed the camera controls display yet? The last I heard, they hadn't done it, and I don't think they ever will - because they don't give a damn about users. Pan and orbit are on different tabs and the controls are much better than when it was first released. It's the large size of the cam control's display that was always too big, PLUS, and this is very important, it's the lack of semi-transparency when not in focus too. Many people, including me, use the cam controls extensively, and we have them permanently on display. The V1 controls never got in the way because they were designed with users in mind - small and unobtrusive - but the V2 controls were designed for their looks and not for users. Has there been any progress along those lines? From what you said, it sounds like it's got worse instead of better.
  10. LL are not trying to turn SL into a game-like environment. What they've been doing is trying to make it appeal to people who like the messaging environments, such as MySpace and Facebook, and games. They are younger people's environments although some older people also partake in them, and LL has tried to make SL *look" appealing to the younger people. Specifically, the V2 viewer and not in SL itself. The idea of being game-like isn't, and never was, seen as the future of SL. LL's hoped-for future has changed over time (along wiith all the people at LL) but in a different way. Initially, the SL-like enviroment was seen by LL as a serious internet future but, over time, it has changed to leaving SL more-or-less as it is and trying to get as much money as possible out of it while they can. The SL environment hasn't shown any signs of growing as a serious use of the internet - like websites did - so LL abandoned the work that they were doing in that direction. Now, all they are interested in is getting as much money as they can out of it, while they still can. That's not a criticism, btw. Any business should be doing that. I vehemently criticise some of the ways they go about it though.
  11. Ai Velde wrote: I'd understand if V2 holds a knife to your throat and threatens to decapitate your mother, but why can't you test it out? I know some of you are very hard to please but it wouldn't hurt you to at least give it a shot I have tried it out (V2) - more than once - and, by comparison to the V1, it's crap. Have they fixed the camera controls display yet? The last I heard, they hadn't done it, and I don't think they ever will - because they don't give a damn about users.
  12. Toysoldier Thor wrote: LOL.... and wont work effectively with LL SL Viewer 1.x nor all the other 3PV's until they decide to incorporate it. So a tool best used only with SL V2. Call me when 3PV vendors support it. Ditto (almost). Call me when 1.xx supports it.
  13. Deltango Vale wrote: I'm curious (serious question)... What can Facebook do that SL can't? ETA: In other words, why not continue the migration from Yahoo Groups -> Myspace -> Facebook -> SL? Facebook, and its predecessors, fill(ed) an area of appeal that SL doesn't do. They are different kinds of "animals", and the quick messaging animal is what's popular. Young people thrive on what the mobile (cell) phone brought - messaging - and FB is in that area. Also, FB isn't continually trying to claw every penny it can out of its users, whereas that's exactly what LL does to its users. LL's "display names" was their attempt to attract FB type people, and it worked. Sign-ups were up a lot because of it. But then it failed, because concurrency didn't go up, so SL didn't appeal to many or most of those sign-ups - the people who find the messaging (FB) systems so good. With SL as it is, it's appeal is limited, and it doesn't include the minds that are attracted by the quick messaging systems like FB and Twitter.
  14. Maybe they were waiting for rich-looking males to pass by so they could proposition them - and you don't look like a rich male
  15. As above, and be prepared for LL to deny access to the account until they sort out who it belongs to. They can't allow access to the account by anyone until that's done, because the person who claims the account was stolen may actually be trying to steal it.
  16. How did you see the listings if they were delisted?
  17. Ominora Squeegee wrote: Some of my stuff got removed for not "being in the right catagory" well then all the other stuff that was simular to my stuff should be removed to. Flag them then. LL staff don't check. They rely on users to use the flag system. I looked up stuff like mine to make sure i had it in the right catagory. That's not a good way of deciding on the category because it relies on other people putting things in the right categories, and LL doesn't check them. i put it in pet supplies, caz thats what it is. it dont have a special cata for cat beds or such..so why'd my stuff get booted? It sounds like a bed for cats belongs in the pet supplies category, unless there's a more precise category that suits it. Have you queried the delisting. If not, you should.
  18. Luna Bliss wrote: I just want you to concede that things cannot be so neatly categorized as you want them to be. lol. I'll certainly concede that, if only because LL are highly unlikely to have considered everything and created suitable categories for everything. I never implied that there aren't any grey areas. I just wanted to see one (or two) so that I can be content that they exist. Before you posted an example in this thread, one person said there are grey areas but, when I asked for an example, none were forthcoming. The only other person was Mickey, who prefers to be secretive for whatever reason. I imagined the rock to be primarily just a rock with the facility of rezzing things and animating as and when needed, but most of the time just a rock - like a bed is a primarily a bed, although they can often do other things than being just a bed. If the rock's primary function is to rez things, then alright, perhaps it belongs elsewhere, but, if it's primary function is to be a rock in the ground, then, imo, it would belong in the category I mentioned.
  19. I can't imagine why a flower would rez a skybox but, if the flower isn't designed just to be a decorative flower (like the rock is designed just to be a rock, albeit with extras, like beds), but is designed *for* its skybox function, then I'd say it belongs in the skybox category. If the flower rezzes a garden, and that's its function, then it would belong in a garden category, imo.
  20. Hi Luna. From your description, the category that looks perfect for the rock is "Home and Garden > Landscaping". If it gets flagged, then either the flagger got it wrong and it won't (shouldn't) be delisted, or the flagger got it right and it will be delisted, in which case, the system includes the facility to query the delisting. It doesn't look like a grey area to me, and I'd be amazed if got delisted from that category IF the Linden does what we are told they do, and look at the flagged item individually. It's a rock for the land/garden - a very versatile rock but a rock just the same. The fact that it can rez things and contains animations is irrelevant to my way of thinking. It's a rock I did consider the "Home and Garden > Other home and garden" category but it's a rock for the ground so I decided against it.
  21. Polenth Yue wrote: My issue with no-build zones is there's no discretion. In my area, the Chilbo tree reaches up to 300m, so would be banned. There's a solar system floating in the cloud layer on the next sim. That would be banned. The two really ugly builds next to me that reach 250-270m might also be banned, but I'll put up with those in order to keep the tree and the solar system. It's fair to say that a good neighbour should try to make their lower builds look as good as they can. The mid-ranges are best for junky builds like building platforms (I say mid-ranges, because max build height is also often used for pretty public builds). But setting a fixed no-build zone will kill a lot of good stuff along with the bad. It also wouldn't help the original poster... her ugly skybox neighbours are indeed ugly, but they're not in the 300-400m range. The ones I landed on were: 135, 193 and 200. Setting a no-build zone that low would kill many multi-story buildings and anyone putting in a weather system. The real issue isn't height, but that her neighbours haven't considered how ugly the builds look from the outside. Alright, so how about a no-build zone unless the builds are grounded? Such a zone/band would only need to be below the clouds. Space above the clouds would be normal.
  22. Dagmar Heideman wrote: There was nothing ever particularly helpful about camping. Getting the equivalent of a RL penny for sitting around for an hour is and as a waste of time, and depending on where you live, what kind of computer you use, and how you normally would otherwise utilize your computer, it can actually be a net loss in income. Many if not most campers were oblivious to this fact back when camping without restriction was allowed. I disagree. Camping was very useful for many people. If the computer was going to be on anyway, for whatever reason, camping allowed the earning of small amounts of money in the background. Also, camping allowed people to do other SL things, as Qie mentioned. And if a person was logged in and doing something that didn't require moving around, camping allowed the person to earn a bit of money while they did it; e.g. if I'm going to spend time sorting my inventory, I might as well get some camping money while I'm doing it. Or, if we are going to just stand here chatting for ages, let's camp together and earn a bit at the same time. It may well be that leaving a computer on solely for the av to camp (e.g. overnight) was a financial loss for some people, but I don't think that most camping was done like that.
  23. I've seen that system before. I camped in it once but the boundaries weren't clear and I didn't feel safe moving around very much Another place I camped operated a system where you had to stay in the sim - an island - so, unless you TPed out, your presence counted. It was a good payer too - 3L/10 mins - so there were always people waiting for campers' times to be up (limited session length).
  24. Mickey Vandeverre wrote: Troll. I haven't written anything remotely trollish, Mickey. I'm genuinely interested to see an item that doesn't properly fit into an existing catagory - a grey area. You claim to have one or more such items and, since they are public (for sale) you ought to be able to show them. It's all very well criticising the system as strongly as you do but, to be taken seriously, you need to show evidence and you are continually reluctant to do that. The way it appears is that you get annoyed when one of your items is delisted because you were personally affected, but you won't say what the item was and where where it was delisted from. There isn't much point in complaining if you won't show what you're complaining about - except when it's just LL bashing for the sake of it, of course.
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