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  1. Are you using the "in-world" search in your Secondlife Viewer, while logged into Secondlife?
  2. Ok, sorry I cannot give more help. If you have another account, you should try that one to give you a clearer idea about whether the issue is likely to be server side or client side. I did have an issue with one avatar where certain pose ball type items would not work for her, but would work for the rest of my accounts, but that was only some items, rather than all of them.
  3. I agree with Suspiria that this might not be the best place to get an answer quickly. Also, I think you should include more information. Do you mean pose balls (in my experience these usually do not move when you click them), or are you talking about a scripted object in the form of a ball that you throw around? If you mean the latter, try removing any AO (animation overider) that you are wearing as these can sometimes interfere with other animations.
  4. The badges are quite nice, but for a lot of them, the name of the poster is very difficult to see. Could we have an extra field that appears outside the badge itself, where the user-name is listed so that we can see it even if someone has a badge with a dark background?
  5. Hi Tara. The Secondlife JIRA is the bug tracker for Secondlife. It might be a good idea to go to the JIRA (linked to in Hitomi's post) and book mark it. Then next time you log in and find your profile blanked, you can easily and quickly head over to the JIRA and add a comment, giving as much detail as you can. The more detail you can give, the better the chances that your bug can be replicated, hunted down and eliminated. Sorry, I have no idea about the brackets that you describe....but there might be a JIRA for that too.
  6. If you have not initiated or checked for a JIRA for this issue, it might be a good idea to look into doing that.
  7. I still find a number of things problematic, but it has improved (particularly stability, as the initial Viewer2.0 crashed a lot for me). I do like a lot of the features, and as a slow adopter, I am still learning to make full use of these. I think that the feature I most need in Viewer2 (and the only "make or break" feature for me at the moment), is the patch made by Sione, that allows an end user to detect (and choose to block) attempts to target media streams at them. Without this feature, I am forced to turn off media features if I want to have control over my privacy and real life data (such as IP), while using SL. A setting that allows me to choose to block cookies from anyone but Secondlife/Linden Lab would be good too, so I can use search and retain control over my privacy.
  8. There's a really cute monkey avatar that I've seen around and just love. It has a blue cap and a banana...mmmm bananas.
  9. *Make many outfits for handy quick-changing. *Organize your inventory.
  10. I took refuge on another forum, where I got addicted to communicating via "hugs" while waiting for approval to post. In fact I am sorely tempted to hug the lot of you right now. Only the absence of a handy hug button saves you all from my affection.
  11. I am already liking some of the great features/functions on these new forums. Thanks for the great tip Suspiria!
  12. Clarissa, you should be able to edit your post by clicking on the options button on your post. I am pleased that LL have listened to their customers to some degree on this issue, but the devices are still harvesting real life information without our consent, and I really hope that sometime very soon, LL take a strong stand against this kind of TOS violation, and ensure that their customers can use SL without being disappointed in respect of their reasonable expectations of privacy.
  13. I really like that there is a preview function, and even better, a "reply to thread" feature (so that we need not always appear to be targeting comments at one particular participant or another). I agree that it would be better if text and backgrounds maximized contrast, particularly for people with difficulties, such as sight impairment or dyslexia. Edited to add: when I posted my comments, I was redirected back to the start of the thread, rather than to where my comments are published. Is there a setting where I can change this? If not, I would really appreciate the addition of such a setting. Edited again: ok this time when I re-posted after editing, I was redirected to my own post.....not sure what is going on there.
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