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  1. I called and they told me to file a ticket, and I just got a reply that says the only way you get a tax form from LL is if you go over 20,000 USD or have over 200 cashout transactions in a year. Pretty much the same rules that paypal has. Hello, Cyzicus Xue: Residents who, in 2014, had two hundred (200) or more LindeX sell transactions and the value of such transactions is twenty thousand dollars (US$20,000) or more were sent a 1099-K from Linden Lab by the end of January. As you did not exceed these IRS thresholds in 2014, Linden Lab has not filed a 1099-K for your account. However, you are still responsible for filing your taxes and including relevant transactions with Second Life/Linden Lab.
  2. I think they are confusing petites with tinies. Tinies are little animals, Petites are the little mesh people. I like being tiny so that 1/4 of my viewer is not blocked by the back of my head.
  3. Although it may depend on where the .bvh file comes from, but anytime I open a .bvh file in Qavimator, I immediately Optimize it to clear out the extra keyframes, and save as an .avm file. Then I close and load the .avm file. If you can get thru that process, you will be better off.
  4. Raglan Shire is the place to be if youre tiny. A cluster of 7 sims devoted to everything tiny. Tiny surfing competition with 1000L$ first prize ends friday at Raglan Galaxy.
  5. For all the people who are afraid of "hooking up" with a teen that doesn't lie about their age, there is an easy solution. Teleport them to a mature or preferably Adult sim, before you have sex with them. I'm sure any actual adult that intended to hook up with you would not be offended that you require this verification process. And if they are, theres plenty of other guys pretending to be girls that you can hook up with.
  6. Great news. You can so tell phil is back. And now he's gone again.
  7. I occasionally sit at my computer naked, and so far, no one in SL has reported me to the authorities. I guess I've just been lucky till now, someone is bound to call the authorities now that Ive admitted it. I guess I won't be able to do that anymore once the merge completes.
  8. Im sorry for not clarifying. Yes, there is danger for hapless morons with no common sense. I personally have nothing to fear from the teen grid merging, but then I don't solicit sex from every new avatar that I see on the grid. Yes, it will be entirely possible for some idiot to get into trouble once kids are allowed to roam free. Not so much from the kids themselves, but from the federal agents posing as children. I still stand by my argument that a 16 year old camming over from the next sim and seeing cartoon nipple will not be grounds for a federal indictment. Once again I see someone quoting "far too many well cited examples" without actually citing any examples. The only well cited examples I know of are when adults either send photos of their junk or try to hook up in real life with children, or try to get children to send nude photos of themselves.
  9. The law is paranoid and unreasonable about protecting the children Here is another mention of this mysterious "law" that no one seems to know much about. Its the internet boogeyman that sends avatars scurrying to hide their naughty bits. Yes, there is need for concern for allowing teens on the main grid, but the concern is not from camming in on cartoon nudity. I searched for "transmissions of salacious materials" and I did find a law that prohibits it. Yes, China law prohibits transmission of salacious materials on the internet. And there is much to fear, I believe the chinese government is fond of death by firing squad. I highly recommend you limit your internet sexual activity while visiting China.
  10. Please enlighten me to which painfully clear law this is. 1. The 1971 film The Andromeda Strain contains a shot showing a deceased woman's bare breasts. The film's G rating is qualified with the text "may be too intense for younger children." 2. Sixteen Candles contains a shower scene where there is a close-up of breasts and buttocks. PG rated (re-rated on appeal; previously it was R rated). 3. Doc Hollywood has a scene with full frontal female nudity where Julie Warner emerges from a lake nude. This film is one of a number of PG-13 films in which a person's (in this case female's) genitalia can be clearly seen. 4. Beowulf A scene where Grendel's mother emerged from the water, though her breast are covered, but not her genitalia. PG-13 rated. 5. Back to School includes a scene where Rodney Dangerfield accidentally walks in on a showering co-ed. PG-13 rated. 6. Titanic has a scene with Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) drawing a nude portrait of Rose (Kate Winslet), while the actress lay nude in her pose. PG-13 rated. 7. National Lampoon's European Vacation has a brief scene where a woman unbuttons her shirt, revealing that she is not wearing a bra. Both nipples are exposed. PG-13 rated (re-rated on appeal, previously it was R rated). 8. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen features a live-action depiction of Botticelli's painting The Birth of Venus in which the title subject is portrayed nude. Her genitalia are not visible, though her breasts and nipples are. PG rated. 9. Airplane! has a scene in which, during a moment of panic and confusion aboard the jet airliner of the title, a topless woman runs close to the camera, briefly faces it, then continues running. Only her nude torso is shown; her face is not visible. PG rated. 10. Trail of the Pink Panther features a scene in which two women are shown in a grape vat nude and their breasts are shown (very briefly). PG rated. 11. Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi features a scene in Jabba's throne room where, as a dancer is being dropped into the Rancor pit, her top comes off and her breasts are shown for a split second. PG rated. 12. Weekend at Bernie's II features a scene where Bernie, who is being dragged by a parasail, pulls the bikini tops off of two women on a beach. Bernie drops them while airborne, and they fall into a man's hands. One of the women snatches the tops back from the man, and her breast is seen for a split second. PG rated. 13. The US theatrical version of Godzilla vs. Megalon features shots inside a container truck with pornographic material on the back wall. G rated. 14. The Living Daylights features two scenes of nudity. The first scene is when James Bond exposes a woman's breasts to distract a guard. The second is when a men's washhouse is rolled over in a camp in Afganistan. Nude behinds are shown. PG rated. 15. Diamonds are Forever shows female breasts several times throughout the movie. PG rated. 16. Octopussy clearly shows breasts and naked behinds throughout the opening credits. A woman later emerges from a pool without any clothes on. Her behind is shown. PG rated. 17. In Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes , Tarzan doesn't wear clothes until his late teenage years, leading to 5 minutes of full frontal nudity. PG rated. 18. In Critters 2: The Main Course , bounty hunter Lee chooses a human form to transform into, and the result is him morphing into a model from an issue of the Playboy magazine. As he transforms, his new female form is seen topless. PG-13 rated. 19. In Monster in the Closet , as Margo is in the shower and she gets interrupted, her breasts are briefly shown. PG rated. 20. In Howard the Duck , as Howard is propelled out of his apartment, he crashes through the wall of a female duck with human-like breasts in her bath. PG rated. I guess #20, Howard the Duck would be the closest equivalent to what cartoon nudity your pixel breasts would offer 16 and 17 year olds in SL.
  11. youre not going to get arrested for being cammed by a tween while pixel naked in a hot tub. You will however get arrested for chatting up said tween and sending them photos of your junk.
  12. I once got kicked out of mouse world wearing a boy child avatar with no shirt on. Because I had long hair, the owner said I was a girl, and I was indecent, so he booted me.
  13. Oh, another thing I forgot since I haven't been there in a while. Grendels Children. I used to spend almost every day there for a month or so. The store is laggy as hell, but once you get to the ground below it, the scenery is great. Also if you can find the games in the store that you play on the ground they can keep you entertained for hours. Finding the drakelets was the first thing I did, then theres some other creature catching hunts to keep you busy. Also if you are on a budget and want your avatar to be some kind of creature, their store has the best prices Ive ever seen. Great place to find some really cool freebies and dollarbies too. I have about 100 different avatars from their store, and only about 5 of them cost more than 100L$.
  14. Let me first say that I have been enjoying your posts very much lately. As for fun in SL, I may not be the best person to answer but I really enjoy watching/participating in the Haiku speedbuild at Afar (thursdays at 6pm SLT). Watching both the experienced and the inexperienced (like me) build a sculpture in 50 minutes is very interesting to me. I actually won first place once last month. Another thing Ive found enjoyable is tiny events at Raglan Shire. Primtionary is another building game that I find enjoyable. Basically pictionary with prims instead of pictures, and there are some really good builders in the tiny community. The tinies also have some very interesting things to see. Their tiny haunted house ride was really cool. I went through it at least 5 times.
  15. I only mentioned the paying customer since you mentioned multiple online sites only helping paying customers. Yes, I think the lab should boot stalkers if they are violating the TOS, but I also think paying customers should get better customer service than the free account holders. If you are paying rent (what free account holders refer to as tier), perhaps you can complain to the estate owner to put in a support ticket for you since he/she is paying the Lab. Also if you have a big piece of land, theres a good chance you are paying more in rent than you would as a paying member. Once you figure in the stipend on an annual membership, it only costs about $1.50/month to be a premium member. But I understand some people prefer estate land over mainland. I would prefer estate land too if terrain editing were available, but for now I like the lower tier cost of premium membership. I have a 4608 sqm of mainland. My total payments to the Lab(tier fee and annual membership) minus stipend comes out to about 1623L$/wk. If you also deduct the 600L$/wk I get from the 2 tenants I rent skyboxes to on my land that drops it to 1023L$/wk for 854 prims (1054 minus the 100 each for my tenants).
  16. Quote "This is becoming the way of many online sites - no way to contact customer service directly, only premium/VIP/etc. accounts get any kind of action on complaints/help tickets, and so on. I'm seeing this happening on another site and it's disgusting that these companies will not do anything for their customers" Maybe I have a different definition of customer, but arent customers people who are paying for something? Perhaps youre confusing "company" with non-profit volunteer organization. Perhaps you should try finding a 3D virtual world run by a non-profit organization.
  17. So TP home is not affected by landing point. That is the solution I am looking for. Thank you
  18. I dont have a large parcel of land, only 4096 sqm.  I have a store on the ground and a couple skyboxes in the sky.  I would like to set a landing point in my store but have it not affect my skybox tenants.  Is there a group setting that would permit this, or some other way around it?  Reason for landing point- My store design has changed and some previous landmarks I gave out now put people in the walls or under the floor.  I currently have an automatic landmark giver to give people a new landmark when they arrive, but from what I have read that may be seen as more of an annoyance.
  19. I would think one way would be to use the rest of your keyboard to make complete words. Hit the caps lock button once before you start. Disregard this if you are blogging from your cellphone.
  20. I can't guarantee this will fix your problem, but this is usually the solution to not hearing music. At the top of your viewer click on Edit, then Preferences, then the Audio & Video Tab on the left, then check the box next to: Play Streaming Music When Available. Then at the bottom right of your viewer, right over Map there is a play button arrow > click on that if its not greyed out.
  21. I already posted in that thread but wanted to get away from it because it got twisted up in how to age verify and the differences between age verification and adult verification. Of course now that i look at it again, I wanted to know how to tell if im Adult verified, seeing as how Torley mentioned that age verification and adult verification are different. Damn, Im gonna have to start a whole new question for that, lol! Actually I will just ignore it since its only a minor inconvenience for me. Perhaps I will be more interested and take some screen shots next time it actually happens that I cant get to a sim. Maybe the problem I was having was neither age nor adult verification, although Im pretty sure it was one of them.
  22. I dont want to know how to become age verified.  I have already gone through the process multiple times.  Is there a place inworld or on the dashboard that confirms that I am age verified?  My preferences are also set to pg, mature, and Adult.  I only ask because sometimes I can get into adult sims and sometimes I can not. According to:https://support.secondlife.com/ics/support/default.asp?deptID=4417&task=knowledge&questionID=4568 Will you store my personal information?  Will it be kept private?Absolutely no personal information that is supplied for age verification is stored or otherwise retained by Linden Lab or its verification partner Aristotle-Integrity. We keep only an indicator that tells us whether there was a positive match for the information you have provided. I basically want to know where I can find my positive match indicator.  Surely it can't be so difficult to list me as adult verified somewhere.
  23. I am adult verified and I was unable to get to a sim a couple days ago, I would get the warning adult verification required. My prefs are set to pg, mature, and adult, and I re-verified on the dashboard and still was unable to reach that sim. Im not too concerned because I generally dont visit adult sims, but it would be nice if things worked the way they are supposed to.
  24. I cant tell you what the reason is, but I can tell you it wasnt from anything you did to your hard disk. Your inventory is stored online, not on your hard drive. I connect to SL from different locations and always have the same inventory each time.
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