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  1. okay! so recently i had a visitor popping in who was on the sim ban list. today a visitor on a general parcel that is open to group only, this one might be heigh related? something is going on. anyone else?
  2. Hi ♥ @Eva Knoller @Ruslana Koskinen @Drake1 Nightfire Drake, Flickr is a good idea thank you! .. so 3 min short video on flickr showing the deformer in action on flickr here I added also just a picture, both are set to moderate so I think you need to be logged in to see ♥ https://www.flickr.com/photos/mellowshapes/ full vid on youtube with feet deformer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qB81kRYixtk
  3. Hi, yes, I shall post a few pictures tonight! I'll try to make a comparison naked/with clothes to see what the shape does, oh fun! 😊
  4. I already love the bodies. The Legacy has nice boobs, tho I find the hips/saddlebags a bit too maitryalike in the way that they don't form so nice with high fat shapes like the belleza does. The classic comes with a nice skin too.. really getting the classic is just as good as the legacy if you can upgrade for 2.5k, nvm only has feet deformers.. I don't see it as an investment for the rest of my SL but rather to enjoy playing with something for a while. The quality is just amazing, I love the shapes, the skin qualities and the experience. I am waiting for a few high quality clothes now, altho the maitreya clothes work really good with the deformers! Maybe a couple good skinstores will make some appliers or even better, new tmp heads! It really doesn't take a whole of all of SL designers to support a brand, can have a lot of fun with just a few things.
  5. hai :) i am looking for this hot shape/skin combo. it must be in some blog or a style card. anyone know more?
  6. charge them gadget, make something up if you have to. you are a smart guy to turn to and i'm sorry friendship isn't working out much for you right now. there will be other times again, it's not that easy to find someone or even sometwo you click and spend all your time with at all. sl can be a very boring and lonely place.
  7. ohhh this helped! i didn't think of looking for another version. i got the free trial of Adobe Photoshop CS2 now and can finish my project. thank you very much for your time kudos
  8. Hello :) I can't get the advanced? menu for blending options: This is what I have: And this is what I need: Help would be appriciated. Thank you!
  9. hello last year around halloween time, there was an awesome sim. it was like a riddle and played in a hospital, every patient had their own story and fears you could tp right into. it was done pretty proffessionaly. anyone know if that is happening this year or a new sim from the same people? thanks
  10. oooh that's why your name sounded a little familiar yesterday! ( ゚▽゚)/
  11. ha sorry, just came to mind when trying to think of a big american store. can be exchanged with any other that offers proffessional customer service. sorry again, didn't mean to confuse.
  12. last week i remet 4 people (avatar to avatar) that i have dealt with before in the past. and i don't really have favourite destinations that could encourage things like that. i remember how i used to flip out over something like that happening! now it's like oh yea, cool..
  13. last week i remet 4 people (avatar to avatar) that i have dealt with before in the past. and i don't really have favourite destinations that could encourage things like that. i remember how i used to flip out over something like that happening! now it's like oh yea, cool..
  14. you forget that the typical merchant isn't walmart and just caught off guard when it comes to bad reviews or upset customers. most probably didn't go to business school and have little or no experience in how to deal with things like that. or they just don't care since it's just sl. i'm not talking about myself as a merchant, i grew up in retail, but just wanted to show you another point of view. i think i just meant to say don't expect service as from a million/billion dollar corporation that bends over backwards to make you happy. edited caus i always edit
  15. vielleicht cache clearen? hilft bei mir bei allem. mein viewer is auf englisch eingestellt, daher unter preferences - privacy - clear cache/history
  16. 141! you could also find a charity in sl or another sim you think someone is doing a great job with and put your money in the donation box. good luck!
  17. na, they are not gonna deal with that. you should invest a few minutes before buying a product, look at it in world or try a demo to minimize trouble afterwards. the review system is bs anyway. sorry for your bad experience, but best is to just delete it from memory.
  18. haha you are gonna curse me someday to make you maintain another stocked outfit folder!
  19. lol ya cute, simple typo! and think gadget had the link for that and yea, well if the profile isn't deleted within the next 2 days, they didn't do jack.. must have been something personal i think by now, a proffessional scammer wouldn't back down after being ejected from the group and a feed lol..
  20. oh right yea, that rings a bell! bigger problem than avatar name was the display name. while the avatar name switched the 00 to oo, it wouldnt be a perfect match but the display name was set perfectly to my legacy name. well changed now. he/she logged and reset display name and blanked profile. wonder if there will be actions for pulling it off even after retreating. i will post updates for those following.
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