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  1. I called and they told me to file a ticket, and I just got a reply that says the only way you get a tax form from LL is if you go over 20,000 USD or have over 200 cashout transactions in a year. Pretty much the same rules that paypal has. Hello, Cyzicus Xue: Residents who, in 2014, had two hundred (200) or more LindeX sell transactions and the value of such transactions is twenty thousand dollars (US$20,000) or more were sent a 1099-K from Linden Lab by the end of January. As you did not exceed these IRS thresholds in 2014, Linden Lab has not filed a 1099-K for your account. However,
  2. I think they are confusing petites with tinies. Tinies are little animals, Petites are the little mesh people. I like being tiny so that 1/4 of my viewer is not blocked by the back of my head.
  3. Although it may depend on where the .bvh file comes from, but anytime I open a .bvh file in Qavimator, I immediately Optimize it to clear out the extra keyframes, and save as an .avm file. Then I close and load the .avm file. If you can get thru that process, you will be better off.
  4. The soul comes with the bloodlines HUD, so you arent actually losing anything if you dont have one.
  5. The soul comes with the bloodlines HUD, so you arent actually losing anything if you dont have one.
  6. When the sunlight starts to irritate my eyes, I go to World> Environment Settings> Midnight
  7. When the sunlight starts to irritate my eyes, I go to World> Environment Settings> Midnight
  8. Raglan Shire is the place to be if youre tiny. A cluster of 7 sims devoted to everything tiny. Tiny surfing competition with 1000L$ first prize ends friday at Raglan Galaxy.
  9. The majority of people who have told me they are leaving were just looking for attention, and ended up spending more time in SL after they said they were leaving. If someone truly wants to escape the hold of SL, they will just leave and not tell everyone. If they want to be nice they could post something in their profile about it, but wait until your last day to do so. Also, not logging on as much as you used to is not the same as leaving SL.
  10. For all the people who are afraid of "hooking up" with a teen that doesn't lie about their age, there is an easy solution. Teleport them to a mature or preferably Adult sim, before you have sex with them. I'm sure any actual adult that intended to hook up with you would not be offended that you require this verification process. And if they are, theres plenty of other guys pretending to be girls that you can hook up with.
  11. Great news. You can so tell phil is back. And now he's gone again.
  12. I occasionally sit at my computer naked, and so far, no one in SL has reported me to the authorities. I guess I've just been lucky till now, someone is bound to call the authorities now that Ive admitted it. I guess I won't be able to do that anymore once the merge completes.
  13. Im sorry for not clarifying. Yes, there is danger for hapless morons with no common sense. I personally have nothing to fear from the teen grid merging, but then I don't solicit sex from every new avatar that I see on the grid. Yes, it will be entirely possible for some idiot to get into trouble once kids are allowed to roam free. Not so much from the kids themselves, but from the federal agents posing as children. I still stand by my argument that a 16 year old camming over from the next sim and seeing cartoon nipple will not be grounds for a federal indictment. Once again I see someone
  14. The law is paranoid and unreasonable about protecting the children Here is another mention of this mysterious "law" that no one seems to know much about. Its the internet boogeyman that sends avatars scurrying to hide their naughty bits. Yes, there is need for concern for allowing teens on the main grid, but the concern is not from camming in on cartoon nudity. I searched for "transmissions of salacious materials" and I did find a law that prohibits it. Yes, China law prohibits transmission of salacious materials on the internet. And there is much to fear, I believe the chinese government
  15. Please enlighten me to which painfully clear law this is. 1. The 1971 film The Andromeda Strain contains a shot showing a deceased woman's bare breasts. The film's G rating is qualified with the text "may be too intense for younger children." 2. Sixteen Candles contains a shower scene where there is a close-up of breasts and buttocks. PG rated (re-rated on appeal; previously it was R rated). 3. Doc Hollywood has a scene with full frontal female nudity where Julie Warner emerges from a lake nude. This film is one of a number of PG-13 films in which a person's (in this case femal
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