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  1. Ok, back with my final report (I think!) I did download the 32-bit Firestorm on the Windows 10 laptop and YES!!!! YAAAY! My outfits appear to all be there. I do plan to start to at least de-duplicate and get that total number of outfits down. But yes, whatever the memory error was has sorted itself out by reverting to the 32-bit Firestorm. https://www.firestormviewer.org/windows/ Thanks again to everyone who helped.
  2. Obvious, but SIMPLY BRILLIANT. Wow, I had no idea this might work. I used an older laptop (perhaps 7 years old) and first uninstalled the Phoenix Firestorm Viewer (which I was informed upon launching that it was Out of Date and unusable. I went to this page and then downloaded the 32-bit version. https://www.firestormviewer.org/windows/ Wow, I was able to log in and FIND ALL OF MY OUTFITS!!! I was able to change outfits. I haven't downloaded it to the current computer. Let me check right now to see if there was any magic bridged over to the current 64-bit version of Firestorm on this laptop...BRB. Ok, I"m back. It did not restore the folders in the Firestorm_64-bit version. This makes me wonder if Chic, above, was onto something about having exceeded memory. Regardless, Thanks for the suggestion to try a different computer, Jennifer Boyle. Is there any reason, in anyone's opinion, why I can't revert to a 32-bit version of Firestorm on my current HP laptop? My eyes just want fairly simple solutions and I cannot go back and forth to wear and save over a thousand outfits, but it was VERY REASSURING to find them intact in this pared down version of Firestorm Viewer. Thank you all for thinking this through with me!
  3. Thanks, Jax, and I believe I did ask in the group but it was a slow night and no one replied (about a week ago) and to be honest, my head is hurting with all this detailed surgery required to fix problems. I also just had a complete *hard* restart of my system, and found *2 new folders* on my desktop: one is labeled "Restored Data" and one is labeled "Old Firefox Data" so where did these come from, and of what use are they to me? They just appeared Voila! Of course I would like to just magically think that a higher power manifested these for a fix, but I prefer an experienced opinion, and any advice available... Yes, I will ask in the group again when I have the nerve to dive in and attempt to use the resources posted recently about Lost Inventory. Thanks for the encouragement.
  4. Thanks to good advice in Zooby group chat, I was reminded to update to HUD 18.0, and when I rezzed the babies anew, aha! wow, for the first time I can see them in the SL Viewer. Although my skin is not rendering well in SL Viewer, but that may be for another thread. So other than the problem of Outfit folders, there is now a problem of no clothing folders having items in Firestorm. Really, I have no problems other than having to change viewers to change clothes. Thanks for advice, Chic.
  5. Update: I've updated both FireStorm and Official SL Viewer to latest versions. The problems persist, specific to each viewer. I do find that I can open the Outfit Folders individually in the SL Viewer, and change outfits, then log back into Firestorm and save that Outfit folder anew, and it will persist. Much to my amazement, I realized that I actually have 1049 Outfits saved as Emilia, even if they are all empty in Firestorm. I have hoarded the outfits as memories since I first began making Outfit folders, perhaps in 2011. I will take a final look at them soon, before deleting them. That is just too much cobweb to expect the Inventory object database to maintain, although it has done an excellent job for over 10 years! An alt has less than 200 Outfit folders, with no loss or issues, in either SL Viewer or Firestorm, and we both use the same viewer with our separate logins. So, my most pressing issue going forward is why the SL Viewer is not rendering my animesh zooby babies, purchased in 2020. The old zooby babies are fine in either viewer. My workaround is obviously to manage outfits in the Official Viewer and visit the babies in the Firestorm Viewer. CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz (2208.01 MHz) Memory: 16264 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit (Build 19041.867) Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1060/PCIe/SSE2 Otherwise, everything looks lovely in either viewer...thanks for any advice while I wait for an opinion by Support.
  6. Thanks, Chic, Actually, the folders are still intact in the SL Viewer, and I have the latest update. I don't know about doing surgery on the files in Firestorm, but I might try to figure it out for myself soon. Thanks so much for the information! I think I may just do a re-install of Firestorm first.
  7. Just in the past few days, I have only empty Outfit Folders in Firestorm. They appear to all remain as (correctly labeled) folders but each one says "there are no items in this folder". I have emptied Viewer cache several times but nothing has appeared. I still have all the folders intact in the SL Viewer, but it does not render my Zooby babies, so I've preferred Firestorm for a couple of years. Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated. I realize this is two separate issues, but I've already consulted with LL and they are looking into my rendering animesh issue and they did not detect any missing inventory when running a script to diagnose any problems with my Outfit folders in the SL Viewer. I am waiting for advice now from the Firestorm Support Group at the in-world sim.http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Firestorm Social Island/132/108/33 .
  8. You can make a ticket here > https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/31000131009-contact-support
  9. Thanks, Silent Mistwalker, I did see this, but I don't think that's how NFC is intended in this discussion? Although, it may well be the more relevant meaning going forward, especially if SL did have an app for phones and tablets. Obviously not for rendering all the details and settings we currently have in our Viewers, but who knows what usefulness could be found in NFC for a phone-based SL?? And of course, it would fit with Tilia for purchases. 🥰
  10. Does "NFC" mean No Further Comment? If not, then what does it mean? Thanks! No further comment.😇
  11. Thanks, animats. I went to the FS Downloads page and found the most basic download I could. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/doku.php?id=downloads Now I'm using 32-bit Firestorm 6.0.2. and at least no Baked On Mesh problem. This one is working for me, here in SL, at this moment: Firestorm Release 32 bit Windows setup.exe 32-bit working on an HP core i5 with nvidia Geforce GT I haven't seen the animesh/BOM conflict mentioned anywhere else, but I use the 64-bit 6.2.4 of Firestorm also on my gaming laptop. I don't know if it will work for my friend who uses a Lenovo Thinkpad for SL...but i'll post here if 6.0.2 works for him.
  12. This week the Phoenix Viewer that allowed so many to enjoy SL and open sims, on minimal or older equipment was blocked. Worse, the only substitute offered has Baked On Mesh feature. Even in the Official SL Viewer, the BOM feature caused me to no longer see texture on my Zooby animesh babies. Could someone offer any guidance? First of all, is there some skinning or other setting to tweak, to undo the defeat of animesh textures in the new viewers? And how might I advise friends who need to upgrade hardware to view SL? What is the approximate entry point for a device or laptop that will render this incredible world? I know about the Official System Requirements, but people have long gotten around the recommendations, until now. https://secondlife.com/my/support/system-requirements/?lang=en-US Any anecdotal advice, whatever is appreciated.
  13. OMG! alt just got a houseboat! and it was one of those double entries, where i had both photo of a house next to photo of a houseboat and i selected the houseboat and NEXT, very deliberately being careful then to check the tiny box to Agree and to my amazement, i got one! It looks like a new release area near yesterday's... Going to look now! Widow Point, on the big inland bay down south. Looks like a release because there are 20+ here checking out their parcels! Yay! your dream will come true! Someone had mentioned the rare dual photo listings, and I had just seen that tip this morning, or I'd have missed this. Seal Point, next door. has 16 in the region, so it may have been a double release?? Yay!
  14. Just got a house in Ashton Village; will check it out but almost certainly abandon.....interestingly there are no houseboats on the coast nearby?? Wow! what a surprise. This traditional house sits on bedrock and most of the neighborhood is at least partially exposed bedrock. Sitting at the end of a street, on a hairpin turn, rock outcropping steps down to the street behind. Near a beach with no sign of houseboats, just a long public beach. Not a water view, but totally unique terra with white picket fence and nice landscaping. Absolutely no mowing required! Returning it for the next person as soon as I explore a bit more!
  15. Don't get me wrong, the Traditional Homes are awesome, but I already have one I like, even though it's not the perfect spot on the beach. I spent so much time and coin decorating it, so I am perfectly satisfied to be settled on someone else's throwback, but I really want to try out the Bellisseria houseboat life too, preferably adjacent to open seas.
  16. Same here; alt abandoned a Traditional Home and then tried to reload the page after getting another and another....just not going to waste time checking out the homes now because i only want a houseboat.
  17. Maybe today's release is a drip release....one at a time, hmm. I saw one single Traditional too, not the slew that came before.
  18. Strangely, I saw one too. Nearly jumped out of my skin, which only impairs my reflexes, lol.....another miss. ^^
  19. I'm curious why a handful of houseboats are being abandoned. Is it the desire for a better location? More exciting neighbors? Anticipation of the ultimate region release? Are the houseboat tossers wanting closer access to open sea? Some have said that houseboats tend to be laggy. Do you lose your land legs after awhile?? I just want to know if a houseboat will actually make me happy. I've seen a very rare few go by, even once in the middle of the night, but it's like trying to catch the Big One! I can never set the hook.
  20. @Erwin Solo You will almost always see Meadowbrook as default on the land php page, but if you pull down the menu, you will see the others, and if you're lucky, you will see Bellisseria. If you set an auto-refresh app, and define the search field as "Bellisseria" you can set the refresh interval to 90 seconds, and get an audible chime to announce a hit on Bellisseria. If you're lucky, it will stick and appear in the land page. Otherwise, look for it in the pull down menu. If you have a NAME pre-filled, you save precious time! then click NEXT, and AGREE to terms (tiny box) and CLAIM....suspense as you wait to see if you got it, but Nooooo, most often not, and you see an option to "select another model"...if you are lucky, or if a region release is LIVE, you may actually get another Bellisserian property. Repeat as needed, and eventually you will win the battle! How to pre-fill the NAME; just proceed as if claiming a Meadowbrook on that first page. Fill in the name and hit next...then hit the back button. This should store the name in the field for when you are really ready to hit NEXT.
  21. Same! A whole slew came through, but couldn't lock them in fast enough; got the 10 minute ban, lol....didn't see a houseboat though.
  22. My alt is back in the game for a houseboat. I like my traditional home so much, I don't want to give it up. Just saw a house come up but laptop battery went out while it was on the screen so I didn't get it, of course. I think these might be throwbacks coming through ahead of today's release, as people get ready to grab what's new, haha. Good luck, by the way! Just breathe, it does happen.
  23. Congratulations! I'm trying to figure out how to set up the auto refresh correctly. How do you get it to run at 90 second intervals? Either in the top window; or better yet, define it under the Settings wheel, or it tends to default to a previous saved setting. Be sure to SAVE at the bottom of the Internal Settings page (click on the gear wheel).
  24. Talk about random, wow. I just came back to my laptop after making coffee, very leisurely....I had the auto-responder running at 90 second intervals. I had not heard any chime, but I was in the kitchen, with a steaming pot of water, conversation, radio.... When I came back and found the Land tab (I have dozens of tabs open in various browsers, but only one Land tab), there was a Bellisserian house already claimed?? I blinked, but I didn't hesitate, and clicked the teeny tiny Agree box, just in case it wasn't a fluke...and boom, I won a Traditonal house! It's near the water but not really a view of it. It's surely not a houseboat, but it's an address, and I'm one street behind the street with the water and boathouse view of an inner harbor. I'm going to play with the designs, but I might not keep it. I think it's a throwback but how it landed in my browser as claimed defies logic. When I walked away, I was pretty sure it was just the usual Meadowbrook view. I had only checked the timer interval before I walked away... All I can say, is yes, be patient. One day a Bellisserian address might show up in the queue, just for you. It might not be the houseboat of my dreams, but it literally fell out of the sky for me!
  25. OK, thanks! I'll be sure to use the pull down menu next time. 😊
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