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  1. If I'd thrown the money at it and prevented him from getting the mark, I'd have gone the whole hog and got the mark myself - and then asked LL to stop him using the name. But I stopped having an interest in search rankings in December and I guess that was when I stopped having an interest in his trademark application. Since then, I've abandoned 3/4 of my land because business has deteriorated, which is what I've been aiming towards, and I don't think the store will exist for many more months, so it doesn't bother me at all. The worst thing that could have happened would be if his place outran
  2. Linda: Both Prim Savers and Prim Misers are very good names for low prim furniture stores. Prim Saver is a very good name for a temp rezzer, which is a product and not the name of a store. There are 2 types of business name - descriptive and pure brand. I prefer descriptive, which is what I chose. Linda Brynner wrote: Be creative Phil, there are many alternative that will help you to be unique in Search. Not gonna tell you though :smileytongue: I have a list of at least 5 perfect alternatives. Having been a seo expert since '98, I've always been at the top of the in-world search resul
  3. Luc Starsider wrote: Good luck with the new business name! You're not thinking of leaving SL when Prim Misers stop generating money, are you? - Luc - Yes. That's what I've been aiming at for a year and half now.
  4. Ty, PeeWee. I certainly would have been spitting nails if I hadn't already started the process of letting the business fade when I first came across him using my business name.
  5. I have been trading in SL as Prim Savers for almost 4 years (since 2007), in the low prim furniture field. About a year ago, someone else decided to enter the low prim furniture field and he used the name PrimSavers. When asked about it, he claimed that PrimSavers is a different name to Prim Savers because it doesn't have a space in it. He thinks that CocaCola is so different to Coca-Cola that it can be legitimately used. :smileyvery-happy: Following a number of public discussions, he decided to apply for a trademark on PrimSavers and, for good measure, he included Prim Savers. As soon as he
  6. I use the Lindex - time doesn't matter to me. Ziggy21 Slade wrote: Ai Velde wrote: Virwox because it's instant. Ditto Plus I just could not bring myself to reward LL with extra conversion commissions, when they 'improved' their service to us by increasing the cash out time from instant to 5 days, its so astoundingly pitiful, it's almost unbelievable. I bolded the bit that I'm responding to. It *is* believable because it seems to me that LL doesn't want to operate a cashout system at all, or they want to hang onto as much US$ as they can for as long as they can. Increasing th
  7. Inworld stores are suffering due to a number of things, but not lucky chairs and things like that. Imo, the biggest cause is LL's unscrupulous activites with the marketplace. In spite of the fact that, technically, the marketplace continues to be a complete joke, LL push it everywherre they can - all over the website, people's account pages, bulk emails, etc., and they do it at the direct expense of inworld stores. The SL population continually turns over so a large chunk of the current population, perhaps most of them, don't know a time before the marketplace and, to them, it's the standard
  8. Pussycat Catnap wrote: I've always been told you could only have the land put into the auction queue, and not request it specifically - unless it was a micro lot next to you. Most of these are full lots of the 512, 1024, and larger size. It's the opposite. You couldn't have land once it was in the auction queue but you could have abandoned land that hadn't yet made it to the queue, provided that it was 512 or less and you already owned the land adjoining 3 sides of it - unless it's a corner plot, of course. It looks like they have increased or abandoned the maximum size for acquiring vi
  9. Tari. It seems to me that you are tilting at a windmill by finding fault with someone who chose to get some facts about the topic of this thread. Whether or not you would choose to get some facts doesn't matter. The fact is, it is *good*, and preferable, to have facts when discussing something, and Ai did a very good job in getting some which, as someone said, threw a completely different light on the matter. You said that you prefer to look at the problem than the person. That's exactly what Ai did.
  10. Pussycat Catnap wrote: The LL process is automated, not manual. Did any of you think to file an AR and support ticket before calling LL's out here for not doing anything about something nobody told them about? Don't you think that they *should* have thought about these things before implementing the new system. They shouldn't need anyone to tell them, as possibilities like this one, and others that have been mentioned in this thread, would cross the mind of anyone with even a small degree of competence as they were creating the system. That being so, those who created this new system eit
  11. Before tearing all of your hair out on it, you do need to know whether or not your parcel is being listed in the top 1000 - for each of your searchterms. I assume that you got the tool from Darrius, so ask him. If the tool doesn't search all the way down to 1000, then you need to do it by hand. If your parcel isn't in the top 1000, then you need to filter the searches until your parcel *is* in them. In other words, you need to do the tests that I described in my previous post so that you know whether or not there is actually anything you can do about the problem. If it turns out that there is
  12. hehe. Maybe they did. I just couldn't believe that they put most of their remaining money on that particular answer, but they did. They lost their remaining £25k on the next question and they ended up with nothing.
  13. In that case he ought to have posted somthing along the lines of, "Come and see the parade and enjoy the music events" because there's no reason that I know of to "celebrate" the anniversay of when a piece of land was created. In fact, I know of no reason the "celebrate" anything that Linden Lab does.
  14. This is an astonishing story. Linden Lab, as a company, is bottom drawer, but I would expect better than you got from them. They used to give us very good concierge support but they stopped doing that some time ago. Now the support is almost useless but you've found that out for yourself. --||-
  15. Since this is the "Way Off Topic" thread, I'll add one of my own that I saw last night:- I'd just finished watching a recording and my tv reverted to the channel I'd been on. There was gameshow on called, "The One Million Pound Drop" in which a couple starts with £1,000,000 and is asked questions, each with a choice of answers. The couple have to place the money on the answer they think is correct. They can split the money over several answers if they are not sure. Money placed on a wrong answer is lost. Money placed on the right answer is kept. The objective is to have as much money left as
  16. Blondin Linden wrote:- "Come celebrate Bay City's Third Anniversary" Why?
  17. Venus Petrov wrote: While I can sometimes return to a dream after awakening for some moments [...] How on earth do you do that??? One pain in my life has been that I *always* wake up just when the sex dream is getting to be worth having - always! I'd love to go back to sleep and carry on but I've never managed it.
  18. Thex Lecker wrote: That's simply cutting off your nose to spite your face. I suppose it is but I consider it worthwhile leaving LL without the income from the land. I decided to do it that way back when land prices hadn't slumped and it would have been easy for me to do it, but, since land prices are in the tiolet now, it was actually easier to abandon the land, and poke LL in the eye even though they wouldn't realise it, than to sell it. Having just read this thread again from start to finish, imo Lizard is just plain wrong - and out of order. What he seems to be saying is that peop
  19. I'd understood that teens won't be able to see Mature sims even though they are adjacent to each other. Is that understanding wrong?
  20. 100m ads are against the rules which state that ads must be no more than 8m in any direction (and must be grounded). AR it daily, stating that it breaks the 8m "rule" by a very long way and is only there to extort a large amount of money out of a neighbour. If LL doesn't remove it soon, increase the AR requency to twice a day and continue increasing it until they remove it. And tell them every time that you will keep increasing the ARs until it is dealt with. Tell them that there is an 8m rule and you won't accept that sign being there. Shout at them and keep on shouting until they do their jo
  21. nikita Jefferson wrote: Wish i knew,i have been trying everything to improve mine,i have search bot and it always says the same,"parcel not found in search" it might find one of my keywords ( 1 of 7 i have for searchbot) but next search i'm out again,i would say i am out of search 90% of the time I get " crawled " ok but does'nt help me I don't know what your "search bot" is but you need to know whether or not it is searching the whole 1000 results. If it's searching the whole 1000 results and your page is not in them, then, unless something has changed, there's nothing you can do abou
  22. I've always assumed that those extremely high land prices are for two reasons. One is that the seller is paying for the tier and doesn't need it for anything else, and someone might eventually buy the land, so it doesn't hurt to set the price high and simply wait. The other is that a 0 (zero) might accidentally not be noticed and 50000, for instance, might be accidentally read as 5000 and the land bought. The numbers on the map are not particularly clear sometimes. Whatever the reason for them, the sellers must have enough unneeded tier for it so it's not costing anything to leave the land at
  23. Persephone Emerald wrote: [...] Amanda was very helpful too when she was still here. I was going to post that I've had communication with Amanda since you posted that, but then I saw that she posted herself. I don't know if Harry is still around but he is/was excellent - he uses his head when those around him are failing to do so. Guy is also a favourite of mine. There are other good ones but I've only had one-off dealings with them so I don't remember their names.
  24. Pauline Darkfury wrote: So, given that LindeX (and other exchanges) offer a legitimate way to convert that L$ into a larger amount of US$, just why does this person want to sell the L$ at a loss? Basic accounts can amass good amounts of L$ but they can't can't cash them out. At least that was the case a few years ago when I bought a large amount of L$ from someone I'd known a long time because she had no way of cashing them out. Perhaps 3rd party exchanges offer a way these days but maybe they don't. In this case, I think it's more likely that the L$ were "hot". In case they are, the O
  25. I can't say that I've noticed any improvements in the ticket system or deteriorations in it. Tickets do tend to get dealt with but it does take time. Also, I haven't noticed any improvements or deteriorations in the AR system, which I've always found to be incredibly bad - perhaps apart from griefing that's going on at the time, they still appear to rubber stamp ARs rather than look at any facts concerning them - very similar to the way that this forum's moderation works. I always found live chat to be excellent, right up until the time when they farmed it out to outsiders. Since then, it's
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