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  1. Wow, when I click on "select another combination" it takes me back to the Meadowbrook?
  2. I came running for the first chime; didn't get it. Was right on the second chime, so I knew there must be a live release; still didn't get it. I was staring at the screen, deep in lamentation, when I saw the Traditional House, but no chime...clicked and didn't get it. So, yes to confirm; suddenly Auto Refresh is not chiming, and furthermore, I can barely see that TINY check box to Agree to Terms! Two groups may be at a disadvantage; those with poor eyesight and those of us who are older or otherwise neurologically impaired (drunk doesn't count, haha). Then, just now, while writing this, I did get another Traditional House, with the CHIME activated, but of course, didn't get it. Smiles, it will happen, and when it does I really hope it's a houseboat (the first two this morning were) but it would really help if that agreement box were not so TINY. I mean, it's like a 5 pt box.....wouldn't it be nice to make that the size of the button?? Unlike the Name Field, it cannot be prefilled with a ✔️...
  3. I just read the summary, and learned that the people were actually drawing to see who would be stoned to death as a sacrifice for a good growing season. Wow. I'm not sure how you meant this, @Beth Macbain.
  4. The new rate for Premium is $99. You can buy just under 25,000 linden for that, which is equivalent to $487 linden a week. Without the benefit of the 1024 premium Tier, Premium offers only Premium Chat for Support Tickets. The usefulness of 1024 sqm is not useful to me for Mainland now. I would like to dwell on the Bellisserian continent, on the water. Sure, I can buy Mainland on the water (recently sold two significant locations to a real estate friend for pennies on the dollar) or rent an Estate, but I want to get the full benefit from Premium and live on the new waterfront. At some point, I may decide that my money goes further by just buying coin here.
  5. And the servers don't have to get hammered if a daily lottery were in place. Send a notice to the winners and give a fair amount of time to claim, perhaps only 24 hours, and if unclaimed because someone is ill or on vacation, then automatically re-enter them in the lottery. I'm getting around 1 hit a day on auto-refresh, and even when I'm responding in a few seconds, I am never fast enough.
  6. @LittleMe Jewell Were you on Wifi? Most people default to wifi on their phones; what happens if you turn off wifi in Settings, and connect with data?
  7. Here's how Google explains it: Every device on the Internet has two IP addresses: a public and a private one. In your home, your router uses your public IP address—assigned by your ISP—to connect to the Internet. ... Your mobile devices also have public and private IP addresses. But they're constantly changing, and therefore, pretty much meaningless.Aug 21, 2015
  8. Are people who use the phone apps getting an advantage in refreshing? Possibly because they are using data rather than wifi? Does a data refresh allow constant refreshing due to not being detected as an IP address?
  9. This was copied directly from Google result for "how to uninstall extensions" so that typo is not mine! I would never advise to "lick the trash icon" but there it was in the special box! 🤣
  10. I've had Auto Refresh set to various lengths, so that I would not keep hitting the ban, but even at the 1 minute between Auto Refresh, as well as at other intervals (69 seconds; 86 seconds) I get a notice that i've gotten a hit on Bellisseria and so i immediately click to the page and see both a little blue "click to claim" notice box from auto refresh, set against a Land page notice that i've exceeded the clicks allowed in ten minutes...this has happened 4 times in an hour. I closed all windows to exclude the possibility of a hidden tab, and it happened just now. Something is going wrong for me. I am uninstalling the auto refresher completely, resetting my computer, and giving up for awhile. I will come back with my alt on my old laptop and try manually. After the fourth time in an hour, it feels like the announcement itself that I have a hit on "Bellisseria" is actually triggering the ban page. Is this possible? Meanwhile, how to remove Auto Refresh: Google Chrome: Click the menu icon "≡" at the top right of the browser window, choose More tools and choose Extensions to open the Extensions. Uncheck Enabled to disable an extension or lick the trash can icon next to the extension you want to delete. Click the Disable link under the plugin you want to disable.
  11. Meanwhile, I had a blast in Penitent Beach yesterday. The pent up demand exploded into a fun and community spirited, totally spontaneous party on the beach. I had the auto-refresh set to a sedate 12 seconds, and eventually got hits on 3 Traditonal homes, none of which I claimed. My last hit, sometime after the festivities ended, was a houseboat, (probably a throwback) and I attempted to claim it with a preloaded Name field, but even at 2 to 3 seconds total response time , it had already been claimed.....oh well, missed my first one the day before because I had forgotten to free up my 1024 which was still assigned to a land group. No bitterness here now, and that party on the beach was so much fun. I posted photos real time on both my profile and on flickr, which certainly broadcast the possible pending release. You know why I posted the photos? Because the joy of community outweighed the greedy protection of the possible upcoming release, and any advantage to myself of keeping quiet about it. The desire to live in Bellisseria is the potential for community. Controlling the flow of information and trying to hide it in a "fog of war" is cynical and self serving, sorry. I've never had this much fun in years in SL, except at SL Birthdays and BURN2 events. The excitement is contagious, and the spiteful whiners are being encouraged to exit the groups, but the last thing we need is a retreat to the old methods of silence and secrecy.
  12. Thank you @Coby Foden! The correct spelling might help, wow! Also, I've noticed that once you set the term in the Page Monitor window, you need to leave that window open, or it's lost...thanks again!
  13. @anniepany using both at the moment... how do i filter for Bellissaria? Ok, oddly, this time the Auto Refresh opened with a Page Monitor field...should i use only Bellessaria, or also append houseboat.. I'm now using 2 tabs in Google Chrome with Auto Refresh Plus configured for Bellessaria in one tab and houseboat in another.
  14. After what seems like a thousand clicks, I have yet to see anything other than Meadowbrook, Tahoe, Elderglen and Shareta Osumai. I've used auto refresh, but I haven't figured out how anyone can filter for Bellessaria. I don't hover over it now either. I wouldn't expect to hear the ring-a-ding notification and be able to react in time to claim the rare appearance of something new even if I could set it to look for Bellessaria. This process is absurd.
  15. Today's release has already come and gone? There is no way this process is "fair and equitable" just because it is random. Random is not fair, it is RANDOM. There is no way that supply will ever meet demand. I don't understand why an entire region of houseboats cannot be replicated, just as the old Linden homes appear to have been rubber stamped. Some of you are reassuring the rest of us to relax and wait as our desired dwelling will ultimately arrive and we will be the first to claim it. I don't believe that at all. If the production is this complex, then it will take so long that it will be abandoned for something else first. I don't need a houseboat, you could argue. There's a perfectly nice on Marketplace for $0 and I had it rezzed for awhile on Mainland. Do you know what i really DESIRE??? I want to experience the Bellessaria community! I want to experience it from my own PREMIUM covered HOUSEBOAT!!!! And I want to be on a LIST to get one so I can move on with my SECOND LIFE already. Please, don't patronize me with promises and lullabies.
  16. @anniepany Can one try to "buy" or claim a property without using the widget? Do the parcels "go live" with this permission?
  17. Regarding "alt" accounts; will each and every alt be required to verify through Tilia when logging in during August or later, even if they have no history nor any intention of ever cashing out in US Dollars? OR, will payment information on file be adequate to associate them with my "main account" info? Thanks for any clarity on this, and sorry if the question has already been addressed.
  18. I've got fast internet and a gaming laptop, but i'm here to say that's no advantage. I never see a dang thing new when I pull the drop down menu options. There might as well be a lottery or a drawing for them.
  19. Thanks @Teager ...someday my houseboat will come in... 😂
  20. Does anyone have a screen shot of what it looks like when a houseboat or other new offering appears on the Get Your Home Now widget found on dashboard? This is all I ever see. Am I looking the wrong place? Google refresher add-on didn't allow for any filtering on location, at least not for me.
  21. Thank you, @Marianne Little. I might just try this, but I never knew "abandoned" Linden home/houseboats would appear as a single offering on the Get Your Home Now widget. Wow?!
  22. As I said in the post over, in 2 hours I have seen 3 houses and one boat, by installing auto-refresh.
  23. Thanks for the reply, @SerraWeckerly ...so I'm happy to know I can use the widget, but I wonder if the campers have first rights to claim if they are on site when the "houseboat" goes live? Perhaps my alt got tossed because he was being teleported by me. Of course, I see your point; a Premium account is a paid account, and as of now, there's no information to indicate that a second or third with the same payment info is secondary to the first. I was just speculating and drawing my own conclusion. I would be nice to leave him camping if that would help.
  24. I don't understand how we are able to see and claim a new Linden Home/houseboat/camp site, etc. Are they released to be claimed on the "Get Your Home Now" widget on our dashboard. I tried camping for a couple of hours yesterday on a parcel that appeared ready to go, but there was no BUY option. It would be more fair if they were released to the widget, like the old homes. What am I not seeing? I tried to bring in a Premium Alt to sit for me and he was hurled 300 meters, so I figure that is out, hahaha. I agree with whoever suggested a waiting list...even a randomized waiting list. If they want to exclude other premium accounts from the same isp address, to make it more fair, then I wholeheartedly agree.
  25. It's hard to be happy about this. I recently renewed Quarterly, so I'm "grandfathered" for that option, but for how long? While I've had multiple accounts until now to support Mainland tier, that will no longer be feasible. Downgrading to Basic would be a painful option for me, forcing me to cut ties and toss memories, since half of my 60 groups are sentimental remnants of my ten year history here. Several are paid groups, for creator group discounts. To remain active in official Events, I already have to leave groups to participate. I've run out of groups I want to leave. Offline IMs don't matter very much to me. Friends and associates will know and use my emails. Even the 1024 premium tier option will be negligible to me, without additional paid alt accounts to contribute tier for Mainland, I don't expect to own any more. This may drive more demand to Estates, however, I always preferred Mainland because I feel my no copy items are safer there. Yet I will continue to buy coin to pay rent in an Estate, but I will need to buy it in greater amounts, because the current service fee of 1.50 makes even a purchase of 10 US dollars 11.50, so a 5 USD impulse purchase will be cost prohibitive. I do understand and get the message that SL is desperate to increase revenues; probably not because of Sansar failing to thrive, but more likely because the move to the Cloud is proving to be a great drain, although absolutely necessary rather than a return to server farms. After all, it's our Sweet 16 Birthday, and for all practical purposes, we can't stay in the Nursery anymore. Perhaps this is the year to re-brand as AfterLife. Cheers, with a sparkling water! /me looks around for more vices to give up, like medical care. hahhaha
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