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  1. OK, do this one more time--go to the actual object generating the particles and AR that object as category Land -- Object Griefing; state without drama or complaining that the object is generating particles causing apparent lag in adjacent regions. Do not try to explain blah blah blah about AR'ing the avatar already. Also, don't water down your complaint with duplicate AR from alt(s) because i'm pretty sure they see the originating IP on those, just as they see them here on the forums. Do take the time to also send an IM to the owner of the land where the particle generating object is, even if you think they are never online. I reported an identical issue a few months ago and a couple of weeks later the absentee landowner came in and returned all the objects that griefer/squatters had placed on her land, and she thanked me and reset her land to not allow objects rezzed by public to persist after a couple of minutes. It could be your reports are losing their impact because of so many duplicates. The main thing is to AR the object, not the creator or owner of it...that is automatically captured when you do the AR of the object and it's up to LL if they want to follow up.
  2. Until i prepped this parcel for sale, i had the Oceanis 200 yacht berthed here--you can see at it's nearby home what a large yacht. The developed site may convey with walkways if you contact me prior to sale. ***ONLY 25,000L*** for a Labor Day special. An additional parcel nearby in same region will convey at no additional cost now if you want it for prim. None of the additional prim are currently in use, and it's now set for sale so you can be set to sail or fly out of your slip into 33 sailable sims. This site is in a Mature region adjacent to a large area of Linden ocean, directly facing Ahab's Haunt. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meto%20X/205/81/40
  3. These parcels will be removed from sale today. Drive by soon and check the map to see if listed again. If you are interested and want to make an offer, please IM me--i would like to remove my objects before setting it to sale. Thank you.
  4. The price has been marked down to 40,000L again. If you want to buy the site as it is currently developed, just IM me first and i will set it to convey with the objects. Also, only the 4608sqm is set to selll, but i will set the separate 2048sqm parcel in the same region (Meto X- moderate) if you want it for additional prim. ***THIS PRICE IS GOOD UNTIL AUGUST 1st*** This is the best of Mainland, and at this price, it may be your last chance to get a big yacht slip on the water, ready to sail or fly around the Nautilus continent from your front door.
  5. This land has all the desirable qualities of Mainland--opens on 33 sims of sailable ocean, faces Ahab's Haunt near the Blake Sea. You can launch your boat or your helicopter to most of the Nautilus continent from this parcel. The 4608sqm site is waterland that has been site developed and is ready for your build or use it as a marina. There is additional prim land of 2048sqm in the region for use as prims, which may convey with property. The 33 sims is a hand-count by me, but come see and count for yourself. These parcels are in Meto X, which has a Mature rating. The location is very stable, the neighbors have large tracts of land, and some are commercial. There is almost no turnover on the land in this neighborhood of regions facing the large inland sea area on the Nautilus Continent. I am currently asking 40,000L and will include the 2048 at that price for no additional cost. The site will convey as developed if you request. Just IM me with any questions--i'll be happy to set it to sell to YOU. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meto%20X/205/81/40
  6. I've noticed the same discrepancy as of last night. There now seem to be two separate online status states--inworld in the viewer and separately on the web profile. Since unchecking online status view permission to someone using the web profile has been reported to show them missing from the dashboard as a friend, this new "glitch" may reflect an attempt to disentangle those two methods of detecting online status. At this time, it would seem necessary to tweak settings on both the web profile and inworld to control the appearance of your true online status to a particular friend. The web profile settings are under the gear symbol for each profile at https://my.secondlife.com
  7. Get to know the artist here before you buy their work. If you find someone selling art that you recognize from the exterior world, then notify the real artist yourself. If they feel they should be entitled to revenue, or if they would like to stop the counterfeiter, they may follow-up. Here is the link to file a report on mis-use of unique creations: DMCA: Digital Millenium Copyright Act As for morphing or altering work to avoid detection, that process is subject to review if questioned. Creators should maintain some history of their process if their work is "derivative" or if it is a "deviation" of existing work, because the process of deviation may or may not justify the finished work as unique. I've collected unique art here in SL from contemporary artists who share enough information about themselves to validate their work. As for buying classics and masterpieces, it might be fair to pay a price that reflects the effort of the SL creator for the presentation, including frame and use of a script to provide internal lighting on the prim. Personally, i think creators should include as much info as space allows to note the original artist and the name of gallery or museum where it is permanently installed. In this sense, the reproductions here may encourage some to view art in the external world. However, i share your disappointment that anyone would rip off a living artist, or deviate their work into a prim for sale.
  8. Yay! i am logged in--thanks for the advice to set Login location to Home, but moreover i have successfully teleported to an estate location and i have successfully teleported on Mainland as well !! whew, relaxes now...
  9. However, the good news is that the Dashboard page and my.secondlife.com site is now up and fully functional, at least for me.
  10. The latest update on the Grid Status board states that "there is no estimated time of repair." I would like to have more details to be assured this is a technical outage.
  11. Ouch. There is now an update to the Grid Status post that states: " [updated 9:10am PDT 26 April 2012] We are continuing to work to restore services. At this time, we have no estimated time of repair. Please continue to monitor this blog for updates." ...to repeat... "At this time, we have no estimated time of repair." Hmm, i really hope the sky is not falling.
  12. This is the advice given at attempt to login: "Due to system problems, logins to Second Life have been disabled until further notice. Please monitor the Grid Status page for updates." Here is the link to monitor announcements on Grid Status: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ The Dashboard page and my.secondlife.com are also down.
  13. Oops, Falcon, i see now that you have already set Level Of Detail (LOD) higher in Advanced menu.
  14. You will need to use Advanced menu to debug the appearance of sculpts in the viewer. After you enable the Advanced menu, go to "debug" then enter this command "rendervolumeLODfactor" and increase it, perhaps even to 4.025 and you may need to repeat occasionally if you crash out because the setting might not hold. sculpts as they are meant to be seen-- advanced> debug> rendervolumeLODfactor> 4.025
  15. To clear the "ghost" or wisp and restore your avatar to a normal appearance, you will need to invoke Character Test and choose Male or Female Avatar. Before you do this, be sure you can easily relocate the Shape, Skin, Hair and Clothing you are now wearing or have a look saved under My Outfits folder. Character Test is under either Advanced or Developer menu so you will want to enable those in your viewer. To do this in the older (and unsupported) Phoenix viewer, enable the Advanced menu by checking it under "Phoenix" in the Menu bar at top of viewer. Open Advanced menu>Character>Character Test>Male Avatar When you select Male or Female Avatar, you will hopefully see your avatar pop out of the mist. However, it will be the primitive "noob" look, so you will need to pull yourself together by pulling a folder onto yourself from "My Outfits" or find each item in Inventory and wear it. This is a small price to pay for escaping the cloud. Recently i had a problem getting even that method to work, and i finally cleared the glitch by using Viewer 3 and selecting one of the ready-to-wear avatars.
  16. Yes, Israel, agreed on the Land distribution, but i hope Mainland is always valued even if it slowly becomes a Manhattan in the midst of what is negatively perceived as "abandoned" but is an efficient way to return Mainland to more Governor Linden owned property. The Estates are portable addresses with server requirements but it's hard to speculate on the Cost of allowing or encouraging them to proliferate. Hmm, what you said already. Hopefully Mainland will be treated all due respect, because the Tier is too high for a Land run anytime soon, although much interest remains from those who can buy and hold, and with prices so much higher for waterfront, it's obvious why so many flee to the islands. Mainland is the Motherland, and also an anchor to what is Governor Linden's Second Life.
  17. Welcome Kim! I thought of you this morning when i logged in because i just know you will do something about that giant banner ad that shows the Barbie and Ken kiss at the Eiffel Tower and other sweet but naive scenes. Kim, one may need to be young at heart to love Second Life, but the banner ad presents Second Life as a lover's playground and i think the marketing should show more sophistication. If you need some snow to put the Blizzard on us, visit southern Mainland and chill for a few. Wow, yes wow. Very glad to know you are on the team.
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