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  1. I think there's a good chance it might, but new venues would be needed. As proof that ABC Island was popular, just a while ago I accidentally selected the wrong TP link and ended back in ABC Island by mistake. EVERYTHING was gone except a message cube to say that it was shut. But there in the middle ankle high water was a (mostly Korean Sim) party of avatars, having a great time all by themselves. They were surprised that ABC Island had ended, and when I asked if the place had been fun, they OVERWHELMINGLY agreed. There's only 17 minutes left until it turns midnight in SL, and then prob
  2. ABC Island is closing after tomorrow (22nd of September +10:00 GMT). It's been open since 2007, but the Australian Broadcasting Commission has decided to channel its resources into other virtual avenues.A big party is planned tomorrow and you're welcome to come. For more details see either Vale: ABC Island in Second Life or check out the ABC Friends group in-world.
  3. From The Metaverse Journal: by Lowell Cremorne It’s not surprising but sad all the same: the wonderful community-driven project that is ABC Island in Second Life, is to close on the 22nd of September. The island has been a staple of the Australian Second Life scene since March 2007, and it’s undergone a number of iterations since then (check out a lot of them here). Given the relatively small number of Australian visitors the sim gets compared to its heyday, it’s not a shock that the ABC are redirecting the funds. That doesn’t make it any easier for the small and dedicated bunch of volunteer a
  4. Have no idea how hard or easier these would be, but how about... Redefinable keyboard shorts The user would be able to redefine the binding of commands to keys. Almost anything (maybe ^P would always be "Preferences") on the viewer menus could be bound to a a combination of Control/Shift/Alt (or option) and other key. Maybe this could be done on the fly within the viewer, but if not, perhaps a separate application would be run to do so, changing a set of files that the main program reads every time it's run. Predefined shortcuts would be able to be deleted or reassigned to other c
  5. I've tried using Blender a while ago for other purposes and didn't realise it also did that. I don't think I can afford Poser. I'm trying to get the animations and poses created quickly, so I might checkout both Blender and DAZ later. In any case I guess I've give up on trying to import other BVH files for now, and just create the things from scratch.
  6. I've just started using this application and downloaded the user playable animation BVHs. Qavimator loads these fine, but any other other BVH file crashes it! Does anyone have any deas why?
  7. I've been shopping for a build I'm making in SL for scenes in a graphic novel I'm making. This has involved find all sorts of props and ephemera. Yesterday I bought over 60-70 items and although paid for most have not been delivered , even after 24 hours. What can I do about this? will I have to contact the individual merchants for each of the 70 odd items?!
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