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  1. That was how I understood it too, Cinnamon, but I wanted to be sure I wasn't mistaken. The name of the bed doesn't indicate content, nor is it modifiable, but the notecard that came with it says "lifetime support" so I'll IM the creator and ask him to remove that menu & pose balls, neither of which show unless you actually bring up the menu. Thanks to all for your responses.
  2. With all this fuss about the new TOS and maturity ratings, I wonder if I'm accidentally an offender.  I am a very PG (or G) person, and chose a perfect piece of land on a beautiful PG sim.  I searched for the perfect house, then started furnishing.  I found a gorgeous and expensive bedroom set, which I almost didn't buy because it had a "menu" with many sex options.  It also has non-sex options such as lying down and sleeping.  The set is fabulous and I can regularly change the colors on the pieces, which I love.  I finally bought it for its beauty, deciding that I don't have to use the menu just because it's there.  I had no problem rezzing it.  Am I now an "outlaw" for having this item rezzed inside my house on my PG parcel?  If so, is there a way I can remove the menu so that I'm just left with the beautiful piece of furniture?  (I finally figured out what a pose ball is - sort of, I think, but I haven't figured out why some objects let you relax, lounge, etc. without one.)  I have no intention of ever using the sex options, or even having someone else in bed with me.  I certainly don't want to be suspended or banished for "contraband" that I don't intend to use.  Thank you.
  3. Easy enough to "replace outfit" to change from a petite female human into a tall voluptuous one or into a dainty butterfly.  They fit anywhere.  What happens if I change into a really large dragon or something?  If I'm in a room or other space too small will the excess length in any direction just "go through" the walls (the way my plants do if I put them too close to the wall)?  Will I crush things?  Will I just not materialize properly?  What does happen if I try to be too big for my surroundings?  (It's such fun trying on so many shapes!)  Thank you.
  4. That seems to have worked! Thanks. What was strange was that the blue box error message named me as the owner, not the owner of the parcel it may have been infringing on. Thanks again!.
  5. The house is designed to fit on 512. I have 2048. It's 15m x 30m. I'm trying to put it on a rectangular parcel that is 30m the short way.
  6. That's really weird. I'm trying to rez a house. I can rez a box of shoes & open it successfully. I can rez parts of the house, but not the first part - the walls. That gives the blue box that says that the land owner does not allow rezzing on the property. I guess I'll need to IM the manufacturer. This must be a bug.
  7. I bought land (Mainland) and it does show that I am the owner but I can not rez objects on it.  What do I do to set it so that rezzing is allowed?  Silly that I can't open a box on my own parcel.  Thank you.
  8. Thank you! This will be helpful many times over, I'm sure. Finding that wiki link would have been unlikely without knowing what channels are. I'll read further.
  9. For my new Chameleon Heels, instructions say that "all scripts run on channel 99 so: type /99 base <color> ..."  Ok, that's simple enough.  But WHERE do I type these things?  And how do I get to that place?  Thank you (again!)
  10. Going into a sandbox I saw a request to clean up after yourself (which makes sense everywhere!)  Is there a proper way to do that?  I used "Create" (from the pie) and made a prim to learn with.  To "clean up" I used "Take", which placed the prim in my inventory.  Is that what one is supposed to do?  Do I get to keep the prim and use it as my own?  (I currently have only a basic free account.)  Thank you.
  11. I inadvertently chose a "censored" default avatar in the beginning.  I've resized & shaped her rather much to my satisfaction.  I now know that her "underwear" is permanent and it doesn't work under several of my new gowns!  I really don't want to change her shape much, if any, from what it is now.  When I see a "skin only" in a shop will it fit anyone?  Can they be modified if everything doesn't fall exactly where it should on my AV?  Can shapes be modified, and if so, how much & how easily? Thank you.
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