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  1. I just spent a while trying to find that post from M from a year ago where he finally noticed the huge disconnect between customers and Lindens and vowed to address it. Regular meetings promised and all that. IIRC, there was one small meeting, voice only of course (despite residents always complaining about that) and invite-only then it fell off the radar, just like every other time it seemed like LL was actually starting to listen to their customers. Anyway, couldn't find the post because the search sucks so horribly. Still. So now there's this new boss and we're seeing the same sorta talk b
  2. Good grief. It truely is a magical time of the year - I find myself agreeing with Prok. Welcome, Rod. I'll say yet again what I've been saying for a few years. Make your customers happy and SL will start growing again. Things like SL, myface and twitter grow because people say "hey, check this out" to other people. Under the reign of M Linden/Kindon, LL seemed to go out of its way to piss customers off on a fairly regular basis. Nothing got fixed, we were ignored. People stopped saying "hey, check this out" to their friends. LL spent truckloads of money on things your customers were not inte
  3. Concierge / premium Live chat has been totally brilliant if we residents actually take the time to actually keep our chat dialog clear and precise then this helps the linden on the other end fix or pop inworld next to you within seconds About the only reason I contact live chat is to get a restart of my mainland home, when the lag becomes unbearable. I connect, I say "hi, can we get a restart of mainland region (...), please? the lag has gotten quite bad. there are people here but they're all at my place and I own almost all of this region." Then, almost without exception, they either say n
  4. Besides, let's be honest here. Linden Research, Inc. does not want our input. The plan a feature, begin implementation of said feature, and tell us about it just before it goes into open beta. By this time, there is too much invested in the feature to change course or drop it altogether. It is beyond infuriating. Why on earth would the want the input of paying, engaged, dedicated customers for free when they can hire consultants to do focus groups with people who have never used SL before? Silly rabbit. You obviously don't understand how business works.
  5. remember the mentors? Those thousands of residents LL had doing support for free? Yes, I do remember them. LL said they were not cost-effective, though. Or didn't scale. Or something. Ontynes are better, apparently.. I've given up on concierge live chat. When they bother to even respond, they say "just a minute" then never come back. I've left the chat window open over night and even for a couple days once and they just don't come back. That's the way it's been the last dozen times I tried to get help from those bozos.. LL tries soooo hard to not have to manage things and almost never ge
  6. I tried signing up for AU, back at the start. Still waiting for my confirmation email... Well, not really waiting any more.
  7. A: What I really want to do here is help the Lab figure out what the “X Factor” is going to be for Second Life That's actually pretty easy. Just make the product work and quit messing with your customers. Twice since I've been here LL has raised the monthly fee of their most popular product by over 50%. Sim performance at busy places has been horrible, HORRIBLE for +18 months. Service is nearly non-existent nowdays. Zindra. Forums. M. No other company could do so much to alienate nearly all of their existing customers and still be alive and kicking. Make stuff work, don't treat custom
  8. part of the experiment of this post is to see how much attention it recieves, how quickly, and at what level of expertise. it's not perfect though, since some will obviously ignore since I said I know... /me nuked it because I saw this and have also wondered about such things.
  9. Silly, Void.. Newbie mistakes! edit: /me nukes her post. I spotted 5 problems with this script.
  10. Off the top of my head, sounds like the sim you are in might be busy or lagged... That's definitely what that message means. Or at least what it used to mean. /me would try again another region. I personally like Aggro which is nice to look at and usually not very busy.
  11. Going into a sandbox I saw a request to clean up after yourself (which makes sense everywhere!) Is there a proper way to do that? I used "Create" (from the pie) and made a prim to learn with. To "clean up" I used "Take", which placed the prim in my inventory. Is that what one is supposed to do? Do I get to keep the prim and use it as my own? (I currently have only a basic free account.) Thank you As a club owner, I very much appreciate you thinking about this!! Too many people leave their stuff lying around (which we can prevent or automate the cleanup of but it's still nice when peo
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