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  1. I've just had a look at the marketplace and I'd like to ask a question:- I selected the Home and Garden category, under which are categories such as Furniture. Tthe Furniture category also has sub-categories such as Living Room Furniture. The top level category, Home and Garden, has 224884 matching items and the matching items numbers decrease as you move down the category levels. I assume that those "matching items" numbers in the main area (not the sidebar) are just bad design and that they don't reflect the number of items that are listed in the displayed categories. E.g. I assume that there are not 224884 items listed in the Home and Garden level category, but there is a total of 224884 items listed in that catgeory AND all the categories below it. When I look in the Home and Garden level, I see a very large number of items listed that belong in lower level categories (I don't mean the Featured Items). For instance, there are two beds on the first page, plus several items of seating, all of which belong in categories below the Home and Garden one. And there are pages and pages and pages of them. I would say that none of them belong in the Home and Garden category according to Dakota's posts in this thread, and that all of them are guilty of not being as advertised. Now the question. Have I understood those listings correctly or does the marketplace show some listings from categories below when there are none in the category itself? If all those listings have been placed IN those categories, then the marketplace is in a hell of a mess and I couldn't criticise anyone for placing their stuff much higher up the category tree than it belongs, although, if I were shopping there, I'd drill down the sidebar categories to the things I'm looking for, such as Living Room Furniture or Bathroom Furniture, so the design of the marketplace doesn't really suit placing stuff in higher levels, unless it's displayed on the first page.
  2. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: Judging by the posts in this thread, hiding the name isn't generally intentional - it's a "I like my graphic and I don't care that people don't know who writes my posts" attitude. This is a forum and that's not impressive. Really? That's how you feel about their comments? The impression I got was that people are using a feature so useful it even has its own sticky right at the top of this very forum. You can't claim people are intentionally hiding from you because you keep your eyes closed. Yes I do. There's one coment, for instance, that says that people can look at her profile if they want to know who it is, and there are others that say that hiding the name wasn't intentional but they like the graphic so they leave their names unreadable. There are suggestion as to how to see names, of course, but they are neither here nor there. Those who have posted, whose names can't normally be seen, are happy enough to have it that way because they like their graphics. So yes, that's what I gather from this thread and I don't find it impressive in a forum.
  3. Darrius Gothly wrote: @Phil - At least with an AR they take the time to email you. That's true. There is no excuse at all for taking money to list an item and then unlisting it without informing the customer. But it's LL and LL is very good at doing wrong things to customers.
  4. Chelsea Malibu wrote: They claim they base this off Google Search Algorithms however, Google by their own admission changes this over 300 times a year and per an SEO expert I spoke with, there is no way to match the Google system to SL as they do not share common characteristics that can be leveraged. Your seo expert doesn't know the facts, Chelsea. LL doesn't "base this off Google Search Algorithms" - it IS Google search algorithms. It's a Google search engine. It's not a copy of the Google web search engine but it *is* a Google search engine. Not only that, but LL can't do anything to change Google's algorithms. They don't have access to them, and they don't even know what they are. LL is no different to the rest of us in that respect. By research and experiment, we, and LL, can know some things about the algos. What LL can do is affect the input to the engine when it indexes the pages (daily) - LL creates the pages that are indexed. They can also arrange the search query in ways that influence the results. Both of those are external to the search engine itself. The search algorithms (those that produce the results) can't be touched or affected by LL.
  5. Anyone who knows me knows that I have no time at all for Linden Lab - none whatsoever - but I have to say again that I honestly can't see a problem with the flagging system. An item isn't automatically delisted and, if the reason for flagging it is incorrect, then nothing will change. That's the system. I do know that we people don't like faults found with us and flagging an item is finding a fault - we put it the wrong place or some other thing. But we sometimes do get it wrong, intentionally or unintentionally, and the flagging system is excellent for putting things right. However... I can imagine that the LL people who deal with flags will do the same as the AR team, who often don't even examine the facts of an AR, even when the facts are in plain sight, but, to save time, they accept the AR as being true and blindly issue penalties or decisions accordingly. I've had that happen to me. An appeal upheld the decision and it wasn't until I contacted the AR team's boss that truth prevailed and the decision was overturned. Neither the Linden who made the decisions, nor the one who looked at the appeal, bothered to take one minute to actually look at the facts. Their boss did and the decision was overturned. It's the way that LL works, and I can see it happening with the flagging system. The flagging system is excellent but I have serious doubts about it in practise, simply because it's LL.
  6. Judging by the posts in this thread, hiding the name isn't generally intentional - it's a "I like my graphic and I don't care that people don't know who writes my posts" attitude. This is a forum and that's not impressive.
  7. At least you can be addresses as Liisa, Liisa And your last name is almost clear - Runo?
  8. Catwise Yoshikawa wrote: I thought they didn't notice, do you really think is intentional? ^^' I'd find it hard to believe that they don't notice. My guess is that they do notice but the desire to use the particular graphic is stronger than the desire for people to know who they are.
  9. So why don't you use a different graphic that shows your name clearly? Actually, yours is just about readable but there are some who I can't address by name because I''ve no idea what their names are. ETA: I take that back. I've no idea who you are. I saw the grey word "honored" and I thought I was seeing your name
  10. Many forum users use graphics that hide their names in the left column. Is it intentional, or don't the graphics hide the names to them, or what? If you are one of those who is using a graphic that virtually obliterates your name, why do you do it?
  11. Medhue Simoni wrote: It's pure craziness, Darius! On monday, I made it into the results for the word Animation. Yeah, I did, really, for a whole hour. I was like #8 too, on the first page, for 1 whooooooole hour. Did bring back some good memories, lol. That would be due to the normal daily indexing, when pages that don't usually appear in the top 1000 rank highly for a brief period.
  12. Between the years when Google launched and when I stopped doing seo for a living (about 10 years), Google did algo updates many many times, but two of them were BIG - the "Florida" update and the "Big Daddy" update. Both of them caused huge changes in the rankings. Two in about 10 years isn't many. But major changes to the inworld search are fast and furious - too many too quickly. With web engines, we can take time to figure out what changed, and to recover, but not so with the inworld search. By the time you're getting a handle on what changed with one major update, another major change comes along to scupper the efforts you put in trying to recover from the previous one. The change just before Christmas was the last one for me. When it happened, I lost all interest in the SL search, and my rankings, and I still have no interest in it.
  13. Persephone Emerald wrote: To clarify the brofken chair issue. 2. I never claimed her script was malfuntioning. The chair rezed a posed ball & instead of adjusting my avatar's positon with the menu (because it was confusing to me), I moved & rotated the pose ball. When I selected "Stop" from the menu, the pose ball moved to the side a bit & went "poof". That sounds perfectly normal. It sounds like the chair uses an MLP system. If it does then the STOP button causes the ball to delete itself, which is normal.
  14. Darrius Gothly wrote: But a good design will [...] and that says everything From the DG School of Software Design - Software should be written to ease routine chores. In this case, the software has been written to ease routine chores. What could be easier than just clicking a "delist" button? Anything more than that makes the chore less easy.
  15. Darrius Gothly wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: ... LL staff cannot be expected to go finding the correct category for items ... I'm gonna gently disagree with this statement. For them to recognize that it is in the wrong category, they must know that the right category exists. If they know it exists, they must know what it is. Therefore they could just push it over there and notify the Merchant. Perhaps they could if the system is designed to make moving it extremely quick and easy, but it can't be expected of them. I have some experience of running directories - I have two of them - and I was a DMOZ editor (if DMOZ means anything to you). It is much too common for people who submit to directories (same as listing an item) to try to get the listing in too high a category level when it's obvious that it doesn't belong there. The thing is, why should directory staff use their time to correct things when the submitter (lister) could have done it right in the first place but, instead, chose to try and pull a fast one?
  16. Suella Ember wrote: You are correct. Various LL staffers have stated this a number of times. When an item is flagged it is not automatically delisted. It goes to a queue for an LL staff member to check and either delist or ignore the flag if it was an incorrect flag. More to the point, Brodesky Linden once stated that if a person continually flags items incorrectly, their flags will get a lower prioirty and eventually get ignored completely. So, assuming that is true, their is no way to abuse the flagging system. [...] One big one to check if you get an item delisted is the category it's listed in. Be very careful of listing items in top-level categories as they tend to get delisted if there is a more relevant sub category they should be in. This was commented on a few times a while ago and I think it was Dakota who confirmed that we should avoid listing in top-level categories wherever possible. In that case, if an item is not automatically unlisted when flagged, then I really don't see a problem. Quite the opposite, in fact. - it sounds like a very good system. On your last paragraph: If the marketplace is organised like a typical directory, with a category hierarchy, then it was good for you to mention not listing an item in a higher level category than it really belongs in. It's very natural to want to have a listing higher up the category tree, and some people will place items higher up, but, if an item gets flagged for being in a higher category level than it should be in, then there can be no complaint if it gets delisted. Imo, LL staff cannot be expected to go finding the correct category for items. What can be expected of the LL staff, because there's a payment to list an item, is notification that an item has been delisted and why it's been delisted. Apparently they don't provide that - it is LL, after all, and you can't expect even a basic type of customer service from them.
  17. I find it utterly astonishing that LL can find time to create something like this in the MP but they can't find the time to fix the myriad of problems that I read about. Well, it's not really astonishing considering that LL is never about making things work properly or looking after their customers.
  18. adriannesuz McMinnar wrote: My question is...can a small business grow into a thriving upscale brand on mainland? It certainly can. I started my low prim furniture store on a 1024m piece of mainland and I grew it on mainland into being among the largest and best known, and among the most successful in its field, earning a load of RL money in the process.
  19. Having read the messages in this thread, including the Dakota Linden quote, it strikes me that there isn't a problem. From what I understand, flagging an item is merely pointing out to LL that you think there's a problem with the item, but it doesn't change the item's listing or anything like that. It's like saying to LL, "Please have a look at this item because I think it's in the wrong place." or something like that. If that's all it is, it seems like a very good system to me. ETA: I've just read a post in another thread and, if I've understood corerectly, flagging an item causes it to be removed, at least until it's been reviewed. If that's the case, then it's as bad a system as I've ever heard of, especially since LL is known for huge delays in dealing with things. But, in the quote above, Dakota Linden says that an item isn't removed when it's flagged, so I'm confused.
  20. Another "other side":- Make sure that your partner hasn't muted the seller. I had a customer once who IMed me for support. I IMed back. The next day she Imed me again looking for support. I IMed back. This went on for a few days and her IMs became threats to AR me and that stuff. I kept IMing back but her IMs were such that it seemed she wasn't getting mine. Then a friend suggested she might have muted me, and the friend IMed her. It turned out that she *had* muted me for some reason that she really didn't know - by accident it seems. Everything was dealt with after that.
  21. Darrius Gothly wrote: I still do not understand how a few merchants manage to appear top ranked in search for keywords that do not even appear in their parcel listings [...] There are two definite reasons why pages can rank highly under those circumstances. One is what was already mentioned - arbitrary favouritism. You should know the other. If you do, perhaps it might be worth examining it again. I think the OP was talking about the MP search and I think that you're talking about inworld search. It's as well to be clear on which search is meant.
  22. @Innula. You won't need me to say this but I will anway I've just tested what you said, with an alt clicking the rezzer and me in another sim, and you were exactly right. Current objects didn't get deleted when the next objects were rezzed.
  23. @Pamela. I've just checked one of my MLP beds and it seems to be fine. Are *all* your MLP things broken or just one or two? In other words, do I need to check a lot more beds or will just the one do? ETA: my stuff is on a BlueSteel sim.
  24. Thank you, Void. I need to study your solution a bit to get the hang of It First, I'm going to try Innula's mehod to see if I have any more occurences of the problem.
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