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  1. Hello Lillith,, Thank you for your observations and advice. I will be more careful.. Maybe thats why I couldn't hear anything last night.. I went to my first event and couldn't hear the music. I could hear the odd voice now and then but everyone was dancing and I couldn't hear a thing.. strange. Someone reccommended restarting my something or other ( I forget) and I didn't know how to do that anyway. Any ideas? Thanks again.. Regards,, Itchycoo
  2. Hello Eli... LOL... maybe thats better than seeing people and not being able to communicate.. Actually, clicking on CHAT will allow you to communicate if they're not otherwise engaged. However,, I don't know why you don't see other avs.. I did right away ,, walking flying and running around. I didn't have a printer hooked up to my lap top so I think thats my biggest problem! I had an opportunity to download and print all the info required to navigate and didn't.. I may have to figure out how to do that yet. It should make things so much easier... Good luck to you and keep in t
  3. Hi Saikiki,, Your intuition is dead on... I'm just a struggling newbie and not that young either.. lol..Maybe old enough to be your Mother....hmmmmm.... possibly. ( my name may give it away ) Always loved a challenge...and I've found it here! Have a great day! Itchycoo Zeplin
  4. Hello Tempest.... Thanks for your insight. It is very much appreciated.... Sometimes I think its just going to be too much and then I get a spark of inspiration and I'm off again... One question I have ( of many..) is - is it safe to take all the gifts that are extended to me??? So far, I've been given a translator, land, a course and something else I'm not sure. I've been taking them and incidentally, when you accept something there is no automatic reply or thank you as a response.,,, but at any rate,, is there ever a time when you wouldn't accept gifts? And to those that extend
  5. hey,,, THx for your help ... was a download thing.... I'm going now... that is I'm figuring out how to move about a bit.. Many thx to ya'll for the help... Love you all....!!!!! Message was edited by: Itchycoo Zeplin
  6. Hello Ella, Thank you for your input to my question. I have found the application I downloaded but discovered it wasn't actually installed... which I then did .... I seem to be on track now. This is all quite challenging for me but refuse to give up at this early stage.!! I shall now take the time to do the homework.. Thanks again.. Cheers Itchycoo Z
  7. Hello Kwant... Many thanks for your input... Your mention of applications/hard drive temporarily buzzed my brain cells to parts unknown. Not terribly computer literate.... but thanks to Jessika,,, I found a blue hand that got me going in the right direction. I hope I meet you sometime to thank you personally.. after I collect myself. lol Cheers,, Itchycoo
  8. Hello Jessika,, Thank you so much for your easy basic explanation. While all responses were correct,, I am somewhat computer challenged as well as naturally blonde Looking for the blue hand is what triggered it. I didn't allow it to go to my desktop whilst downloading ,, rather documents. MISTAKE Now I shall have to send it to desktop for quicker access in the future. Still don't have a picture yet although I'm sure I'll find out how to fix that when I go to my Profile. I assumed my current avatar would show up there but obviously not.. This is a very challenging site to learn an
  9. When logging in I automatically go into Dashboard.  How do I find my avatar and begin learning and exploring SL?  I did the  one original download when signing up and chose my basic avatar.  Is there additional downloads I need?  I haven't seen my avatar since I picked it out.  All help would be so appreciated.
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